Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hospital Kuala Penyu

Here is an overview of my hospital, Hospital Kuala Penyu. All the pictures are taken from the hospital's website which is located at HERE.

Entrance to the Hospital

Main lobby
 Main lobby-side view

Quarters of staffs and nurses

The road towards the exit (Quarters on the right and hospital on the left)


Basketball court


Agro Bank
(It is the only bank in Kuala Penyu)

To get to Kuala Penyu from KK, first drive to Papar, then to Bongawan, then to Membakut and finally u are here.

Alternative way is drive towards Beaufort and before reaching Beaufort, U will see a signboard and u need to turn right at the junction.

Map of Hospital Kuala Penyu

Mailing address
Hospital Kuala Penyu W.D.T No 35
89740 Kuala Penyu

Phone number, fax and email
Tel: 087-853100 | Fax: 087-884212 | Email:

P/s: There are only 2 ATM in Kuala Penyu and it is located at the main lobby of the hospital

Life in Hospital Kuala Penyu

Sorry for the long ever lasting of no blog post update since last year. Furthermore i only manage to write one blog post last year. haha.

Anyway, as some u have know, I have become a Fully Registered Pharmacist (FRP) when i report to duty at the new hospital, which is here in Hospital Kuala Lumpur on the 3rd of December. However, i only officially start my duty on the 10th of December. Bye Bye Hospital Queen Elizabeth 1, u will always be in my memory. Thanks for all the guidance from my fellow preceptors as well as all the friends that I have made.

Here is a little bit on Kuala Penyu:

"Kuala Penyu is a town located in Interior Division of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Its population was estimated to be around 16,511 in 2000, with ethnic Dusun Tatana forming the largest single ethnic group. Kuala Penyu is located on the Klias Peninsula, which was once originally covered with mangrove swamp forests. Much of these mangrove swamps were destroyed by land developers that later realized that the soils were much too acidic to support oil palms. It is administratively divided into three parts namely, Sitompok, Bundu and Menumbok."

Besides that, Kuala Penyu is the gateway to Pulau Tiga, or more commonly known as "Survivor Island", which was the filming of the 1st season of "Survivor". Here is Kuala Penyu, there are two famous beach, which are the Sawangan Beach as well as the Tempurung Beach. Both also have a resort at nearby the beach. Further down the road towards Menumbuk, located a jetty to Labuan, a duty-free heaven for alcohol, chocolate, perfume and car. Among all these 4 attractions, I have been all of them since my first year in Sabah till now.

Life in Kuala Penyu here is boring, not much activities to do and no entertainment, no big supermarket and no fast food. Most of the shop will be close in the evening. Furthermore, to find chinese food here also bit problem. The leisure activities here mostly on sport as well as fishing. Who knows, I might one day pick up fishing. People here are friendly and most of the speak Malay even thought they look like chinese or have chinese name. Here dont have much traffic one, just the bothering stuff are the slow moving car. Tried a local fruit, which is known as Belunu. To me, it looks like a manggo, with white colour flesh and bit gassy.


Working life in Kuala Penyu also not bad overall. Start work at 8am and finish at 5pm. Distance of travel between Hospital and the place of stay just less than 5 minutes drive. Previously I was at out-patient temporary while waiting for a permanent post. Now, I'm in charge of in-patient pharmacy. To me, the current state of the in-patient pharmacy is not up to the best state and now it has now come to my job to get the in-patient pharmacy into the right track, with stricter control. Staffs here are friendly and will know each other if u spend long time working here.

Once in two week, i will travel down to KK to watch movie and window shopping. Even last friday night, I went down to Beaufort for KFC dinner and some grocery shopping. Haha. You may ask, how much is the distance to travel from Kuala Penyu to all those places. Well, for starter, From Kuala Penyu (KP) to KK, u will need about 2 hours drive with normal speed, to Beaufort, about 40 mins, and to Menumbuk needs about 50 mins.

FYI, CNY just round the corner. Cant wait to go home. Haha.

P/s: Will upload pics if I have the chance.