Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My New Found Love

Yup. You hear it correctly. I have a confession to make. I have just found my love few weeks ago. All I can say is love at 1st sight. 

One day, I was feeling thirsty and hot. So, I went into the convenient stall and there she was, standing besides the drinking machine, wearing green. Really magnificent. There is no doubt about it. At first, I dare not to approach her and just walk pass her. 

After a few visits, I could say that I can see her almost every time I drop by. In 1 week time, maybe will drop by 1 to 3 times and most of the time, there she was, in the convenient stall. Haha

Below is the picture of her which I manage to secretly take.











 Her name is Green Buzz, Apple flavour. Sweet and slight sour taste. really nice. But the ice always melt very fast. Haha. When drink it, really feel refreshing. Really fall in love with Slurpee!!!

Road Trip with Broadband

Last time, to be able to online is kinda possible when you are on the go. If you are an internet person which always need internet connection to online, check email and do business online, sure you need to drop by to the cyber cafe to online. When you are on the road, you sure will either stay at hotel, hostel or even budget hotel. Well, some of these accommodation will provide internet service for you, either free of charge or charge with, and it is not cheap, I guarantee you. 

To overcome this, some of the mobile service provider come out with data plan which make you able to online on the go. But these data plan required you to purchase a new handphone or smartphone under their contract. Here are some example of them.

Digi Data plan

Maxis data plan

As you can see, when you subscribe the data plan, it is not cheap since you need to pay quite a number of money for the service. Not to mention, the handphone that you are currently using also need to be compatible with the data plan, for example, Iphone, Blackberry, HTC and others. Usually the data plan is suitable for people who are always on business and constantly need to check their email and businesses online, without the need of big screen.

For me, if I do wan to subscribe the data plan, of course I need to think twice since I pay what I used. I think internet on the go has not reach my need yet, since I seldom twit, not to mention facebook. But using a phone with a small screen, really need to think twice.

With wireless broadband, I can use my own laptop, bring it outside of my house and still can online where ever I go, as long as it is within coverage area. If you are on the road, of course you need a small and portable modem for you to online, check your mail and other. Nowadays, this has become a truth as P1Wimax is offering a USB wireless modem where you can constantly online where ever you go to. To me, I really make my life easier if I do have it. I can just put the USB modem into my pocket and bring my laptop along with me can go every where I wanted to. Not to mention, I can always online when using the public transport, but be aware of pick pockets. Online when you use the public transport is not a rare things in other countries, such as Singapore. 

When I on my trip back or to the airport, I really hope that I can constantly connected to the internet, keep in touch with my friends. Without internet, really feel uncomfortable. Internet, to me, is life. No internet, no life. Kinda addicted to the internet d. With this portable USB modem in my hand, I can always be able to online when I use the bus or train to or from the airport. Really convenient to me.

Here is a dose of Project Alpha Season 2 with Niki Cheong as the guest in this week.

Episode 8

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"Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Recently started using TweetDeck, just this morning only after seeing it from MsXeroz twitter update. So, I have the urged to just try it one. And to me, it really is very convenient as you can see all the twitter update, direct message and even facebook update. Not to mention myspace if you have one. Here is step by step in how to update both status in twitter and facebook at the same time.

Step one: Click on the add column button to add new column at the dashboard so that you can view people update without opening a web browser

Step 2: Click the FB icon beside the Twitter, then for me, i choose only status update from everyone.

Step 3: Click the add new account, then choose the facebook tab since you have not created an account in tweetdeck. Just like when you started using it and tweetdeck ask you to key in your detail for twitter.

Step 4: Then the following window will pop-up. Just key in the appropriate username and password for your FB account.

Alternative: Well, you also can click the [+] button which I circle. From here, it will direct you to step 3.

To update status on both twitter and FB, make sure that both facebook and twitter is 'On', or is click, or brighthen up or become white. Then you should be ok. Should be easy. Just click around and you sure will be able to do. Hope my simple guide will help. Cheers.

p/s: Click on the pictures to have a clearer view

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Dream Destination

Everyone has a dream, without dream, there's no life. Hehe. I bet you have your own dream, you dream car, dream house, dream life-partner and so on. I myself also have my own dream. Today, I'm going to talk about my dream destination.

