Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UCSIUPSS Team Building Camp

From last friday till yesterday, which is Monday, the pharmacy society of UCSI University organised a team building camp to Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco Resort. The total participants are around 50+ and if include the committee, there will be around 70+ people attending this camp. Getting to mix around with the juniors, especially the year 1 and year 2 really makes me feel like I am getting old. Haha. Please bare with me as I have not taken any picture during the camp. Waiting for nice pictures from the committee then I will upload the picture here for everyone to view.
I arrived at UCSI University at about 9am and go for registration.There I met with Ivan and some of the familiar Year 2 Juniors. The camping trip start at the UCSI U lobby with icebreaking. Each of the Year 4 seniors are divided into 8 groups, 1 each. I was being assigned to Group 2, with 2 Yr 2 juniors and 4 Yr 1 juniors. Seem like I'm bullied here as I was being selected to be the group leader. Each of the group are required to come out with a group name and a group chant. SO, my group members decided to name our group as 'Fantastic 7'. WHY? Because there are 7 members in my groups and we feel that we are very fantastic.
After lunch, we depart to Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco Resort at 12.30pm. On arrival, the sky started to rain and we all gather at the office. The juniors on the other hand, all stay at the badminton court which have a big tent for them to take cover. We all have to wait until 3smt before we were allowed to check into our dormitory. When the rain start to get small, we all follow the committe to the so called 'Dewan' to gather and some briefing regarding the camp and activities.
At 4pm, the 1st activity of the camp was flying fox and follow by station game. The flying fox was not as exciting as last time during the NOGAPS while for the station game, it was very tiring as we have to compete with the other team who was also at the same station. A tournement like station game. Dinner was served at 6.30pm. After dinner, treasure hunt was the activity of the night. Again, running was expected. When we wanna get the 8th clue, we found out that the treasure had been found. What a luck. Haha. After treasure hunt, briefing on the second day activities was done at the Dewan before everyone was allow to go back to the dormitory for rest and light off. Since the light off was at 12 pm, me, JY, MF, KZY and few juniors decided to play Big 2 to spend out time.
On the next day, jungle trekking was the 1st activity. 2 hours hiking for going and coming back from the jungle. We did not get the chance to go to the water fall as 35 minutes is needed to reach the waterfall from checkpoint 2. So, due to time constrain and safety reason, we did not continue our journey there. Checkpoint 2 was our final destination before turning around to go back to the camp site. At 11am, Ms Penny visited us to give us an experience sharing of her student and working experience. Various questions were asked. Indeed it was very interesting story for us to listen to. Since the time is still early, Joanne and Rajes were invited by Ms Penny to give their experience sharing of their experience during HKL clerkship. It Seang and Han Boon also visited us. After our lunch, every participant went back to the dormitory for a change of cloth of the next activity in the afternoon, which is abscailing. For the Yr 4 seniors, we all sat at the cafeteria and chit-chat with Ms Penny. She even bought us and the committe ice-cream. Very thanks to her.
During abscailing, it was the first time I do so. Being a first-timer, I do fall a couple of times before I manage to get a 'hang' of it and manage to abscail a 5 metre cliff. What an experience for me besides getting dity. Ms Penny, It Seang and Han Boon left us during our abscailing activity. After abscailing, the next activity was team-building. Indeed, teamwork is necessary for us to complete every task given to us. Since the second night will have camp-fire, each of the team were required to do a 10 minutes performance to entertain everyone. So, right after the team-building activity, me and my team-mate start brain-storming on what to do during the campfire and we all decided to go with sketch or drama. A little practise and some changes, we manage to get the drama a very joyous one.
After dinner, we all start practising again before the real event start. Since there was mark given, we all would try our best to get as much mark as possible. Campfire was a bit boring but we all get a good laugh during the games played the camp fire. One of the games was conveying message from one person to the next person, ensuring the last person in the line get the same message as the first person. In the end, from "I know that you know that I know that you know who was bathing naked in the toilet today" become " I know that you know that I know that you know who was bathing in the toilet today". The 'naked' had been censored out. Haha.
When the camp fire started to get smaller, we all headed back to the Dewan where we all start the performance session. Everyone was laughing non-stop, seeing the funny drama, listening to funny song and fashion show. Very happy moment during the night. After the performance, we all headed back to our dormitory for rest. Since it was the last nite here at the camp, everyone seem tired and sleep quite early. The senior, on the other hand, start to play Big 2 again until 12 something before we all get a shut eye.
On the last day, the only activity was rock climbing. Even though I had done it before during my Genting Trip, I could not get myself very high. Haha. But it was a nice experience indeed. After the rock climbing, the yr 4 senior all when to the Dewan to rest and play Big 2 again while waiting for everyone to come for the prize giving ceremony. Even though my team did not win, I am happy that I am happy that I get to kmow some of the juniors. Haha. Some of the juniors are 1st time joining such camp and I do hope that they do enjoy themselves. For me, since I have joined several camping before, I do not face any difficulty adjusting to the life during camping.
This morning when I wake up, I could feel the pain in my muscle. Well, everyone will sure have muscle pain every camping. I felt no regret in joining this camp as I got to know many people. However, I have a dateline to meet as I need to submit my corrected dissertation on Wednesday or Thursday. Hope I can make it in time and at the same time enjoy my holiday and also my part time job.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Call of Duty: Moderm Warfare 2

