Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CNY 2011

I know that this is kinda an outdated post since CNY has past for almost 1 month d. How time flies. Time really wait for no one. hehe.

Anyway, CNY for this yr is kinda short compare with last yr and do not really have much CNY mood. Most probably because almost everyone start work and start class on 7th of Feb (Chu 5). hehe. I din play some mahjong with the same ppl every year, din gamble, din drink. haha.

Ang pao wise, bout the same every year. hehe

Our group picture at the KBS house. haha

When I'm back to KL, i followed my friends to Tian Hou Gong.

I even go to ask for a 签, pray to 月老and 财神. The 签 is quite ok, just need to work hard in order to get wat i want. hehe.

Last weekend (26 and 27 Feb), i went up to Genting and overnight there alone. Haha.

What an experience and I din not meet with any friendly ghost. Really got nothing much to do there if no go to theme park or casino. I was practically tired because of lots of walking to explore the place, less time to enjoy the cool breeze there. I also manage to try the durian cendol and it was a disappointment. sad.

Yesterday, 1st of March, me and my friends go to Jogoya for our buffet lunch. Very full. but food is just so so loh. nothing special also. hehe

After the buffet, i dropped by at Fahrenheit KL for the book fair and bought myself this.

Practically, it took me bout less than 1 hour to finish it. haha. It is just a small and compact book.

I have done so much in 1 month time and another 1 month plus and i will sit for my final exam d and I have not really study much up till now. Need to really work hard already. This yr convocation is set on 2nd and 3rd of July. Means i got only 1 chance only if wanna attend this yr convo. All the best to me and my coursemates.