Since it is a dream, it can be realistic or not realistic, depends on how you see it. But somehow, it will come true in the future if you work for it. For my dream destination, I would like to prefer beach. The sandy white beach at some nice island, away from the hustle and bustle of the ciy. What a dream. Just like a getaway island, just like the 'Couple Retreat' movie where 3 couples went to a island for some escapade. I do like it if I got such chance in the future.

Island, with sandy beaches, can hear the sound of the wave when hit the beaches, then got natural forest in the island itself. What more if got nice river and waterfall. Wouldn't it be cool. My thought is already started to dream and image that I'm at this special island when I'm writting this. Just a moment to myself before I indulge myself with notes and notes and notes since I got final exam on monday. A very important paper as it will determine whether I can proceed or enter to 4th year. Hopefully I will be able to make it.

Back to my dream destination. Island as it sound, really is a nice and terrific location to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whats more if you are at this special island with your best friends or even on a honeymoon. *(need to plan for future one mah. hehe) Playing in the cystal clear ocean, on the sandy white beach, relaxing under the shade of the tree while listening to the sound of the wave and feel the breeze. What a nice way to relax. My last trip to such island is Pulau Perhentian. A nice trip indeed and I do hope that I got such a chance to go to a different island and enjoy what the island has to offer, not the type that you saw in 'LOST'. Haha. stranded on the island of a specific purpose. Not my cup of tea.

Here is a dose of project alpha season 2:

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'Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and'

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

According to Oxford Dictionary, 'grooming' is the things that you do to keep your clothes and hair clean and neat, or to keep and animal's fur or hair clean.

Our outlook will give people their first impression about us, even without talking to us. If we do look neat, smart and tidy, for sure people will have good impression on us and vice versa. However, how to make sure we look neat, smart and tidy?

Tip 1:

Hair is one of the important aspects people will look out for. For a guy, the hair has to be short and tidy. No messy hair or long hair. If your hair is long, be sure to cut it. A shorter hair is easier to manage than a long hair, dont you agree? For girls with long hair and some guys that keep long hair, do make sure that your hair is tidy all the time and look neat. Do make sure that you wash your hair often because the shampoo scent will sure be an addition mark. Good impression ma. For guy with short hair, some styling of the hair would definitely look nice. Guys, remember to shave those unwanted hair, like beard or mustache. 

Tip 2:

Body smell and sweat are a few things that we could not avoid. So, you can always bath few times in a day. And if you sweat a lot, you can always use deodorant. Perfume or cologne can also be used, provided they give off good scent, not a strong pungent smell as some people are sensitive to perfume. Keep this in mind.

 Deodorant for guy

Deodorant for girl

Tip 3:

Do remember to iron your clothes. Those clothes that have wrinkles all over them. Why? First impression always important. Always bare in mind that a neat and tidy person will always be advantage than a messy person. You do want to look smart in front of your friends and strangers, right? So, remember to iron your clothes if they are wrinkles. Or, you can do what I do. Buy wrinkle-free clothes. But also remember that these clothes do not have much design in them. So you would really look stylish. Haha.

Tip 4:

Wear the right shoe for the right occasion. Always remember to wear appropriate shoe for the function that you are attending. Meaning that do not always wear sandal out. Really not nice looking one. Wear sport shoe if you do have an outing with friends. Girls, do not always wear high-heels as they will hurt your feet. I do admit that high-heels look nice with pretty outfit, but sometimes you can always wear the heel-less sandal. (sorry as I do not know the exact term)

Tip 5:

If you know that you are having a bad breath, use some breath-spray. Really help. Trust me. Or you can always take mints. Besides that, remember to brush your teeth since oral hygiene is important. 

I think that is my version of grooming tips. Do stay tune for Project Alpha Season 2.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

"Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pc Fair (1) KL 2010

16 of April 2010 marked the starting of a huge trade war going on in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and end on 18 of April 2010. I bet the total amount of stuffs being trades sure will be huge in number, including the money. 

