Monday, December 13, 2010

December 2010 update

It has been quite some times since I update my blog. Main reason, final exam just finish about 1 month ago. For tat 1 months plus of preparing final exam and also siting the final exam, i barely have time to update this blog, or rather lazy. Haha. If back-dated more, I was busy with my clerkship, going to Hospital KL and it was really tiring after reach home. Not to mention, miss out a lot of Nuffnang activities and events. Really miss those day. Plus without transportation, really is troublesome to get back from a distance location, inaccessible by public transport. Even there is public transport, when the activities finish, it usually finish about 11 pm. haha

So now, here I'm, sitting at my home in Kuching, practically doing nothing. With 3 weeks of holidays already pass and another 3 weeks to go, not much have I achieved besides online, watch drama, movie, gaming and eat. Haha. Not to mention, hitting mosquito, with average of 5 per days. haha.

Another half a year and i will be graduating my Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours. Not an easy course programme and really is a time consuming one as well. Need to sacrifice a lot of time and energy in attending the classes, labs, practicals, attachment and clerkship, as well as preparing for exams. Not to mention, knowing lots of people also. Hopefully will be able to graduate and work in a good hospital. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

18 Secrets Men Keep

This article is taken from Borneo Post dated 11 December 2010 and i think some part of it is true. for me. hehe. Here goes

1.  Men Like to Cuddle. Cuddling is all about mood and ambience. It's peaceful to lie in someone's arms in the dark with great music or even the low buzz of the TV in the background. It's nice to hear nothing buy your lover's breath against the backdrop of the evening or early morning. Holding someone close in bed also makes you feel very secure with one another and the relationship.

2.  Men Think They Are Good In Bed. Men are taught that confidence solves just about anything. You can be making a total mistake, but as long as you're confident, it will turn out okay. This may explain why we are so clueless at what we are doing in bed, but we act like we know.

3.  Getting Too Tipsy On A Date Is A Turnoff. Some people turn into a completely different person when they are drunk. Let the other person learn about you while you're sober, before you get wasted with them. Alcohol should be introduced into the relationship slowly, but if a drink or two takes the edge off, and wine adds romance it;s fine. Just dont push it too far.

4.  Heavy Make-Up Is a Turnoff. Men always appreciate a natural look as it is, when a girl does her make-up well, the results can be magical. But the one thing that should never happen is excessive application - too much, too many colours, or if it's just a botched attempt at a good make-up makes like the earth and erodes and changes with weathering. There is nothing more ghastly than make-up run amuck in the morning after spending the night together.

5.  Women Put Pressure On Themselves to Get Married. Women say that they feel more pressure to settle down because they cant have children easily past a certain age. Men dont feel pressure in that sense, but do fear that their appearance and their 'game' will fade as they get older.

6.  Women Will Never Understand Men's Sports Obsession. There are some women who love sports, but are they as obsessed with sports like guys are? Men read about sports every day, and go over statistics. There is no reason why women wouldnt understand or know sports lie guys do if they were as obsessed.

7.  Women Are Not the Only Ones Who Engages In Retail-Therapy Post-Breakup. People have shopped during emotional low points. Wearing new clothes makes them feel confident. There is also a social aspect of shopping because you are usually with friends, consorting with other shoppers and salespeople. You've been spending a lot of money on your ex in the past; now it's time to spend some money on you.

8.  Sex In the Shower Is Over-Rated. That 'up against the wall' variation is tougher than it sounds. The entire shower apparatus is so slippery, and then you have soap all over the place. It'a a danger zone.

9.  Me Do Think Women Are Crazy Sometimes. It is only because it makes things easier for them. Once men accepted that women are 'crazy', it seemed to take a huge load of pressure off them. They dont really think women are insane, they just say it so they can be done thinking about their antics and move on.

10. Leave Your Baggage At the Door. Guys are happy to help out their girlfriends with emotional issues. But if the baggage becomes apparent too early in the relationship, then a guy will probably bail. Also, baggage causes people to put pressure on or damage a relationship, so it may be domed from the outset.

