Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update from me again

Well, it has been a while since i update my blog. kinda busy during june as i have NOGAPS and aslso the 7th Public Health Campaign at Sunway Pyramid from 20 to 22 june. Preparation are tiring and time consuming, but the outcome is very worthwhile as there are about 1700 people registered for the free health screening. A very big amoung of people for 3 days and a very busy event without much rest.

After the public health campaign, is game time again. However, once a while need to be busy with the charity event and also help out the junior for the super junior's orrientation.

Having all these events, i kinda become so call body guard for a few juniors staying near to me by accompanying them back to their respective house during late at night. Due to this, i know a few of them and know where they stay.

Furthermore, during the holiday time, i also have the chance to go to watch movie, 3 movies in a row and it was very enjoying and my very first experience. Tat time, i watch The Increadible Hulk 2, Get Smart and Kungfu Panda which cost RM 18.

Besides that, i registered for the research project which consist of 6 credit hour and will be counted in the 4th year 1st sem. 6 credit hours is a lot. Having to go through an abstract writing exam as well as interview by the respective project coordinator, i din expect tat i will get the project.

As I myself do not know where do i see myself in 5 years time and i m not interested in opening a community pharmacist, trying out a few pharmacy field is a good idea. By doing so, maybe i hope tat i can know which field i am interested in.

Now is the 3rd week of my 15 week of lectures and i still lazy to study. not to mention, if i have free time, need to do read up on more information about my research project and also need to do assignment.

Somemore, i pronounce myself sick since yesterday night. on and off fever. very sad and suffer coz cant go out to enjoy and have fun. All well, guess i have to rest well and have some fun in the future to replace back.hehe

I guess that all from me as i also dont know wat shud or can i write for now. All the best to all my friends out there and many wishes to all those belated and coming birthday. Have a nice day, Take care and keep in touch.