Pc Fair in KL is usually organized by PIKOM, 3 times a year, one in April, one in Jun or July and another one is in December. During pc fair, there will be various promotions, from free gifts, to discount and even lucky draw. Not to mention, there will be a lot of pretty show girls around. I saw a couple of them. Pretty indeed. Hehe. Like last year, I went to pc fair today is because I wanna subscribe GameAxis magazine. This magazine is mostly on game, ranging from pc to ps (ps1, ps2, ps3 & psp) to xbox to dreamcast and even our handphone. You name it. Mostly on introduction and review on the latest games and hottest games in the market in some hardware guide to choose from for your gaming purposes. These are the 2 magazine companies that are on war for the pc fair.
GameAxis and HWM magazine, both from same company

These 3 offers really are attractive but I stick to my original plan, to get hold of GameAxis which indeed is the correct decision. Why? Will tell later.

As usual, I take the UCSI U shutter bus to Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station, then take LRT to Hang Tuah, then change to monorel and get down at Raja Chulan station, which is in front of Wisma Genting and near Pavillion. After that, you will reach KLCC in 10 minutes time from the monorel station. Upon arrival, there were a lot of people waiting there which consist of exhibitors and visitors. Really people mountain people sea (人山人海). Lucky for me, manage to get a good spot near the entrance of KLCC. At 11am sharp, the visitors are allow into the building. People were rushing towards the entrance at Hall 4. Why? Because people are rushing to the magazine booths to subscribe the magazines as limited free gifts are available. Unfortunately for us, we all were block again from entering the hall. Why? I do not know. maybe the preparation has not been done completely. After 10 minutes of waiting in front of the door, jam packed, we all were then allowed into the hall. As usual, people rush to the magazine booth. Not to mention, both these 2 magazines booth are side by side and people are queue up already. Luckily for me, this time, the subscription of GameAxis and HWM magazine is separated and I do not need to wait long for my turn. Even luckier for me, I was the second one to subscribe and they even gave me 2 complementary tickets to watch Video Game Live (click the link for more detail about it). They even took my picture. But I do not know how many tickets they are giving out. The tickets are for tomorrow, 17 of April, 8.30pm show at Plenary Hall, KLCC. Seating wise, is the cheapest among all and the most behind one. I check the ticketing website and found out that the cheapest seat already cost RM 84 each. What a luck. I pay RM 84 for 1 year subscription of magazine and get not only 2 tickets for the concert, but also 1 Evercool Zodiac Cooler and also Sensonic cordless laser mouse CX6. Normal price for the cooler is RM 75 and RM 65 for the mouse. Both are pc fair price. Really worth while to go there and subscribe. 

Front view of the cooling pad

Back view

Inside view of the cooler

My New wireless mouse

2 Complimentary tickets to Video Games Live

Overview of my freebies

I also bought the back-to-back promotion, which is 4 passed issues, either GameAxis or HWM magazine, which cost me only RM 10 for 1 bundle. Not bad as one issue already cost RM 12.

Besides that, like last year, there were also broadband war at Hall 5. Broadband that were around, not in order, were Streamyx, Digi, Celcom, Maxis, P1Wimax, AmMax or Wimax. Most of their promoter stand in the outside of their booth, all form into 2 lines where the visitors only can walk in between them. Haha. Wasting their saliva on people like me. Not to mention, laptop promoter also. Reallly haiz. When I approach the Acer booth and check out the netbook, I ask him about the weight of the netbook and he pointed at the width (w) of the netbook. Weight and width is not same. Tell him twice then he understand. Haha. Then I say nvm. Then another thing is, when I went to Toshiba, again, they told me that Toshiba is very good coz got HDD shock absorber and I told them I knew d. Haha. Really wasting their saliva on people like me. People that only ask but dont buy. Haha. Interesting. But that is their job to promote, promoter mah. haha. Besides that, the costume for Avira really look weird. Just like wearing a red apron. Tactic failure. Haha. There is even a GPS smartphone from the GPS manufacturer