11. Men Are Afraid of Commitment. Commitment means that they've decided that the woman they are settling down with is perfect and there is no one else other there for them. Commitment means they have found their soul mate, that they are completely secure with themselves, and that there should be no going back. Commitment is a sign of maturity, and it just takes some of them longer.

12. Confidence Is Key In the Bedroom. The best thing to do is to act like you have some experience, and not question anything. It will work.

13. Insecure About Dirty Talk. There are so many incorrect things men could say, from weak to gross to just downright bizarre. last thing men need is to give a girl some material for a girls' night conversation/

14. Sometimes, Men Blame Women's Bad Mood On Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). But men just dont say it. Honestly, sometimes a woman's anger does look hormonal. Men have learned not to make things worse by suggesting that a woman has bad mood during PMS.

15. Men Get Jealous Because They Are Insecure. If a guy feels like he does not deserve a woman or is not good enough for her, he will become jealous easily and worried that he;s going to lose her to another guy.

16. Men Hate It When Women Try Too Hard to Be One of the Guys. It's pretty lame that men invent words and languages and then giggle over them like schoolchildren. But what's even lamer is when some outsider tries to use the language, without the ability to contribute.

17. Men Notice What Women Are Wearing. Women should cater what they wear to what they are doing, as they are being noticed.

18. Men Play Hard to Get. Sometimes, they  just act like men have no chance, even though they might like them. They openly flirt with other girls in front of them, and talk about how hot other girls are. They make themselves look really picky and difficult to get to. Then, man gets really tender and gives all of his attention to this girl who thought she had no chance.

There you have it. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brief update

Sorry people for not updating this blog for very long time already.

Well, class has ended. finish all my report and now gonna prepare for final exam. Pharmacy clerkship was fun except for TDM clerkship where you really need to think and filled your mind with pharmacokinetic stuffs and using pharmacokinetic words. Haha. Really stress when preparing the clerkship report.

My final exam start on 1st of November 2010, follow by 8/11, then 10/11, then 12/11 and finally 16/11. then 2nd week will be a hectic week since it consist of 3 papers in 1 week.

Currently I have 2 weeks of study break and today already is the 2nd day. Time really fly and time really wait for now wait. Need to work hard and cannot always play already. Lucky to find a good study place in library. Really quiet and the temperature not tat really cold even sit under the air cond. Hehe. My dear pharmers, you can join me if wan to but dont distract me.

All the best to everyone who are currently in their final exam mode or going to be in final exam mode soon. Gambateh

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Food that I miss

Suddenly thought of food that I miss back in Kuching. To be honest, I do not miss Sarawak Kolo Mee because i can eat it here in KL, somemore nearby my house. Just 5 minutes walk only. Haha. The taste is there, just the noodle is different. Well, what to you expect more. Seem like I have eating this stall punya noodle for almost 1 year already. A loyal fan indeed. Haha. Too bad I din manage to take any picture. Will remember to take picture when I have the chance next time.

Kolo Mee with red

For food that I miss, tat will be Sarawak Laksa. When I was young, I do not like to eat laksa because it is spicy. After I grown up and left hometown, I started to like Sarawak Laksa. Haha. Everytime my friends studying outside of Kuching will say they miss this food, tat food, like kolo mee, sarawak laksa, kueh chap and etc. I only miss Sarawak Laksa as well as ABC which stand for Air Batu Campur. The taste is different from KL and the price also different. Kuching one sweeter than the rest. Haha. I have tried Sibu and Bintulu one and yet I still like Kuching among all. Melaka famous for its Durian cendol which i also like, a cendol filled with durian. Downside of it is it uses gula melaka which I dont really like the taste.

Sarawak Laksa

Here is a video telling about some of the famous food found in Kuching.

