Monday, June 27, 2016

Online Opportunity

Opportunity can be found anywhere, as long as you ask for it, it will be available in front of you. Opportunity can be in many forms, such as work opportunity, business opportunity and even life-partner opportunity. We have to open our eye and heart to these opportunities.

Speaking of which, the online market is now booming. Lots of people are involved in online marketing, e- commerce, online business, even match-making. All these there can do it at the comfort of their own home. Facebook, with 1.6 billion users, has become a country by itselt, over-taking China. With a simple platform, Facebook has manage to unite the whole world. The number of facebook's users will increase by the day. If one do not have a facebook account, he/she will be teased by people or he/she do not know what's happening to the people around the world.

Just take this example, film has been eliminated from this world. It has become a history. Youngster nowadays do not know what is a film. They only know about digital camera without any film. Another example is Nokia. Nokia is famous for it's phone, No.1 in the whole world. However, it could not compete with Apple and Samsung. Mainly because it is satified and comfortable at its' position. When Apple and Samsung overtake Nokia, Nokia could not retaliate in time and thus eliminated from the smartphone market.

Now, everything we do involve internet, for example shopping, watch movies, read novel, even online classroom. The world is changing at an alarming speed. If we do not catch up with the trend of the world, then we will be knocked out from this world. Internet is the trend now. As long as it involves internet, then it will have a place in the current market.

If there is an opportunity out there which involve online, be sure to be alerted on it and take note on it. But online business by itself is not sustainable due to cash flow, manpower, logistic and storage. If there is a business partner that can offer such help, then this business partner is an option. Why option? Well, simply because does this partner offer you a good business module? A good quality and realible products? A good support? A good compensation plan? Well, I have such a business partner in my mind now.

Online business plus good business partner are not enough. We need a team of people with the same goal in mind to make this great business work. Now, lady and gentleman, I have in my hand such opportunity which combine online business plus business partner plus teamwork. A combination of these 3 will help us generate USD income per week basis, not to mention borderless market and be a pioneer in a such wonderful platform.

Why this opportunity? Well, simply put, do you like your current job? Do you like your current life? Do you have a dream? If money is not an issue, what sort of life do you want to live in? Do you want to change?

I have found this opportunity. Have you found yours? If you have not, I'm delighted to share with you personally this awesome opportunity. You just need to drop a comment drop below and I shall share with it gladly.

"If someone offer you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. The learn how to do it later" Richard Branson

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Year, A New Direction

As 2015 comes to an end, it marks the beginning of a new year. 2016 will be a difficult year for us because of inflation and weakening of ringgit. However, Life must goes on no matter what. We have to look forward to a bright future. As a saying goes, The future is in our hand. We must decide our own future with our own hand and know where we are headed to. Below are 3 of my directions i wanted to go.

Firstly I have to reduce my body weight to 75kg. During the beginning of 2015, i manage to reduce my weight to 73kg. As I did not control my diet and food intakes, over the year, I gain weight , which is 79kg. Its definitely a sad moment for me, all my effort wash down the drain. However, this will not break my spirit. I will definately restart my diet program. my diet program consists of taking meal replacements for breakfast and lunch. I will take back my normal dinner. In between each meal, fruits and salad will not be missed. I will go for daily morning walk at nearby park. Getting a fit body is important as it gives a good vibe to people.

Secondly, I will venture into a new frontier, into the unknown. Just like how human venture into space. It is a difficult and tough decision to make. I am now in a split road where on my left hand side, I continue with my daily routine of being a community pharmacist, leading a comfortable life. While on my right hand side, I venture into the world of network marketing. Network marketing requires me to think out of the box and step out of my comfort zone. I have to improve myself in many ways. First is my outlook, getting fit and giving a good vibe to my fellow partners. Second, i have to build connections with my fellow partners, keeping constant contact with them. I also have to be independent. This will be a great challenge for me.

By accomplishing my first and second directions, then only will I accomplished my third direction. My third direction is to be financially free. I have to generate a monthly income of at least 10 thousand, consistently for 3 to 6 months. By then i will be worry free on my loan and daily expenses. 10k per month is just a starting figure as my aim is to be able to become millionaire. With all these money, i will invest in properties to generate a bigger pool of passive income. I will also take portion of my income and gives it back to the society.