After finish walking my round, I need to rush back to my uni for a talk at 2pm. After the talk, I went straight home and try the new gadget. Wireless mouse, not bad. Really smooth. 1600 dpi. Haha. A laser mouse. Can use without the mouse pad and move faster. Good mouse. Cooler, I think not that ngam as the fan is not directly blowing the air-intake hole of my laptop. Still feel hot. But the cooler is made from aluminium and really feel cool. Even cooler if in air cond room. haha.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my trip to PC Fair this time. Already earn my money back with the complimentary tickets and I invited Joshua to join me. Maybe will visit again next year if I'm free.

p/s: My whole shirt is wet when I arrive at KLCC and got wet again when reach UCSI from KLCC. haha. Too many sweat and I'm dehydrated.

Monday, April 12, 2010

No String Attached

"No string attached" usually is the common phrase people will say when there is no term and condition applied. Meaning, you got a win lose situation or even win win situation. Why if you may ask? Well, since the person offering you this special offer does not wan anything back from you, of cause it is good, benefit for you, sure untung one. Then for sure in your case, it is a win situation. But for the other person, might be a win or lose situation. Maybe because he/she is desperate to find people or simply just giving out the offer to everyone pass by. The best example is the McDonalds Breakfast voucher. Really is a 'no string attached' because you only need to present the voucher at any McDonalds outlet that offer breakfast and you can redeem a cup of coffee or a Sausage McMuffin, Free Of Charge. These offers rarely come by, I would say. However, do ignore the other offer that come with the voucher since involve usage of money to get those stuffs. Hehe.

Another usage of 'no string attached' is for wireless. Wireless nowadays has become a norm in everyone life. Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless modem, wireless phone and others. These are all due to development of our technology. From wired to wireless. Really is a giant leap to the future. These wireless technology really make our life easier. 

Wireless modem

A handphone

The internet has become a norm in our daily life. Without it, some people will not be able to survive. Just like me, without the internet, somehow I feel like I got disconnected to the world. However, I do survive without internet once a while, provided my time is fully used for entertainment or movie or outing. To be able to connect to the internet, last time people used dial-up to connect to the internet with the maximum speed is 56 kbps. Later on, broadband has been introduced into the market and everyone started to grab hold of it. From the lowest 300 kbps up to 4 mbps, depends on the personal preferences and choice. However, cable is still needed to connect to the internet. Later on, wireless modem is introduced into the market. This will get rid of the messy cable connected to the modem. Yet, some people are not satisfy with it because you cannot online outside of your house due to limited internet access. 

With the introduction of wireless broadband, life has become must easier and internet is on the go. Just plug-in this small device into the USB port of your laptop where ever you are and you are ready to conquer the world-wide-web. Make sure the location you are in is within the coverage of your wireless broadband. If not, why bother to bring this small gadget and your laptop out. Right??

"Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS."

Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Celebration

8th of April is the birthday of Suk Yen while 7th of April is the birthday of Moses Lau. Din help Moses celebrate his birthday but do wishes him. For Suk Yen, as usual, we crashed by Secret Recipe for lunch and birthday celebration. Total people attending is 23. Really is a big crowd of people. They even bought 2 cakes for this occasion. After lunch, karaoke session, which is a favourite among the girls. This time, there were only 12 people left out of the 23 people. Again, the karaoke session always filled with laughter and joy and excitement. Different genre of songs where sang during the 4.30 hours karaoke session. After karaoke session, dinner at 100 degree steamboat located at Kuchai Lama. This time, there were only 7 people from the afternoon session with addition of 2 more people, bringing a total of 9 people who attended the steamboat session.

Happy birthday to Suk Yen, may all your wishes come true. Not to mention, I was very full for the whole night. Bloated with food.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2 Launch cum Kick Ass Movie Screening

Date: 7 April 2010
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Cathay Cineplex, e@Cruve, Mutiara Damansara
People: Vkvun, Joshua and Lee Yen

That the time on my arrival to the event on this momentous day as it signify the starting of Project Alpha Season 2, which fall on 19 of April 2010. Sorry to mention here but I din take any picture during the event itself. Very sorry about it for my dear readers but you can always check out other bloggers blog as I sure that they will have plenty of pictures uploaded to their blog.