Regarding the location of place where I always visit to get my sarawak kolo mee, well, it is located in Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant name is Coffee & Tea. You will not miss it since it has a big signboard at the front there. Besides there also have a poster saying Sarawak Kolo Mee. So you wont miss it. If you do miss it, go look for Hong Leong bank in Taman Connaught and the kopitiam is just nearby it.  Wont hard to find one since the kopitiam is also a corner shop.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Time of Essence

Time, for me is very important since I'm very particular about time one. For others, some might think that time could be bend as ones like it. 

How to see if a person is very time concern? 
  • Punctuality 
  • Wear watch to check the time from time to time
  • Usually will arrive earlier than the time fixed even though need to wait for about 5 to 20 min
These are just some basic things you can look at to check you yourself or your friends if he/she is/are time concern. For me, I really have these kind of syndromes. No kidding. If I say to my friend that I will pick him/her up at 8.30 pm, I usually will arrive earlier one. Thats is me. 

Being a time concern people, I have the habit of doing things last minute, study last minute. haha. Weird. Thats is humanity. No one is perfect. Sometimes you also need to accept the fact that some people do like to reach at location on time or bit late since he/she will think that the other person will be slightly late a bit. Tolerance is the key of success.

Times really do fly. With a blink of an eye, an accident occur or you could be safe from serious injuries because you are slower. I have already been here in KL for four years. Times really flies. Not to mention, time wait for no one. Without you doing anything, time will continue move on without waiting for you. There is no pause in the system, no waiting or stopping. 

I could not really remember what had been during primary school, not to mention secondary school. I could only remember some bits of them, some happy, some sad, some memorable. Without knowing it, I almost reach 25 years old in another half more year. Time really flies. 

As a conclusion, time really is important in our life. There is no extra time for special people. All having the same 24-hrs per day. Remember to use your time properly and not waste them. Greed you day with smiles and you will feel happier by the end of the day, knowing that you have used your time properly and efficiently.

p/s: All pictures taken from google image.

World Cup 2010

Finally, World Cup 2010 has come to an end and won by Spain. The title of world best to be held at Spain for 4 years before the next World Cup is organized. Congrats to Spain. Overall, I could say that the match was really rough since more than 10 yellow cards have been given to both teams. This showed that today match was rough indeed. In another point of view, both teams are desperate to score a goal as well as prevent the opposing team in scoring their first goal. A total 95 mins of official game play before continue into extended time. At first, I thought it will end up as penalty kick, but a goal was scored at few minutes before the end of game. The one and only goal in the match. The Golden Ball.

During the match, many yellow cards were shown towards the players, some includes dangerous move, fly kicking the opposing team, arguing with the referee as well as taking off the football jersey. Not to mention, 1 red card was shown and Netherlands was forced to play with 10 persons. 

This is the man who scored the only goal during the match, Iniesta.

If there were more goals during the match, I wont feel that sleepy. In other words, both teams have good defense. There were many close call when both teams nearly manage to score a goal but in vain. There where some offside that were not caught by the lines man. Too bad about it since we, as viewer could not do anything about it except accept it as it is. Congrats again to Spain for winning the 2010 World Cup.

Paul the octopus managed to predict the outcome of this match. The prediction is correct. Here is the video of the prediction done by Paul. Really unbelievable that most of his prediction come trues.

From my point of view, the prediction always gone to the right-hand side of the food tank. Most probably it is hungry and will definitely go for the nearest food source it could find. Or could it be that Paul is always at the right hand side of the aquarium before the food tanks are lowered into it? Just some questions for thought. The probability of getting it correct is 50%. What will happen to the octopus when the prediction is wrong? Will it be truth that Paul will be on the chopping board? Only chef will know. Haha.

Congrats again to Spain for winning the World Cup 2010.

Who will win the next World Cup at 2014?? See you all at Brazil and who will win it? Will Spain be able to win it again? Will Brazil come back strong and become one of the contender? Stay tunes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup Street Party

Yes, you heard it right. World cup final is just around the corner, just a few more days to go. Who will be the next world cup 2010 winner? Spain? Germany? Nertherlands? What do you plan to do? What at home alone? With friends? Go somewhere crowded to watch? Why not go to this world cup street party where you can enjoy musics and some entertainments before watching the world cup final live. Sound interesting? Look no further as I will give you the details.