Latest shooting game, continuation of Call of Duty 4:Moderm Warfare. However, After I install, I could not see any of the words and yet I can happily play the game without any lag. Anyone have any idea what happen or any solution to read those words? Graphic card? File?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

Mister Potato is organizing a competition at www.misterpotato.com.my and open for Malaysian only. Registration is as easy as ABC. After registration, you just need to follow the step-by-step instructions and complete all the 7 stages before reaching the final stage.

At 1st stage, you are required to differentiate between the good potato and bad potato while at stage 2, answer a simple question regarding the flavour that the blogger like best.

At 3rd stage, you have to slice the potato accurately at the guided line. Obtained a pack of Mister Potato or simply 'tembak' the answer in stage 4 before successfully advance to the next stage.

At stage 5, you have to test your listening skill/vision to determine the crunchiness of the potato chip. Stage 6 required you to go on a tour on the whole process of manufacturing of the potato chips, from picking till delivery. Again, you can do as you are told or simply 'tembak' like before to proceed. Haha.

At stage 7, you need to type the exact letter as being shown. This will test your memorizing skill and ignore the weird laugh. Haha. Some will pass all the stages in 1 go while some will be stucked at some point of the stages. However, few trials and errors will definitely pass all the stages.

At stage 8, you are required to dress yourself up like the Mister Potato character and get the most votes to win. You may upload if you feel like joining. You can either play dress-up or do photoshop instead. Get the most votes and u might stand a chance to win RM 3,000. Details of the competition can go to Nuffnang website. 50 invitation will be given out to participate in the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 at Mist Club, Bangsar next month.

But how come the blog title does not match the content? Well, second part of my blog will be how particulate I'm regarding the potato chips. Why No Compromise???

1: No Compromise in Quality. The ingredients have to be of good quality without any bacteria/germs in them. High standard of Quality Control ensure good quality in the product as well. That is why I prefer Mister Potato than others.

2: No Compromise in Taste. As Mister Potato has six different and unique taste, each of them have to be easily identify once enter the mouth. Some of the taste is not enough while some are over-powered while for Mister Potato, the taste is just nice.

3: No Compromise in Health. Since no animal fats and hydrogenated oils are being used during cooking, the outcome will be a healthy food. Plus Mister Potato adheres to 'no trans-fat' policy, we should believe that no cancer will be brought about.

4: No Compromise in Shape. From what we all saw from TV or any advertisements, the shape of the potato chips are usually round or slight oval in shape. When opening the packet, I will always be happy to see so many big size potato chips all in perfect shape, without any cracks or split into many pieces or in small size potato chips. Potato chips from Mister Potato meets my expectation and not the rest.

5: No Compromise in Price. Nobody, including me, will not compromise to an expensive potato chip. How would ever want to pay for an over-priced potato chip when ones can get it at a lower price. The price of Mister Potato is very reasonable.

Last but not least, I conclude my post with a series of pictures which entitled 'I can't compromise a day without Mister Potato'

"Watching Night at the Museum 2 really makeS my mouth 'itchy'." I thought.

With just an arm spam away, I quickly grab a packet of
Mister Potato hoping not to miss any part.

My eyes are focusing on the interesting movie while
my hand automatically tear open the packet.

Watching the movie while munching on the
crispy and crunchy potato chip. "Yummy!!"

Irresistible till the very last bit.

See how happily I'm with my 'PRECIOUS'.

The End

P/s: Thanks to Kwong Fei for the photo taking.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

It has been a really long time since I really treat myself, without any stress and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Since now is almost come to mid of November, i really wish that i can have a long, relaxing and memorable holidays to treat myself with. So, I have come out with my very own version of Top 5 Treat List.

Top 5: A trip to Milan

Why? One may ask. Well, it is because Milan is the heart of fashion, where all the latest trends and styles for clothes start. Sight-seeing and visiting will be out of the question as I need to get myself into styles, equip myself with fashionable clothes and accessories. No more 'otaku' and here come 'ladykiller'. Haha.

"This 3-button black pinstripe suit (with a single pleat pant) is such a great basic for the office and beyond. It would make a great first suit if you're just starting out or don't need to wear a suit that often."

