Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

Pirate is a notorious people, specialized in robbing other ships, exploring uncharted water as well as non-stop adventures.

For me, the main reason being a pirate is being able to explore uncharted water. As I'm going to graduate soon, I will take the opportunity of being free of any burden and become a pirate and earn my fortune while sailing. Being a pirate, together with a whole bunch of shipmates, I will be able to go to anywhere on earth, exploring places not on the map, seeing unimaginable places, beautiful places, places with lots of wonder and who knows, I might stumble upon things that are out of this world.

Enjoying such a beautiful scenery when sailing the 7 seas

 Being able to see discover such a beautiful waterfall on islands

 Discovering a totally new race at isolated island/location, which is out of the ordinary.

Being able to swim with dolphin in the crystal clear ocean.

Who knows, I might be able to find proof of aliens while sailing with pirates.

All these can only be seen and experienced personally if I were a pirate, sailing the great sea and exploring the uncharted water.

Next, being a pirate, I will be able to obtain great amount of fortune unimaginable.
 Pirates always have treasure maps that will lead that to the hidden treasure, treasures that are in abundance and great fortune.

Treasures are not only found on land, but also underwater too. Scavenging from the shipwrecks, some hidden treasure and priceless antiques could be found and sold to the highest bidder.

Who knows, I might even find golds in the treasure chest. Nowadays, price of gold are high. Price of gold will never go down. In an abundance of gold coin at my disposal, I do not worry anymore and lead a luxuries life, with fame and fortune.

The ultimate treasure that all the pirates are looking for, including me, is the Fountain of Youth. A myth among the pirates and sea dwellers. If I were able to found it along my journey, I will keep it a secret and visit this place once a while to get young again. By being young all the time, I will be able to enjoy the great and exciting life.

Last but not least, by being a pirate, I will be able to experience of a real-life pirate, being able to walk with the real pirate, instead of make belief and imagining thing. It will be once in a life time opportunity and I will be trained in many many ways. By being a pirate, one's courage will be trained. Bravery will be certain to be come by its own. Pirates are wicked and by being a pirate myself, I need to outwit the others and survived. Strength will come too as pirates work hard to man the ship, clean and fix the ship. All these will out of reach if I stay in my current situation, just study and do nothing. Yes, my thinking will increase, but what about my physical strength? So, the answer to this is by being a pirate. Pirates are agile in nature and can be acquired with daily training.

Sword fighting is essential for all pirates. Being a pirate myself, I will be master of the sword, slicing everyone who is in my path of victory.

 Besides that, I will also be able to learn how to use a gun. Pirates are outlaw, they tends to break most of the law written in the world, except for the pirate world. Being said so, owning and using a gun is cool in a way and self defense. Who knows, I might used my shooting skill to kill the enemies and save the day.

As a pirate, I will also be able to experience the hardship and kinship with my fellow shipmates. Trust and cooperation is within our soul.

As a conclusion, although pirates are not consider a legit occupation with our life at stake, the fun, joy and excitement will not be experience in any other jobs in this world. Not to mention, being to see everything and feel everything with my own, I will have a great deal of stories to share with my friends back at hometown.

Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be in the cinema soon.
Pirates of the Caribbean 4 

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Exam coming soon

Here is an quick update. Class have ended since last friday and today is the first day of 1 week study breaks.

 Group pic with 1 of clerkship preceptor

Already done my SPA interview at SPA office, Putrajaya. 1st person to be interview on day 1 by 1 interviewer. What a day.

Group photo of 1st group of ppl being interviewed.

This is the start of study break, which means i only have 6 more days before my 1st paper on monday which is clinical clerkship, follow by pharmacotherapy 2 on the next paper on thursday.

First day of study week, i spent about 9 hours in the library. what a day. really tiring indeed.

All the best to all my fellow friends who are having exam now and coming soon. Good luck.