Venue: Bangsar, Telawi 3.
Date: 11 July 2010
Time: Doors open at 8pm onward.
Admission: No admission fee.
Age limit: 18 and above with IC verification at registration point.
Main organizer: Out of This World
Main partner: Lotus
Co-sponsors: Twisties, Microsoft, P1 WiMAX, Unilever and Mountain Fresh

During this event, there will be 1000 prizes up for grabs, such as Ipod Touch, Digital Cameras, PSP, Mobile phones, Soccer jerseys, MP3 Players, WiMAX-Inside 4G laptops and many others. The grand prize is a Lotus Elise. How cool it is to win it. Hehe. You could be the lucky winner.

During this event, there will be a massive giant screen to watch World Cups Finals LIVE. This world cup street party is a carnival like street party with Deejays, Singers, Dancers, Hip Hop Performances, Drum Troops and many more. Do expect to see beautiful people during the event itself. Do remember to check out P1 W1Max's booth during the event for exciting games and freebies to be given away.

Hurry up and make yourselves available during this particular date and time. Last but not least, remember to print out the flyer below to redeem a FREE drink voucher at P1 WiMAX booth. While stock last.

What If I’m a Russian Spy

Spy, just like James Bond working for the United Kingdom. This round, I will be the Russian Spy, working for Russia.

What will be the mission entrusted to me? Since this mission is highly classified, I do hope that YOU do not blow away my cover.

Locaton: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 7 of July 2010, Wednesday
Time: 12.00pm
Objective: Observe the surrounding

My mission is simple, come to a country call Malaysia.

Observe the surrounding, study the people, learn how their mind tick and report to Russia. I need to do all these without being found by the authority of Malaysia. My task is simple since I can easily can assess into Malaysia through the proper route due to 'Visit Malaysia' programme.

I will pretend myself as a tourist from Russia, visiting Malaysia. A weapon always equipped by the tourist is a camera. By using the camera, I can snap all sort of pictures around me without being suspected. Because I'm a tourist and I can do what ever I wanted to do, as long as I do not alert the authority.

Malaysia is known as a country of smile. All the people in Malaysia will greed you with smile and they are friendly. Not to mention, there are many races and religions in Malaysia. But how do they all come together as one community. And thus, this is where I come in. I need to learn from them how do they mix around perfectly without any slight misunderstanding or argument. 

My secondary objective will be visited the proud landmark of Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Tower.

Not to mention, observe and learn from the people of Malaysia how they build such a magnificent building and still standing proudly.

My next task is to learn some of Malaysia cuisine and infused them into Russian culinary.

My tasks will not be easy as they are tedious. Look simple but time consuming. Really takes time to mingle around with the citizen of Malaysia. Occasionally, I will report back to my superior about my finding, just like a progress report. By doing so, the superior will know where am I and will come and rescue me if anything bad happen to me. 

After I completed my mission, I will go back to Russia and share my knowledge and finding to my superior and thus making Russia an even stronger country.

P/s: This post is done for entering a contest in Nuffnang. All these are fiction and not real life experience.

I wanna be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Most of the people in this world wanted to have some magical power, and by doing so, he or she will be more superior than other people, including me. Hehe. 

Why I wanna become the sorcerer's apprentice? Well, being a sorcerer's apprentice is the chance of a life time and this chance is hard to drop by. If I'm giving the chance to become the next sorcerer's apprentice, I will accept it immediately even thought need to leave my comfort zone to a new environment. Being a sorcerer's apprentice will give me the opportunity to learn many many magical spells unknown to the normal human being. Manipulation of the natural elements, shooting fireball from the bare hand, levitation, not to mention fly, and many others. 