'Black and white are classic'

Top 4: Nokia N900

Why a phone when one can get more? Communication has become part of our daily life and we needs phone to do it. Besides, I would like to change my present N73 to the latest phone. Need to go with the flow, right? Since the birth of iPhone, everyone are eager to get it. And since it has a touch screen, everyone wan it, except for me. I more prefer Nokia phone then the rest as I have used Nokia phone since long time ago. From 3310 to 8210 t0 6630 and N73. The 6630 and N73 are smartphone and Since I already get used to it, I do hope that my latest phone is smartphone or even better.

Rumors are saying that N900 is much better than N97 as it come with Linux operating system. It is like having a mini computer on your palm. Being a gadget lover, I would definitely want to own the latest phone in the market.

Top 3: Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce

Since I currently do not have any car, I would definitely like to have this supercar as my precious baby. Imagine from 0 to 100 KM/Hr in just 3.2 second and have a top speed of 342 KM/Hr as it is equipped with 670 Horsepower. A fashionable person with the latest gadget should have the hottest ride in town. Dont you agree with that? With this supercar, I will definitely get from one place to another in a nick of time. Here is a video to share.

Top 2: Vacation to Taiwan

Why vacation to Taiwan when I can be in any place in the world? Well, Taiwan is heaven for food and also most of the people in Taiwan are chinese. In other words, there will be many pretty girls which might catch my eye. Haha. Being able to taste all the delicious foods in Taiwan, visiting many interesting places in Taiwan. Not to forget, this trip will be a memorable one if accompany by family and friends.

Top 1: Dell Inspiron 13

My current laptop is already 3 years + and going to 4th year soon. Maybe its time for a new one. However, wont it be great if I have 2 laptop at the same time? It will be a dream come true. Hehe. Having 2 laptops, I will be able to play multiple game at the same time and also multitasking. Most importantly, I can use it to blog about my daily experience with my latest fashion, handphone, supercar and my trip to Taiwan. Not bad, right? haha. But why Dell Inspiron 13 out of many laptop brands and models out there?


The Dell Inspiron 13 is truly remarkable. Having 3 colours, which are Alpine White, Obsidian Black and Cherry Red, I personally prefer the Obsidian Black as black is elegant. Besides, the outer black will match the colour of the keyboard, screen and also the dashboard and touch pad. Furthermore, it has rounded edges with clean lines, making it perfect to my taste. Having a full-sized keyboard really helps as compare with netbook with small keyboard. Spill-resistant will be an added advantage, making it more reliable when suddenly spilled some liquid onto it.


Weighing at 1.8 Kg, mobility will be at ease. Compare with my present laptop weighing at 2.9 Kg, Dell Inspiron 13 definitely has an edge. I can bring my small and light-weight laptop where ever i go to. Isn't it nice? Besides, one will always stay connected as it has wireless connectivity up to 802.11n.


Dell Inspiron 13 comes with Intel Centrino 2 processor, which make multitasking more efficient and 50 % better performance compare with the the older processor. Not to forget, since the launch of Windows 7 by Microsoft recently, Dell Inspiron 13 comes fully equipped with it. As I'm currently booting from either Windows XP or Windows 7 RC1, having a fully functional Windows 7 64 bit version, I will not be facing any problem in lagging and loading since I will be able to upgrade my RAM beyond 3GB. Having a 500 GB storage really boost my happiness level as I can store many movies, dramas and games without ever border to delete them. Again, Dell Inspiron 13 prove to be better than my present laptop as it comes with a 1.3 MP webcam and good built-in microphone. With this, I will always stay connected to my friends.

Hi-def Life

Since my laptop does not have HD function, I will not be facing any problem in experiencing the real HD with the great Inspiron 13. Even with a 13.3" screen, it display a remarkable 1366 x 768 resolution with 16.9 aspect ration. I will be definitely amazed by the crystal clear definition in every detail. As the screen uses TrueLife technology, high contrast and vivid detail of movies and photos can be viewed. Definitely an eye opener for me. For a HD experience, it needs to have a good graphic card. In this case, Inspiron 13 come equiped with ATI Radeon HD 4330 which offer up to 512 MB of graphic memory, already double my previous graphic card memory. With this graphic card, I will not be left out in the gaming world not to mention experiencing all the astounding graphic of the game. Besides that, Inspiron 13 comes with a HDMI port which offer one-cord connection, i will be able to connect my laptop to a 44" plasma TV, enjoying the movies on a much bigger screen with the good sound system. I call that a life worth enjoying.


As Dell offer one of its kind service, one will be able to store important data on the web easily, flexible and securely through Dell DataSafe Online. If anything happen to the Inspiron 13, make a call to the Dell Service Centre and the service crew will be at your doorstep. No need to bother about bringing the laptop to the nearest service centre or shop and waste time travelling and finding a parking spot.

There you go. These is My Top 5 Treat List. I do hope that I will be able to accomplish those treat list and grab the attention of pretty girls. Haha.