Wednesday, June 18, 2008


sorry clara and cassie. i lazy to update my blog as i have nothing to update u guys since i was busy with my game for the past 1 month.hehe

So, here is an update for u guys as i have been to NOGAPS during 11 june until 16 june at kuantan at IIUM. NOGAPS stand for national gathering of pharmacy student at International Islamic University Malaysia, staying at the hostel. As the name of the place say, IIUM, everything is related to islam, like boys and girls all sit at different side of the lecture hall, eating stuffs also boy at 1 side, girl at 1 side and also no touching between the opposite sex, just like what happen in the kem during form 4 where me and clara participated.

Going to NOGAPS means i got the chance to experience the feel of staying in the local universitiy's hostel and it does not really feel good. everything need to be shared among resident of the hostel. The size of the local uni is very very big and still got a lot of free space havent been developed. image wat going to be the total area when the whole area is built with building.

The participants of NOGAPS, bout 80% are malay and in my team alone, only 2 chinese whereby 1 is me and the other one is my uni fren. haiz. imagine need to talk in malay all the time with sometime in english where i cant think of any words in malay. Students studying pharmacy where the teaching language is in english and they still speak in malay.

Being the minority during the camp, we cant do anything, but the people from UCSI are the lousiest and noisiest and because of this, all the ppl know UCSI. wat a promotion tat have been done during the NOGAPS. Even the food are usually for malay. we need to bare with it for 5 days as all the foods are spicy, not chinese orriented.

During NOGAPS, there is an AGM for MyPSA (Malaysian Pharmacy Student Association) and the new board of executive are being choose. Me and 2 of my frens some sort of being forced/volunteer in contesting for the MyPSA committee. So, we need to prepare our speech at late night before the event itself and it is really tiring. During my speech, i was nervous and shaking.haha. wat an experience. But in the end, we all din get elected as ppl vote for the nominees.

Day 1 of NOGAPS: Ice breaking and get to know my fellow teammate.

Day 2 of NOGAPS: Discussion for declaration and afternoon we got Pharmrace in the town of Kuantan. It was very very very tiring and my team got last place.haha.

Day 3 of NOGAPS: doing community services at Kuantan Parade. We din not need to prepare anything, just read the notes given. When we all on-site, as if we are working for them while the committe no need to do anything.haiz. very very bad as the committee are using all the participant of NOGAPS to do their job/activity.

Day 4 of NOGAPS: very boring and tiring day as morning time is the AGM for MyPSA and afternoon is do presentation of the declaration that we discuss previously. then night time, we go visit a batik factory and do some painting for the batik and night time is grand dinner/closing ceremonty for NOGAPS.

Day 5 of NOGAPS:we all go to the jungle for jungle trekking with doing some obstacles and do flying fox. Flying fox is a new experience for me. climbing up the 4 storey platform is tiring plus scary. but when coming down the platform is very enjoying. just that the time is very short.

yesterday, 17/6, we all need to go to uni again for a rehearsal for the PHC(public health campaign). another tiring day as well.

Today, 18/6, coz my house is doing renovation, the line become very unstable. make me cant play online game, cant surfing.

Then on 22 to 22 june, we are going to participant in PHC at sunway pyramid, blue zone, in front of JCo donut. anyone out there who are around the area, do come and visit us and support us.

A long post for anyone out there who wanna know wat has happen to me. i also dont know what should i write. So, all my frens out there, have fun for ur holidays and have a very nice day.