Besides learning these magical spells, my master will even share with me the hidden secret of the world. Without the secret, there will be no magic. Some of the hidden secrets are hidden from the human civilisation and only the sorcerers have access to them. Some of the hidden secrets are even bigger than you could ever imagine, such as the evolution of human being. Having a slight insight of such a magnificent magical power and secret throughly will make me the strong sorcerer in this world. However, becoming a sorcerer's apprentice is the first step in realising my dream. So, once I become the sorcerer's apprentice, I will devote all my time in learning and practising the magical spells and get to know my master better.

With the new powers that I have obtained through apprenticing with a sorcerer, I will be able to fight the evil forces that are lurking in every corner of the streets, wanting to gain the magical power from the sorcerer. Besides that, being able to control the elements of the nature, some of the huge disasters can be prevented, such as earth quake, tsunami, flood and many more. A elemental could even summon a fire dragon at will. How cool is that.

The most important thing is to protect the innocent from danger and only use my magical power during emergency only and not for showing off.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Day New Semester New Year

Monday, 5th of July 2010 marks the beginning of a whole new year for me. It is because today is the 1st day of lecture which is also my final year of pharmacy degree life. Hopefully I will be able to survive this predicament. Hehe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lucky Me

Since April until June, I can say that I have gotten pretty lucky myself, winning some nice prizes and gifts.

1st of all is during PC Fair. Din not expect to get 2 free tickets to watch Video Games Live besides getting the wireless mouse and cooling pad.

Earn myself a way into the Malaysia Book of Records and at the same time, got myself some goodies from Gatsby. Details can visit here.

Next is I was told that I won myself 1 service voucher from Asterspring when I join the tweet competition, organized by powerruum. Late on, I won another voucher but could not use it because I was away at Kuching.

I also received my Snax card from KFC. The new membership programme from KFC, known as Snax. Kinda disappointed with the free gift. Old necklace from X-men 3 merchandise. 

During beginning of May, the landlord and landlady decided to go to China for vacation for 1 month. So, I took the opportunity to use the plasma TV, connected to my laptop, watching video. haha. A nice experience indeed and I learnt how to use the 'extend display' function.

Project Alpha Instant Cash Blogging really make me happy. I got myself 10 out of 21 topics. Not bad. Not to mention, I also win the Project Alpha Daily Contest. Not 1 but 3 out of 50 days. A nice try indeed.

I also won myself a CD by John Mayer: Battle Studies from musicruum.

The most important one is that I have finally received my cheque after 1 year of waiting. My 3rd cheque from Nuffnang. Thanks to everyone out there who visit my blog even though I din not update often. A really big amount indeed for a student like me. Gonna save it for future use.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to Nuffnang for the wonderful event and movie screening, ruumz for the wonderful prizes and most important is my fellow readers who drop by. Thanks again for the support.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sorry guys and girls for not updating my blog.

My final exam start on 26th of April 2010 and finish on 26 of April 2010. Why only 1 day? Well for some of you that already known it or have not know it, I'm retaking only 1 subject last semester and 26 of April 2010 is the 1st day of exam for pharmacy students in UCSI university. So, basically I have 2 months plus of holiday, practically doing not much thing. A busy holiday indeed. A very happening 2 months for me as well.

1st week of holiday, I din do much at all, stay at home, play games, watch movies.

2nd week of holiday or 1st week of May, help out in the pharmacy and went to the lab to continue my research. Do the tiring job once again, extracting, preparing the samples, pipetting and taking the UV, with the help of Dr Gabriel on the last day of experiment. Very tiring indeed.

3rd week of holiday, went to MV for my free facial treatment. The competition is by Powerruumz, under Ruumz. The service voucher is worth RM 128. However, the lowest price for a basic treatment is RM 168. Since I never do any facial before and giving such a chance to do facial in one of the famous place in KL, I just give it a shot, with topping up of RM 40. Kinda worth it and once in a lifetime experience. My first time. Not to mention, they using Dermalogica product. 

I even attended the Oath Taking Ceremony for my fellow friends.

