Sunday, June 3, 2007

Service at Church on Saturday

Well, yesterday afternoon i go to church again with my friend just like last week loh, kinda attracted to it with the environment, just like wat Jacob mention, ppl come to the church because of the environment and friendly people and not because of they like Jesus very much. kinda true and make sense of wat he say. i really like the environment there as well as can listen to the soothing music. besides that, can go to church to listen to story and learn new thing as well. think bout wat i have done in the pass and like how to improve them as well as know wat mistake i had done and try not to repeat them if possible and also the way of life. kinda interesting to me.

The sermon today is about parents, how we should treats our parents, respect them and take good care of them. well, base on wat Jacob say, i really din treat my parents very well loh. kinda sad and kinda make sense of wat he say during his preach. Quite interesting also his preach. we should not raise out voice when talking to our parents, respect our parents, love our parents, communicate with our parents and be with our parents as often as possible, accompany them loh. Seem like i din know do most of the above. so during the end of the service, Jacob ask whoever want to ask for forgiveness from God, can go up-front and ask for it. quite a number of person went up there loh and who are they, i cannot mention since this thing is like consider personal loh. my fren beside ask me if i need to seek prayer from the pastor as well, like ask me to go up-front with the rest of people. So, i just shake my hand and say no, no need. TO be honest, i really need to seek forgiveness loh. From who, i myself also not sure. and since i still learning to talk, to communicate with people as well as how to respect ppl, maybe it takes time loh. sometimes really dont know how to communicate with parents and brothers because since kids/small, already no communication at all to begin with since most of us are quiet. and because of this, we all end up keep quiet only, become quiet till now loh.

overall, can say that there is some improvement in myself loh, like can talk a more than usual if u like compare me with the old me in secondary school.really loh. till now, i still learning loh,how to improve my communication skill as well as like how to talks craps. really dont noe how to talk craps loh. always serious only. but ho, i kinda like to listen to stories more than talking.haha. this is true,dont know why i like to listen to ppl talk, listen to their stories compare with me telling them stories, since like no one want to listen to mine also loh.haiz.sad. seem like no one pay attention to me when i open my mouth.

Since like a few week din update my blog already and alvin keep on asking, 'got update blog or not'. so now, i updating my blog since i got something to write already loh.haha. been here in kl for like almost 2 weeks already and i mostly spend at home,eat,sleep,watching movie,drama. been out like 2 or 3 times only.haha. well, my fren ask me to join a church camp, organise by him during 22 to 24 this month. since i got nothing to do,so i eventually agree with him since he say this camp is not about worship, it is about 'true love worth waiting'. seem like i more interested in love thing. hmm, who knows maybe can meet my true love at the church camp loh or maybe can see lenglui as well.haha.

i think tats all from me loh since i dont know wat else to write. Have a nice day, Friends