Friday, September 25, 2009

The Truth of McDonalds

Some of you might have already seen the video posted on youtube regarding the truth of mcdonalds, about how the french fries dont get spoil that fast. Here is the video

p/s: some of the scenes might be gross and not suitable for weak hearted.

Well, as all of you have seen, different factors need to be consider. The location of the video shooting is not sure at all and the quality of the foods varied according to the location. Secondly, our stomach contains acid that will digest/breakdown the food that we taken. So, whatever food we take, it will be broken down into the basic form. Unless the food could not be digested. Furthermore, the molds need to meet some requirements for them to grow. As the molds grow, they will consume the available resources@nutrient and which makes the food spoil.

Due to this, my friend suggested to me to do my own experiment since i was eating McDonald that time. So, i put a few pieces of the french fries into a plastic container with cap. Without cap, the room will be very smelly and you might get sick due to the bad bacteria. Temperature is about 20+ since got air con.

So, after 3 weeks, i decided to take a look at the outcome of the french fries and they look horrible. They do have molds on them, but degrading slowly. haha. Due to the fact that i do not wan to get sick at a situation like nowadays and dont wan my room to get smelly, so i decided to throw everything away, including the plastic container as i think the smell will be unbearable and i dont wan to clean it. haha. here is the picture of it.

Conclusion, french fries are not bad, just do not eat often, which apply also to all fast food available.

Thursday, September 17, 2009