The following week, me and my friends went to Taman Negara located in the state of Pahang. A 3 days 2 nights trip. Consider a tiring trip because I already had muscle pain on the 2nd day. After Taman Negara Trip, went to Penang for 4 days 3 nights, visiting various places there, trying out some of the famous food.

Pretty butterfly (Shoot in Taman Negara)

Nice sea side scenery. Taken in Penang

After Penang trip, we fly straight to Kuching and spent 5 days 4 nights before heading out to Sibu. That is how i spent the 4th week of May.
Visited Jong Crocodile Farm

Spotted orangutan in Semongok Wildlife Centre

After Sibu, we went up the state, to Bintulu, visited Taman Tumbina where we found some money on the ground. Unfortunately, the trip to Bintulu and Sibu were not that lucky since could not get the chance to try out their famous Kampua.

Sunset. (Taken at waterfront in Bintulu)

After Bintulu, come back to Kuching and the 1st week of June is almost gone.

2nd week of June, the most important one is on Monday, 7th of June, whereby the university decided to released our results in the morning, about 10am and I passed my exam. Finally able to step into my final year of pharmacy course. Besides that, went for badminton and Dota session as well, with some yumcha sessions with old classmates.

3rd week of June, another batch of friends from West Malaysia decided to come to Kuching. Guide them around, following them and become a assistant guide. haha.

4th week of June, another batch of friends from West Malaysia will come to visit Kuching. As a friend and classmate, will become co-guide again, bringing them around Kuching, tiring myself out. haha.

Now already left 2 weeks before I depart to KL since the new semester will start in 5th of July. Not much time left as I feel that I din not relax much, rest much. I think thats all from me. Good luck to my fellow friends who are going to take SUPP next week. I believe that you can do it. All the best.

p/s: My next post will be full with "Wah! So Lucky one!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

Finally, 49 episodes of Alpha Blogger Season 2 with 1 bonus episode of Adidas Pure Ole KO Challenge. What an exciting one.

For me, I personally like Niki Cheong when he went to UK together with Jojo to interview Xiaxue. Being able to travel to UK just to interview Asia most influential blogger, Xiaxue is indeed an opportunity of a life time for him and for us fellow bloggers. This is because we also got to know how Xiaxue think and work. Not to mention, brief introduction of London and which place should we pay a visit when we do have a chance to drop by there.

Besides that, I also like the part where all the Alpha Bloggers from season 1 pay a visit to Kuching. Why? Well, first of all, I'm from Kuching and of cause I like it here in Kuching. Seeing all the nice scenery in Kuching really soothing. Not to mention, one of a kind aerobic dance at Level Up gym. Funny moments and enjoyable one.

A visit to Lost World of Tambun is among one of my favourite moments in Alpha Blogger Season 2. Well, to be honest, it is the first time I heard of this place and when I passby it when I'm on my way to Penang from KL, really bring some funny moments from the video. One of them is the monkey stealing the adidas deodorant and also how KY and Shaolin Tiger trying to plan some evil scheme.

Really sad that with just a blink of an eye, season 2 has finally finish. Hope to see more in season 3.

Here are the final episodes of Alpha Blogger Season 2

Episode 47

Episode 48

Episode 49

Episode 50

"Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS."

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blocked Hole

When you have block nose or flu, basically the food tat you eat will be tasteless, not a complete one since for us to perceive taste, we need both our taste bud and olfactory to work together to bring the real taste to life.

When you have airway filled with mucous, the feeling of something is in the throat and could not get it out even when cough very hard and loud really is annoying. Even when taking mucolytic and it is not working that fast, we only can do is hope for the best.

When you have constipation, it is as if like your anus is blocked by a hard stool, even when you try to defecate, the feeling of something still remaining in your butt hole really annoying. haha.

Today, basically I suffered from 2 of the 3 blocked hole. Really make my uneasy and moody.

Anyway, will be going to Taman Negara soon in a couple of hours and hopefully, the trip can relax my mind and hopefully reset my mindset and prepare myself for the clinical and rigorous 4th year of my pharmacy course.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Many Wiggies?

