Friday, May 9, 2008

An update on Vkvun

Really sorry for the people who wan to update bout wat is going on with me and i really sorry because it has been a long time since i updated my last post. hehe. well, after CNY, back to KL and continue studying and gaming and watching drama and movies as usual. I started playing Cabalsea since February during during the close beta and i have been playing it since them.

Exam and quiz usually follow after the CNY holiday and i was kinda busy with exam, assignment and quiz as well as lab reports as the datelines are very close. After finish summitting all the reports and assignment, then follows by quizs. after quiz, which means it has come to an end to my 14 weeks of studying for Year 2 Sem 2 pharmacy.

Study break for 2 weeks and i use 1 week to play game and watch anime. the following week, i start studying and gear up for the final exam which stretched for 3 weeks with each subject at alternate day.

Now the exam is finished and i spend 2 days in Genting with a group of friends. Kinda enjoying myself there but the time is too short. 1st time driving the go-kart, playing bumber car and also rock climbing. And also 1st time go to Genting after so long again when i visited here with my family. Should stay longer there to enjoy more and know my friends more and better, outside the classroom. Miss the Gua Tempurung trip as Suk Yen arrange the trip with the same day as the Genting trip. Haiz. Disappointed as i never been to Gua Tempurung and i wanted to go there. All my friends who went there all say the trip was very nice with 2 thumb up. Imagine that.

Now is my 3rd week of holiday for my semester break and i am now in kuching. Some might ask me why i come back since i told them that i might not come back for holiday. well, it is because i have not got my placement for the industrial attachment for 2 to 3 weeks. The seats in KL are limited and most of the manufacturing company/factory are having auditor checking. So, they do not want to create more trouble by accepting students for attachment. Not to mention, my lecturer could not comfirm the available seats in KL. So, i make up my mind and decided to come back to kuching for a nice holiday instead of waiting the whole month in KL, doing nothing besides gaming and movie and usual boring stuffs.

I wil be going back to KL on 3rd June, after Gawai as i need to be back for the Public Health Campaign(PHC) as i m the site manager. 3rd of June is already late for me to go back to KL as i will be missing the training for the screening department. But i wont be able to join the screening department due to some personal reasons. So, on 3rd June, me and my partner and some other fellows need to set up the rehersal site for the rehearsal of the PHC on the following day. So, i guess June will be a busy time for all the committes of PHC as the date of PHC is just around the corner and more works need to be done and finalized.

Not to forget, i visiting Kuching UCSI, which is just in front of my house. A bigger place compare with the old one but still not completely ready as they just move in last month. So it is quite messy and not so organize yet. The air conditioning system still not working very properly and also the projectors are not properly placed in the classroom. going to visit there again next week as my ex-lecturers are busy this week for the preparation of the A lvl final practical examination.

So, i do not know if this post is long or short as it has been quite sometime since i update by blog. and Cassie, here is my update for u and all my fellow friends who do visit my blog.