Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Bye Kch

Going to leave kuching in few days time. Times really flies when at kch although everyday stay at home watch tv n drama n movies. already in kch for 3 weeks already and going to kl for some more free times. 1 month plus b4 school reopen as the class start on 2nd week of july. imagine wat i can do there. M i going to be bored there? i wonder.

since this 3 weeks in kch, i already go renew my passport, go watch Spiderman 3, buy another 1GB RAM for my laptop and bring my laptop to NEC CARE for some 'care'. hehe. din go out much because no car to use loh in the day times. wat a luck. i also eaten some of the food tat i miss n keep thinking of when i was in kl. another thing tat i havent do is going to meet CY and u know wat, i going to meet her tomolo night. guess i dont noe wat else to write.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


wah, it has been quite a while since i update my blog, keep reading CY blog.haha. see her always update her blog. maybe she too busy kua.wahaha. i very free, but keep on watching drama and anime and tv. chatting is also one of my activites. well, just now go to the imigresen office to renew my passport and going to take it on tomorrow morning. result r coming out soon. haiz. dont noe wat to say. no feel. haha. just dont think bout it and wait for the result only loh. like keep checking it in like 1 hour once. want to be the 1st to know when result out n go spread the news to friends.hehe. because of want to renew my passport, i go cut my hair, which is also long already.haha. my holidays here in kch will end soon. din go anywhere loh besides going out to yam cha with frens couple of time but still havent go out with CY since she so hard to get hold of. busy person boh.

well, last week end up having 2 times eating steamboat. 1st is to help celebrate helen's belated birthday and it is on thursday night. quite fun as seldom have chance tat we all can gather together and eat and talk togethr. and because of this steamboat, my body temperature goes up for few days. not fever, just feel hot inside the body. after couple of days, ok d. second steamboat was on sunday and it was mother's day, so go eat steamboat again loh since mom cant really eat a lot of stuffs, like fried one cannot eat and etc lah.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lonely life

cant imagine a day without internet and laptop. wat can i do without them.haiz. really boring loh if no internet. not having to online for almost 48 hours really make times hard to pass. now i laptop already at hospital d and hopefully can take it back as soon as possible loh. now using my mom laptop to online loh. hehe. wat to do, tv also got nothing much to see loh, somemore got satelite. haiz, really not much thing to watch eh. somemore no car to use make me more boring loh. well, tomolo going to watch movie,hehe, at least wont feel so bored at home.

glad to hear tat clara already finish her exam, means most of my friends already finish their exam d, but still have a few have few more papers to go b4 holidays. i wish them luck and all the best.

Just now i go check my account, already reach 200+ loh. hehe. wat a wait, waiting for bout 1 month for it. ppl who are interested bout wat i m talking can find me and ask me bout the kang tau tat i meantion. no harm in listening as can gossip as well ah.