How many wiggies are there???

Count the number of Wiggies in the picture, and tweet your answer to @ProjectAlphaMY and @P1WiMax, and include the hashtag #wiggycount. The first correct/closest guesses will win a P1 bag each.

Here is some dose of Project Alpha Season 2.

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

I have been using smartphones for 6 years or 7 years already, starting with my Nokia 6630 to my present Nokia N73.

Nokia 6630

Nokia N73

Nokia 6630 was said to be the 1st phone to have 3G capability while my current one also possessed 3G capability. Yet, up till now, I seldom used my phone to surf the internet. The main reason is the expensive GPRS fee which will go sky rocket within 10 minutes of surfing only. With facebook, twitter and messenger, the GPRS fee can easily reach RM 10 or more per day. Really a lot for a student. Even with the present Digi Campus plan, max GPRS fee per day is RM 5 and for a student, consider expensive. If you surf everyday, it will end up being RM 150 per month. Doesnt it worth it to subscribe the latest DG Smart Plan with only RM 68 per month for unlimited internet usage.

(Frustrated whether to use or not to use GPRS)

Besides that, checking for email become a problem since it involve GPRS usage as well. Refreshing the webpage every time to check for update will also use GPRS and which ultimately involve $$. Being not able to check important mail is really frustrated when you know that there is one particular mail waiting to reply, especially the Nuffnang confirmation reply to participate in event. Being out whole day without internet access really add the pressure on you. Plus do not wanna check the email on your smartphone because it involve $$. Having to be not able to reply to Nuffnang within the nick of time will eventually meaning not able to participate in the event or movie screening really will make a person sad, myself included. Having to prepare the necessary blog post or think of a creative slogan and finally have the opportunity to participate in the event and win prizes, yet because of not able to reply the email really will disappoint me and I believe everyone as well.

(Sad being not able to reply on time)

GPS or global positioning system is one of the hottest demand in the market nowadays for a smartphone.

After I update my N73, i notice that there is a new application onboard, which is 'Map'. Within minutes, i try it out and found out that it is like a GPS. However, normal telco charges apply, meaning it will have GPRS charges. Again, being afraid of using so much money, I just leave the application aside, not wanting to use it anymore. Haha.

Being a person that will spend wisely and have strict budget guideline, I try to limit myself of a monthly usage of RM 30, with a daily usage of RM 1. Because of this, GPRS usage has not been taken into account and will not be using it. The RM 1 usage is for sms and call only. Haha.

Not able to fully utilise the 3G capability of my smartphone really make me sad and frust. 

Last but not least, if you used smartphone once, you will never ever change back to the normal phone. Once a smartphone user will always be a smartphone user. Believe me. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Huai Bin for the Adidas Ole KO Challenge!

The Season 1 & Season 2 bloggers will be playing futsal one-one-one at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre COurt, Mid Valey Megamall, Friday May 21, 7.30pm! Which blogger will win?

I think every single of the season 1 and season 2 bloggers will have their change of winning. For me, I think Huai Bin has a chance of winning over the rest of the bloggers. This is because, one has to be able to kick a ball and energetic as well. Accuracy is important as well to be able to shoot the ball into the goal.

Since Adidas Ole KO Challenge is one of a kind challenge whereby the match will be one on one in a spherical steel cage. The objective of the challenge is to score as many points as possible within a set time frame by kicking the ball through their opponent's legs. Due to this endurance and skill is needed and not for the fainted heart. 

This challenge required the person to be brave and strong and swift enough to score as many point as possible. Huai Bin is a suitable candidate for this challenge since he is brave in doing all those extraordinary stuffs. Coordination of body and legs are important in controlling the ball and shooting the ball through their opponent's legs since the opponents will avoid the ball as well. So, swift attack by the attacker is needed to score a point for themselves. In my point of view, Huai Bin definitely has these quality in scoring many many points and thus win the challenge. I believe that you ca do it and win the challenge. All the best.

