Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Being single or in relationship? That is a tough question to answer. Being single has it pros and cons and also does being in relationship. Thinking back few years, when in relationship, the relationship cannot be called as real relationship. Even though gain some experience from it, but still lack of what a couple usually do when together, base on what i think and from television shows.

Whenever I saw my friends together with their partner, somehow deep down inside my heart, I feel jealous or maybe envy. How I wish I can have a partner as well. Having a partner means extra responsibility but also means that having a listener that is trustworthy as well as someone to cuddle with. Maybe my thinking is childish, but this is how i think and wish, wanted to become a child again, experience it and do silly stuffs. Maybe because i did not do much of them during my childhood. Memories of childhood seem like does not exist in my brain at all, even if got, only bits and pieces only, not a complete one, a fragment, I should say. Seeing most of my friends can recall back their memories, whether is good, happy, sad and etc. How I wish that I can do that as well. Nonetheless, having memories and not share out with people is also another problem for me. Sometimes people do take time to get to know my present as well as paying attention to what i have to say.