On arrival at the cineplex, there were already people queuing up on the registration counter. However, the counter currently is open for the blogger make-over by Rimmel which pre-registered before hand. Back to the event, since we arrived earlier than expected, so we just hand around in one corner and see who arrive to the location. Some of the familiar face was seen during the night itself. Hehe. Speaking of which, we started to queue up once again to grab our movie tickets with goodies bag from Adidas. Besides that, there was food being served as well at the preview lounge just beside the registration counter. Due to our dismay, we already had our dinner before hand and were kinda full at that time as well. So, we only take a little of the food to try their taste. My comment for the food was average, more towards light refreshment. While we all waiting for the movie to start, some of the fellow bloggers mingle around with the alpha blogger from season 1 and season 2, also around close friends around the blogger world. 

Fellow blogger that I mingle around: Wen Pink, Jackie and MsXeroz.

What is inside the goodies bag? Well, I got a Adidas Action 3 ProLevel anti-perspirant and also A Rimmel Mascara. But the mascara I gave to Lee Yen. Not 1 but 2. Same colour one. Brown.

Before the movie started, we were shown with a video clip on what to expect to see in the coming Project Alpha Season 2. It was really interesting and really make us excited in the sense of we cant wait for the airing of Project Alpha Season 2 soon. After the preview, the movie finally started. The title of the movie is "Kick Ass".


"Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training."

To me, starting of the movie was kinda boring. As time goes by, climax started to build. Kick Ass got help from Big Daddy (BD) and Hit Girl (HG) when he was in trouble and from this moment on, they become friends. However, they din really cooperate and only contact each other when have problem. In this story, BD has a grudge with the villain of this movie, Mr Frank D'Amico. To take revenge, BD has to fight off the small fries of the enemy before facing the villain. HG is the child of BD which was train to fight, well skilled with weapon, which includes guns and knifes. In the end, together with Kick Ass, HG manage to kill Mr Frank and save the day.

Verdict: A very interesting movie I would say. The shooting scenes were the best. Haha. Do expect gun fights with bullets to the vital points and blood.

p/s: Cant wait to watch Project Alpha Season 2. Hehe

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Security at Taman Connaught

If you have notice since beginning of the year of before Chinese New Year, guard houses have been built on the 2 main entry to Jalan Pendita, on is behind the Alliance Bank while the other one is behind KFC. Not to mention, patrolling of the security guards around the neighbourhood keeping the area safe. Keeping the area is safe will definitely make the residents feel safer. Besides, even the police are patrolling the area and also mobile police station being set up in front of the shops. 3 cheers for them. However, for a student like me who always walk, things started to become troublesome when they started to build this barricade at the 3 small road connecting Jalan Pendita and Jalan Arif. Well, as long as it is passable, I'm ok with it. Those barricades really can stop motorbikes from entering Jalan Pendita. Even those cars wanna you the small road also need to pass through the GUARD house. Really wasting of time. Just this evening, what amaze me is the security personnel even put CHAIN on the barricade, like preventing people from passing through it. WHY wanna DO it?? The ROAD is not YOURS!! What is the function of the ROAD when CANNOT USE it?? Really STUPID people doing STUPID JOB. A usual walk that takes less than 5 minutes now need to take less than 10 minutes just to reach the restaurant. Really really very hate it. As thought it does not give us any freedom at all. Somemore I heard that they gonna implement stickers for the vehicle. No sticker means no entry. How about STUDENTS? Please think for yourself lah. This is an housing area with a UNI just besides it. DO expect of a lot of PEOPLE walking here and there. NOT all the PEOPLE are BAD. 

The Barricade with chain!!!

Close up view of the Chain with Lock.

Staying in such area do make me feel safe but feel uncomfortable, not to mention in this house. Haiz. Just like every thing that you are doing is being watched, as if I did something wrong or they are waiting for me to do some mistake and use that opportunity to teach me a lesson or even worst, might even chase me out. Haiz. 

