Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picture of the day 2

Saw this car this evening. I wonder how patriotic I am. Hmmmm

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yakiyaki Japanese Barbeque Restaurant Merdeka Promotion

I received this brochure this afternoon and decided to share with my readers. hehe

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Picture of the day

Photostatting machine surrounded by eggs. This is call using up all the free space

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2nd Nuffnang Cheque

I received my second cheque 2 weeks ago and I was delighted to receive it. 2nd cheque from Nuffnang within 1 years of joining. consider not bad for a beginner like me who seldom update blog. I will only update my blog when I have the feeling to do so or I have the energy to do it. haha.

Before I receive my cheque through pos, I first receive an email from HSBC bank stated that Nuffnang had issued a request to give me a cheque. Meaning that blogger will receive a notification that the cheque is on its way to ur pigeon hall. Hehe.

Anyway, I would like to thanks all my loyal visitors out there as well as new visitors. Without your support, I will not be here at this stage. Thanks again to Nuffnang for giving me this great opportunity.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

UM Convocation 2009

Today went to University Malaya (UM) for my friends convocation. So, i decided to go out of the house at 9.15 am, reach UCSI to wait for shutter to Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT/KTM station, then took the KTM to KL Sentral, then from there, use Putra LRT to reach University station, then use bus T632 to reach UM, then come down at bus stop and wait to the Dewan Chancellor. Haha. What a journey to reach there.

I reach there about 10.45 am while my friends already come out of the hall. My friends expected to finish the ceremony about 11smt which was much earlier than expected. The crowds there were so much. A lot. 600+ graduated, accompanied by 2 person into the hall with more friends waiting outside. The atmosphere there was really different from private convo. haha.

So, I took pictures with Janice, Amy, Yen Yen and Anwar (from NOGAPS 08). Since i was there early compare with some people, I end up becoming the unofficial photographer for Janice. Haha. I hope that my skill was good. Once a life time experience and if the pictures were blur, then too bad. hehe. Pictures will be uploaded here after i got them from my friends respectitively.

After this, Kee Chung, Tommy and me went to Mid Valley to have our lunch as well as to meet their friend, Angela and waiting for the time to pass as one of our friend is graduating in the afternoon. Had lunch at Kim Gary, yamcha again at some fruit juice bar with Janice while waiting for Ming Jia and See Sin's sis to come before heading off to UM again for the convocation.

When we all reach there, the sky was dark and rain started to fall down during the ceremony itself. A heavy rain indeed and the rain slowly turn to small rain and finally stop. Upon no rain drop, the graduates started to come out and everywhere u can see people taking pictures for memories.

I here congratulate all my friends that have graduated from various local uni upon completion of your courses. A very good job. Graduation is a sign of dedication and hard work in completing the studies.

Amy, me and Janice

Me, Janice, Kee Chung, Tommy, See Sin, Ming Jia, See Sin's friend and Amy

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I wonder how come my post always involve emo... hmmm.... anyway, here goes. maybe i will feel wonder??? I really wonder does it work??

Due to the big incident last month, which is July, I suddenly feel like I have changed 180 degree or more. I dont even know. hmm. why do i say so? well, i dont feel motivated at all, feel sad if being triggered, seldom watch movies and drama and play games and even easily fade up with wat I'm doing.

Ppl says that time will cure everything. I wonder how long will it takes for me to cure from a broken heart. the helpless feeling, the left behind feeling , no companionship as hard to find someone who really understand me.

Hard to find a good listener. even harder for me to share with ppl. Hardest for me to say bout it as it will be triggered one way or another.