Above are just three of my directions i want to accomplish in this year, which are reduce my weight to 75kg, venture into network marketing and to be financially free. Here, I sincerely hope that everyone here have set and decide their direction for this year. It's important to have a destination you want to go. Its just a matter of how do you travel there. With a clear direction and guidance, I foresee that i will definitely reach my destination.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hospital Kuala Penyu

Here is an overview of my hospital, Hospital Kuala Penyu. All the pictures are taken from the hospital's website which is located at HERE.

Entrance to the Hospital

Main lobby
 Main lobby-side view

Quarters of staffs and nurses

The road towards the exit (Quarters on the right and hospital on the left)


Basketball court


Agro Bank
(It is the only bank in Kuala Penyu)

To get to Kuala Penyu from KK, first drive to Papar, then to Bongawan, then to Membakut and finally u are here.

Alternative way is drive towards Beaufort and before reaching Beaufort, U will see a signboard and u need to turn right at the junction.

Map of Hospital Kuala Penyu

Mailing address
Hospital Kuala Penyu W.D.T No 35
89740 Kuala Penyu

Phone number, fax and email
Tel: 087-853100 | Fax: 087-884212 | Email:

P/s: There are only 2 ATM in Kuala Penyu and it is located at the main lobby of the hospital

Life in Hospital Kuala Penyu

Sorry for the long ever lasting of no blog post update since last year. Furthermore i only manage to write one blog post last year. haha.

Anyway, as some u have know, I have become a Fully Registered Pharmacist (FRP) when i report to duty at the new hospital, which is here in Hospital Kuala Lumpur on the 3rd of December. However, i only officially start my duty on the 10th of December. Bye Bye Hospital Queen Elizabeth 1, u will always be in my memory. Thanks for all the guidance from my fellow preceptors as well as all the friends that I have made.

Here is a little bit on Kuala Penyu:

"Kuala Penyu is a town located in Interior Division of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Its population was estimated to be around 16,511 in 2000, with ethnic Dusun Tatana forming the largest single ethnic group. Kuala Penyu is located on the Klias Peninsula, which was once originally covered with mangrove swamp forests. Much of these mangrove swamps were destroyed by land developers that later realized that the soils were much too acidic to support oil palms. It is administratively divided into three parts namely, Sitompok, Bundu and Menumbok."

Besides that, Kuala Penyu is the gateway to Pulau Tiga, or more commonly known as "Survivor Island", which was the filming of the 1st season of "Survivor". Here is Kuala Penyu, there are two famous beach, which are the Sawangan Beach as well as the Tempurung Beach. Both also have a resort at nearby the beach. Further down the road towards Menumbuk, located a jetty to Labuan, a duty-free heaven for alcohol, chocolate, perfume and car. Among all these 4 attractions, I have been all of them since my first year in Sabah till now.

Life in Kuala Penyu here is boring, not much activities to do and no entertainment, no big supermarket and no fast food. Most of the shop will be close in the evening. Furthermore, to find chinese food here also bit problem. The leisure activities here mostly on sport as well as fishing. Who knows, I might one day pick up fishing. People here are friendly and most of the speak Malay even thought they look like chinese or have chinese name. Here dont have much traffic one, just the bothering stuff are the slow moving car. Tried a local fruit, which is known as Belunu. To me, it looks like a manggo, with white colour flesh and bit gassy.


Working life in Kuala Penyu also not bad overall. Start work at 8am and finish at 5pm. Distance of travel between Hospital and the place of stay just less than 5 minutes drive. Previously I was at out-patient temporary while waiting for a permanent post. Now, I'm in charge of in-patient pharmacy. To me, the current state of the in-patient pharmacy is not up to the best state and now it has now come to my job to get the in-patient pharmacy into the right track, with stricter control. Staffs here are friendly and will know each other if u spend long time working here.

Once in two week, i will travel down to KK to watch movie and window shopping. Even last friday night, I went down to Beaufort for KFC dinner and some grocery shopping. Haha. You may ask, how much is the distance to travel from Kuala Penyu to all those places. Well, for starter, From Kuala Penyu (KP) to KK, u will need about 2 hours drive with normal speed, to Beaufort, about 40 mins, and to Menumbuk needs about 50 mins.

FYI, CNY just round the corner. Cant wait to go home. Haha.