Just me ranting here 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Drink

Sleep is essential to keep you physically and mentally healthy. It is necessary as food or water. Without sufficient sleep we can quickly become vulnerable to illnesses, errors and accidents. Alertness and performance are directly related to quality and quantity of sleep.

A good night's sleep is important to aid the body's natural detoxification and boost one's concentration and alertness on the next day. Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Drink is a delicious functional drink that helps in mind relaxation and support sound sleep. Infused with all-natural ingredients and germinated brown rice extract (GABA), it promotes natural sleep rhythm while boosts general health.

Studies have shown that GABA significantly increases total sleep time and reduces the frequency of awakening during sleeping hours. With this drink, you will reap the wellness benefit of mind relaxation, natural sleep-wake cycle restoration and mind sharpness and alertness recharged.

As with other Kinohimitsu products, this too is 100 % natural & safe, effective, convenient and delicious.

Stressed out? Can't sleep through the night??  

To support sound sleep, it is recommended to consume this drink. It is a comprehensive formulation designed to improve the quality of your every night's sleep, hence to increase your life expectancy and to show a higher level of happiness.

Having these problems?

Sleepless night and light sleeper?
Daily stress and pressure bring about sleepless night or becoming a light sleeper.

Stressed & tension
Frequent awakening at night causes stressed mind and nervous tension.

Restless with anxiety
Insufficient sleep cause restless body with mental anxiety.

Dull, pale complexion
Less restful sleep results in dull and pale complexion or patches of pigmentation on the face.

Studies have found that disrupted sleep-wake cycle can raise the risk of high blood pressure, obesity and heart related illness.

How does it works?

Relax: GABA promotes total relaxation.

Recharge: Coral calcium and L-trytophan aid melatonin synthesis for a deep sleep and boost healthy cells.

Restore: Infused with all-natural ingredients it has synergetic effect of restoring a natural sleep-wake cycle.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that not only stimulates the emitting of alpha wave (relax wave) but also inhibits the beta wave (excited wave) to ensure a good quality sleep. GABA also has significant effects on human learning behaviour, brain waves, nerves and immunological system during stress. (Ref: Japan Agricultural Chemistry Association 2004)

Recently, an American new study at Harvard Medical School had examined that the GABA levels in a group of people who had a long history of sleep problems were 30% below normal.

Other beneficial nutrients:
Red Grape Condensed Juice: Your natural source of antioxidants to improve the function of arteries.

Black Tea Condensed Juice: Rich in antioxidant properties that serve as cholesterol detoxifier.

Honey: Rejuvenates the body system with minerals and vitamins.

Does Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax creates addiction?
No. This drink is a food product. It is all natural and contains neither chemicals nor drugs, hence it is safe for regular consumption and free from any dose-dependent or side effects.

How does GABA work?
GABA acts a balancer between the body and the mind in states or excitation. It monitors the emitting of Alpha Wave and Beta Wave to promote mental calmness and a good quality sleep.

Is Kinohimitsu J'pan MindRelax Drink safe and suitable for people of all ages?
It is suitable for age 12 and above. The main ingredient is germinated brown rice extract (GABA). It acts as a balancer between the body and the mind in states of excitation. It is good for everyone who wants to de-stress and have a good night sleep daily.

Amazing improvement to sleep quality in just 4 weeks!

*p/s: Do no consume before driving or engaging hazardous work.

My Favourite Sport

Sport, is commonly defined as an organized, competitive and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. There are a varieties of sports either indoor, outdoor, individual or team. In Malaysia, few of the commonly played sports are badminton, football, basketball and others. 

For me, I do not really like to exercise much, so all I can say that I'm very less involve in sport. However, one of the sport that I like to play is badminton which I seldom play also. haha. Why do I say like that?? For starter, I have a badminton racket and sometimes when I'm in the mood, I will go play badminton. When playing all this sport, one will sweat and I will sweat profusely and end up with smell. Haha. Well, common things happen in sport and is unavoidable one. After sport, I will feel more relax and like happy. Downside of it is feel tired and muscle ache since I rarely exercise. 