Here is a dose of project alpha season 2.

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Message to AIDSAware

Picture say a million words.

Some of the people in the society do not know what is AIDS or even HIV. HIV is Human immunodeficiency virus which cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV can be within our body if we are exposed to them will remain hidden until our body immune system has become weak, then the HIV will become dormant and start to cause various sickness.

Awareness is important as the spread of HIV or AIDS can be stopped once we know how does this disease spread. HIV does not take account who they attack as whoever you are, you are prone to become the carrier of HIV if unaware of it. Once the HIV resurface, the 'shelf-life' will be much shorter. AIDS does not cause death but secondary infection caused it. This is due to the fact that the HIV attack our body immune system and cause the destruction of our immune system. AIDS can be prevented by some simple prevention measurements.

Prevention of AIDS is really is as easy as ABC. WHY? AIDS can be spread by the body fluid of the carrier such as blood, semen and others. One of the most important vector is the blood. If the person is a HIV carrier, the virus will be definitely in the blood. Thus, in any way possible, do avoid contact with blood of unknown origin. Who knows what there are inside a droplet of blood. A since droplet of blood can contain millions of virus, readily to invade the other person once in contact with it.

Besides that, since sex is among one of the means of spreading HIV, playing safe sex is important, which by using a condom, in either male or female. Nowadays, not only males can wear condom, even the females can also wear condom since there are available in the market.

Next, annual health screening is important to check whether you are a HIV carrier or not or even a AIDS patient if you have multiple sex partners. Family planning is also important as health screening before marriage to ensure the other partner do not have AIDS. Even if he or she have it, avoidance is not recommended since prevention can be done. 

Last but not least, our children are innocent. Do not involve them in AIDS. Children are the future of the world, the pillar of the society. Beware of AIDS in the society. Prevention is always better than cure. In AIDS perspective, there is no cure currently available in the market. Beware.

For more information on AIDSAware, please visit

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Monday, May 3, 2010

April Update

Sorry for did not update my blog often. The main reason is that I kinda lazy and also dont have any idea on what to write. Anyway, kinda like Project Alpha very much, not to mention the song is nice to listen. Downside of it is that the music is louder than the voice. Haha.

On 26th of April 2010, it is the 1st day of exam for the students of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, UCSI University. For me, it is the last day of exam as well. Having said that, I have been free since last monday and today marks 1 week holiday for me. Practically din not do much as most of the time stay at home, din not go out due to money constrain. Haiz.

What I did in April?

On 2 of April 2010, went all the way to Selayang to try out the Italian Cone Pizza for the first time with a friend of mine.

On 7 of April 2010, attended Project Alpha Launching cum Kick-Ass Movie screening at Cathay Cineplex @ e@curve.
(Thanks to Joshua for the photo)

8 of April 2010, attended Suk Yen's Birthday celebration at Secret Recipe @ Taman Connaught, then karaoke session at Neway and finally steamboat at 100 Celsius Steamboat restaurant.

On 17 of April 2010, attended Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair which made it into the Malaysian Book of Record for 'The largest bloggers' gathering'.

(Thanks to Tian Chad for the photo)

(Thanks to Tian Chad for the photo) 

On 26 of April 2010, I sat for my final exam and the subject is Central Nervous System & Pharmacotherapy.

On 30 of April 2010, I attended CG01 and CG02 outing with Jasmine and Wilfred being the CG leader respectively. Went to Co Do, Mid Valley for dinner as well as surprise birthday celebration for Jasmine and farewell for one of the members of CG01.

Last but not least, I have cashed out my Nuffnang earning after 11 months in the making. All thanks to Project Alpha Instant Cash Blogging for the boost. Will be waiting for the arrival of cheque in Kuching.

p/s: Will be heading to Taman Negara Pahang on 17 of May 2010 for 3D2N after they finish their exam. Good luck to all my friends who are having their final exam now. 2 more weeks to go. Also congratulations to all my friends who have graduated from University and good luck in finding the right job.