Saturday, November 8, 2008

English Series that I'm Watching

Heroes Season 3

Merlin Season 1

Prison Break Season 4

Smallville Season 8

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2

Maybe will watch these after final:

Survivor 17

Knight Rider

Not to forget, I'm waiting for:

Lost Season 5

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last F1 race of the year

Well, on monday morning, i stay awake and watched the Formula 1(F1) race which started at 1.10am, with a delay of 10 mins. This race is the moment of truth as it will be the last race of the year as well as competition to grab the title of "Best F1 driver of the year". The competition is between L. Halmiton and F. Massa whereby L. Halmiton has a 7 point lead of F. Mass. For constructor championship, Ferrari won it already.

About this race, there was a delay of 10 mins due to heavy rain. Wats weird about the rain is that the rain only happen at particular place only and rain for a while only. Very weird. However, b4 the race start, the rain finally stop and it was a good news to everyone, but the track was wet and they all need to switch to wet tyre which give them more grip and will not drive at the fast speed. As the track was wet, a lot of accidents will happen, but only 1 accident happen throughout the race, which involve David Coultard and Piquet at few corner on the 1st lap. Sad thing to see that. Why sad, tell you ppl later.

This last F1 race is held in Brazil, country to F. Massa and R. Barrichelo. As familiarize with the track, Massa lead the race from start till end and earn him 10 points. Wat a great race for him. He is the man of the day, but not man of the year, quite sad though. For Hamilton, it was quite a dramatic show for him. Starting in 4th postion, then push back to 7, then slowly gain his pace and get back to position number 5 and grab the title of Man of the Year. During the last 2 lap, he was catch up by a STR Ferrari driver and push to position six which give Massa the Title. Ferrari crews were enjoying the victory of winning bout the Contructor Championship as well as Driver Championship. But the joy was not long when Hamilton manage to catch up with T Glock at position 4.

Rain started again during the last 8 lap of the match and everyone went in to the pit lane to change their tyre, except T Glock, weird, but he manage to race until the end. The exciting match between Vettel from STR Ferrari and Hamilton was very intense throughout the race. As mention earlier, Vettel manage to catch up with Hamilton at the last 2 lap and push Hamilton to position 6th. Since T Glock is on dry tyre, he give away his 4th position and let Vettel and Hamilton to pass him during the last corner of the last lap. This result in Vettel taking the 4th position and Hamilton the 5th position and win the Driver Championship. When the Ferrari team saw the happening, they all become sad. This turnover event really is unexpected as everyone expect that there will not be any changes to the position on the grid.

In the end, Lewis Hamiltion with 1 point lead of Felipe Massa, win the Driver Championship. This mark an end to the Formula 1 race for the year 2008. Besides that, David Coultard and R. Barrichelo will be retiring soon if they din not get any contract as their contract end this year. So, will we see them again next year??this is still remain as a question mark. Maybe this will be the last we will see them again in F1.

Overall, this race was dramatic, with race before start and before end of the race. The ending was more exciting as competition to grab the 5th position between Vettel and Hamilton.

This review is kinda messy and jumpy.haha. First time write this kind of review. Those who watched the match will sure understand the joy and anxienty throughout the race.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Game review

Hi friends,

I have completed Call of Duty 4 as well as Crysis. haha. Both require 6 GB of space for download, then need to unzip to become ISO file,then install again. Quite a number of steps before can install.

Call of Duty 4: Moderm Warfare

Require 6.52 GB of disc space.

Playing time for single player is less than 1 day. If multiplayer, maybe need months to complete all those challenges and level up.

Comment: To me, nice graphic, nice game play, not bad. story a bit short. graphic demand not so high.

Bot:for COD 4, bot is known as Mod and i have downloaded PezBot 7 for multiplayer. after 2 rounds of playing, the bots will not load and have to close the whole game and load again. However, if consider of playing 30 mins of team deathmatch, then it will be fun.

Cheat? for COD4, i never try the cheat as i manage to finish in less than 1 day and not so hard if play the easy one.hehe.

Overall, i will give 4 out of 5 coz story short.

Besides that, i also saw from website that COD5 is coming out soon as they are finding ppl as tester.


Require 6.04 GB of disc space

Playing time is about 2 days with cheat, WITH CHEAT. if without cheat, maybe bout 1 week or more with continuous playing. if tat do happen, how am i going to study.hehe. Havent try the multiplayer mode as the loading is slow.

Graphic wise is good, not bad.That is the good side. For the down side, with ATI X1600, 1.66 Ghz core 2 dual, 1.5 GB ram and running either 800X600 or 1078X800 resolution, is still lag even with all the graphic setting set to the minimum. So, the game requires a good graphic card and RAM. No wonder this game is for Vista.

The story is about an alien ship fall on an island in North Korea and a team of research team when missing for 1 week. So, a special team went to search and rescue the researcher, while killing soldiers and alien when come to the end. the suit is very interesting as can switch between armor mode, speed more or strength mode. But the weapons are limited as all get from the enemies. 

Besides that, imagine running around the whole big island, with the help of driving car or running at high speed(cheat). if without cheap, running at high speed is possible, but for limited period. So, with cheat, i will be in God mode, unlimited armor.hehe. So, weapon of choice is rocket launcher as friendly fire is not allow. This is because to kill the enemies, need a lot of hits on them as they have their own protective suit, unless with a headshot.

Overall, i give 3.5 out of 5 coz hard to kill the enemies and run around a big map like a mad man.haha.

So, this game is not recommended with a low ed PC and people who are not patient.

End of my 2 game reviews that i have played during my 1st week of study break.hehe.I very lazy and naughty and playful hor???


I still have 1 more week of study break before start of final exam. Will work hard and study hard for it. Here, I wish all my friends good luck in the final exam and all the best. Have a nice day to everyone.