So, badminton is my favourite sport that I like to play. One of the world renowned badminton player in Malaysia is Dato Lee Chong Wei as he just won the All England Championship and really make our country proud of him. Last but not least, we as a Malaysian, have to support him.

Besides that, formula one is my favourite sport which I like to watch. Why? Well, for starter, watching the high speed car running around the circuit really will build up the adrenaline. Most importantly is to wait for some major accident to happen. Viewing the replay is fun. Besides, when the driver is tailing behind another driver, preparing to overtake the front runner also will give your the adrenaline rush and give your anxiety since you do not know when he will overtake the front runner. Now that our country as its own formula 1 team, I think that as a Malaysia, we should support our own team, Team Lotus. But at the same time, support my favourite team as well, Team Ferrari. Haha. Thats the joy it in. Hoping that our favourite team will emerge as victor and champion.

Team Ferrari

Malaysia Lotus Formula One Car

One of the famous brand in sport industry is Adidas. Be sure to grab one if you feel that you like their product.

"Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS."

Kinohimitsu J'pan EyeBright Drink

This product is out in the market few months ago. As the name says it all, it will provide brightness & clarity in a bottle.

"The eyes are the windows of the soul." Healthy eyes enable us to appreciate the beauty of life. However, over time, free radicals and environmental exposure such as blue light could damage our eyes, leading to premature macula degeneration and other eye discomforts such as chronic dryness and red veins, similarly eye fatigue may link to symptoms like dark eye circle and eye puffiness.

Kinohimitsu J'pan EyeBright Drink is vital to help you maintain good eyesight and relieve eye fatigue. Infused with all0natural and all essential brightening ingredients, it is rich in Patented FloraGLO Lutein and Bilberry extract which is a crucial composition that is clinically proven to promote eye brightness and good focus-vision.

This drink is 100% natural & safe as there is no additives such as no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colouring or flavouring and no chemicals. Effective as well since the proprietary liquid formula supports high absorption rate. Convenient in the sense that it is a functional drink ready for immediate consumption and enjoyment anytime, anywhere and it comes in a convenient 6-day pack for a week supply. Delicious as it has lots of nutrients and great fruity taste.

Heavy workload and modern lifestyles such as gazing at the computer monitor without UV filters, reading under bad lighting and moving around in sunlight gradually deteriorates our eyesight. Rfemember, eye care is better than eye cure.

Good eye care slows down processes associated with ageing like macular degeneration and able to promote good eyesight. Despite having a periodic eye check up, drinking Kinohimitsu J'pan EyeBright Drink is recommended. it is a comprehensive formulation that takes care of your eyes to improve and maintain good eyesight. It also helps to brighten up your eyes to create a prepossessing and charming look.

Having these problems?

Dry, tired eyes and visible red vein: Being engrossed in reaing within long periopd of time impairs your vision causing red itchy eyes, dry eyes and low vision.

Strained eyes and difficult to focus: Gazing at the computer monitor without UV filters deteriorates your eyesight causing floaters or flashes of light in your eyes.

Fatigue eyes and glare sensitivity: Driving a long wearisome journey exhausts your eyes causing eye tiredness, tearing eyes and sensitivity to light.

Blurred vision and hazy image: Going through the process of ageing weakens your visual system causing blurry image and age-related macular degeneration.

How it works?

Protects retina: FloraGLO lutein and bilberry extract protect retina and ocular tissues to prevent age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Strengthens eyesight: Lycium (Goji) extract and vitamins B strengthen the optic nerve tissue and maintain the major antioxidant in the lens of the eye.

Nourishes eyes: Zeaxanthin and lycopene work like an inner moisturizer while increase oxygen flow in eyes.

What does it contains?

FloraGLO Lutein: Extracted from Marigold flower, a patented purified lutein that is more bioavailable than lutein from spinach, green-leafy vegetable and carrots. Lutein works like a sunblock and sunglasses as it combats free radicals and filters damaging blue light to protect retina and optic nerves.

