Thursday, November 1, 2007

bad week

It has been long time since i write blog d loh. maybe someone you will be wondering wat had happen to me for the pass few weeks. This week alone is a tiring week. really 'eat up' a lot of times just to study. Monday, tuesday and thursday(today) exam for just this week and can say i totally screwed up maybe all of them but definatedly screwed up one really badly on tuesday. due to tat, make me very down on tat day itself, feel helpless, feel like almost end of the world.

Haiz, really need someone to talk with, but with WHO? somethings are suppose to share, but to share it/them out, i really need trust them in order for me to express them out. here in KL, i somehow dont have tat kind of feel. maybe coz i dont have any 知心的朋友 kua, i dont not know lah. maybe coz i m the type of quiet person, but sometimes i really need some frens to talk with loh, really feel lonely and helpless, got no one to be with u when ever u need them.

today is the 3rd day of exam and already finished 3 paper, which means left 4 more papers and left bout 2 weeks before i leave KL and back to Kch. hopefully next week will be a better week than this week, hopefully can do well in the upcoming exam. really really really wish tat.

saying of this, there is some kind of problem with my DVD rom eh, which make me no mood again. haiz, when go back to Kch,really need to bring to hospital again and need to clarify the term 'waranty' with the service centre since i already sent my laptop there in May this year.


when i feel lonely, i browse the MSN, see who i wanted to chat with, but got no one tat catch my eye. i also do not know who i want to chat with and wat to chat about. sometimes really feel boring about it leh. besides that, i also keep thinking of finding a partner but someone no girls out there tat really make me 'tachycardia' and 'hypertension'. *hehe*. really can find one loh coz like can share ups and downs with someone and tat someone can really understand me then can no need to like always think here n think there loh. as one saying say '船到桥头自然直' hopefully this really works loh.

i thinks tats it for me now. good luck to everyone out tat who are having exam and study hard. *wish i also can study hard* and also happy birthday to ppl out there who are having their birthday during the mids of exam period, either this week, last week or maybe next week. hehe. bye and sayonara.