Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our World, Their War

 "Which side do you choose? Autobots? Decepticons?"

As the day come to an end, the Decepticons come closer to earth, trying to overtake the earth at all cost. I, as the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, together with my fellow comrades, will protect the human and earth at all cost.

  Me, Optimus Prime, leader of Autobots

 My fellow comrades

First of all, I will set up my base at a secret location. It will not be called as a secret hideout if it is easily spotted or found by the Decepticons. Together with my fellow comrades, our base/secret hideout is fitted with state of the art computer, not known by the human race, with high tech defences.

 My secret hideout/base which look like a normal moutain

High tech computer with total surveillance of the activities on and outside of earth

The Decepticons will always come from the outer space as their base is located on the moon. 

Not to mention, the Decepticons have the ability to fly. Due to this, my HQ should be equipped with a high power radar, being able to detect the Decepticons even before they enter into the earth atmosphere. When their present is detected, I will activate the electromagnetic force field which surrounds every major city on earth, giving us an edge in protecting the earth.

 Electromagnetic force field which surround the city

That is all about defense. How about offense?

Since there are only limited number of Autobots on planet earth, I would like to transport more Autobots from my home planet, Cybertron.


However, Cybertron is a distance planet many many light years away from earth. Due to this, a mean of transporting my fellow comrades from Cybertron to planet earth is a need. So, constructing a space bridge at a fast pace is needed without the knowledge of the Decepticons.

Via the space bridge, i will be able to call out for more helps from Cybertron.

When the Decepticons attack Earth previously, they already knew how to combine themselves into something strong, such as the construction bots.

While me on the other hand, with the some help, manage to combine with Jetfire, I manage to become stronger and manage to defeat the previous wave of Decepticons attack.

With the help of All Spark, I will help my fellow comrades in obtaining this power, the power of combining 2 Autobots into 1 stronger one. The Decepticons are always way bigger than Autobots and through this way, this will balance out the battle field.

"All Spark"

After we manage to fence off the fierce attack of Decepticons on earth, together with my comrades, we will striker the Decepticons headquarter. As the name suggest, we, as Autobots, mostly are in vehicle form. Due to this, I will need a spaceship to attack the Decepticons base on the moon.

By striking the final target on the moon, I will then be able to completely protect planet earth from Decepticons. Thus, I will win the war against Decepticons. The battles with Decepticons really will drain lots of my energy and times. Thus, I need to focus all my energy into this final battle to protect planet earth.

Last but not least, with the victory against Decepticons, our battles will be made into epic movies by GSC movies.

Autobots, roll out!!!

This blog post is created to join a contest by Nuffnang.

P/S: Pictures are taken from Googles and The Ultimate Movie Card Facebook Fanpage.