Bilbery extract: Anthocyanins is the key actives in bilberry extract and it is a powerful antioxidant, added with nutrient for long term eye health and maintenance.

Lycium fruit (Goji) extract: Goji has been used for centuries as vision enhancer. It has very high level of zeaxanthin, which is a nutrient, along with lutein it optimizes eye health benefits and effectively improves eyesight.

Black currant extract, beta-carotene and vitamin B1, B2, B12: To maintain the major antioxidant (glutathione) in the lens of the eye. This protects eye nerve tissues and increase the strength of optic nerve tissues, vitamin B1 helps to improve nerve impulse transmission to prevent glaucoma.

Tomato condensed juice: It contains very high zeaxanthin and lycopene-the best inner moisturizer to relieve eye dryness and restore charming blink in eyes.

When is the best time to consume?
In the morning before meal, when the absorption of nutrients is your body is at its peak.

How soon will you be able to see the result?
Every individual reacts differently to any supplement. One may feel immediate relief of eye fatigue and noticable improvement of eyesight within 1-3 months when consume regularly.

Italian Cone Pizza

I bet most of us have eaten pizza before, either at PizzaHut, Domino's, Italian's pizza, and many many more. What they have in common is their shape. Usually the pizza is in circular shape. A common thought will surface when think about pizza. Round.

How about cone pizza? cone shape?? Ice cream cone??

Well, Thanks to FoodStreet, I got the opportunity to try out this new kind of pizza in town. Courtesy of Foodstreet, I got myself a free meal at Italian Cone Pizza, Selayang branch. For this meal, I got the chance to try out their very own cone pizza with a mushroom shop and a drink which cost RM 15.90 for this set.

But Selayang?? Selayang is really far from Cheras, not to mention Taman Connaught UCSI. Well, I do ask my friends in Selayang about Selayang Mall and they say the mall dont have things one. haha. So, on the 2nd of April, I venture down to Selayang with Yuen Si using KTM since Yuen Si is from Selayang and stay nearby Selayang Mall. So I take this opportunity to go to Selayang and see how's Selayang look like. Haha. Somemore I also asked her to bring me around to eat and see see.

So here I am at Italian Cone Pizza Selayang Mall outlet. Kinda small in the inside and with red chairs and tables, just like Secret Recipe. Din take much pictures with my camera phone. Been longing to have a digital camera.

The slogan for Italian Cone Pizza is :" Offer the very best product, at a fair and reasonable price and success will soon follow"

So, I ordered Tropical Chicken Cone Pizza.

'Taken from the menu'

'Taken from the website'

From the menu, it do look nice. From the pizza that is served,

Picture tell it all. Din really look like the menu. haha. The top later is CHEESE. Cant really see the ingredient. 

This is the set that I got. 1 cone pizza, 1 mushroom soup and 1 drink.

First time eating should a thing should be difficult, how to start. Haha. Well, think of it as eating an ice cream, without the licking part. Instead of licking it to taste it (ppl will look at you if you lick your cone pizza), you can directly bite it and hold it using your hand. Haha. First bite, all i can taste is the cheese. So, better get rid of the top layer cheese before really can chow down the pizza, taste the inside of the pizza. When you finish eating 80% of it, you will be leave it cheese. CHEESE. so, better eat it while it is still hot.

That's what you will see after the top layer is off and with some eating

To me, it taste like mince chicken inside with slices of ham and pineapple and tomato sauce. Maybe I should have ordered the BBQ chicken instead.

Well, all that I can say is that different people have different taste. Not to mention it is good to taste something new. Change your appetite once a while. Hehe. 

You can always check the Italian Cone Pizza website at here and they have 4 outlets here in KL. Give it a try if you feel like doing it. Not to mention, they also have set lunch and other side dishes as well.

Thanks again to Yuen Si for bring me here and the warm hospitality of her family, bringing me around KL to eat just for the night. 6 pm, cone pizza, 8smt pm, 5 dishes meal, 10smt pm, ABC. Haha.