P/s: Will upload pics if I have the chance.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July, a new beginning

It's been ages since i last blog, 7 months plus to be exact. What a pity that i just leave this blog unattended, did not do any update at all. I just simply visit it everyday just for to the sack of whether there is any update at my fren's blog. haha. What a shame.

Anyway, I have been working for 7 months plus already. Time really flies. Get to know some nice eatery in KK, some which i wont never ever visit again, some nice places with great deal and so on.

All thanks to groupon, I manage to feast some of the nice restaurant/cafe which i will not think twice of entering them due to the high price item or unknown to us.

Well, since the start of PRP (provisionally registered pharmacist), I have finish already my Clinical, IPP, TPN, Store and halfway thru TDM. I really learn a great deal of stuffs when I was in this hospital (Hospital Queen Elizabeth a.k.a. HQE). Am really grateful that I manage to get a spot in HQE. It's not easy being able to enter the reference hospital in sabah, which somemore located at KK.

There are always ups and downs in our daily life, either during work or after work. Life wont be as interesting as it is without the friends around me now. Stress is unavoidable. Joy and laughter come by here and then.

Here is a story. It sounded like this. "One of the cream in hospital is out of stock due to unavailability of the plastic container. Most of the patients that i met who were prescribed with this cream gladly accept the 'Nil-in-stock' reason. Some are unhappy or disappointed with it. One or two say will get it outside since very easy to get. There is one particular patient who come to the OPD, give to the Rx to me and I kindly told this person that this cream is out of stock d. He answered back loudly 'Saya datang dari jauh tengok doktor. Tunggu beberapa jam baru boleh dapat jumpa doktor. Sekarang kamu beritahu saya ubat ini tak ada stok. Saya ini sangat marah oh. Saya tak kisah. Saya mesti dapatkan ubat it' Because of this, my face turn dark d and go up to the satelite pharmacy and get one container for him. I end up just sitting behind the dispensing counter and did not dispense the medicine to the patient. Just imagine this lah. The patient do have the right to be angry. But did they scold the doctor when they waiting for a few hours just to see them? The answer is No. When the patients wait for 30 mins while waiting for the medicine, they already start to talk loudly, scold here and there.This is the reality. Doctors are always the best in their mind while pharmacists and nurses are just second class. When the specialist decided to discharged a patient in the morning, the houseman can take a very long time to just complete the paperwork. Some even waiting till late evening just for the discharged letter. While for pharmacist, we do discharge couselling, supplying meds to the patient.

Here is another story. Some of the patients will be grateful to us, the pharmacist cause being able to help them, some even shake my hand. When I was taking a patient medication history, it took me nearly about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. Just because of the patient like to tell story, bout how he/she was a hospital staffs and knew all bout the medication, how the specialist told her to took hypertension meds during normal day and during hemodialysis day. It's quite interesting to listen story from all walk of life. There is also another patient that was admitted to the ward, who work as a government servant, attended the big rally in KL for 2 times d. He/she also said that she manage to took video of the happening during this yr but did not manage to uploaded due to falling ill when come back to sabah. 

It's true that some patients do not feel at ease when talk to the doctor, so they end up talking to the other patients or to the pharmacist who are taking medication history or doing counselling.

There are 5 more stations for me to complete in another 4 months plus, which are TDM, DIC, CDR, OPD and manufacturing. If everything goes smoothly, I will finish everything by the 1st week of Nov. Not to mention, I also passed my Forensic Exam which i sat in March earlier this year.

On the other note, I have joined Nuffnang for quite some times d. Gained lots of benefits and gifts from it, being able to participate in various events, visiting various clubs and locations where those events took place, being able to join competitions and won myself some prices, as well as being able to join in the movie premier. That was the life I had when I was in KL last few years ago. Now, while working, I still do able to enjoy movies, but not able to join many events and movie screening which took part in KL practically every time. I really do hope that Nuffnang will be able to organise some events in various part of Malaysia. Earning wise, it is very little if compare to what I m earning now. Haha. But the happy thing is that, I still get an average of about 20 visitors per day when i do not update my blog. Haha.

Besides that, I also shifted to a new place here in KK, which is more serene and peaceful, not as hot as the previous one. Facility wise, the current place is the best so far. The down part is that it does not have any internet connection, yet. Going to apply for it soon.

Last but not least, I'm still single and available. Haha. Got any one to intro to me? Haha

Take care and have a nice day.