Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brief update

Sorry people for not updating this blog for very long time already.

Well, class has ended. finish all my report and now gonna prepare for final exam. Pharmacy clerkship was fun except for TDM clerkship where you really need to think and filled your mind with pharmacokinetic stuffs and using pharmacokinetic words. Haha. Really stress when preparing the clerkship report.

My final exam start on 1st of November 2010, follow by 8/11, then 10/11, then 12/11 and finally 16/11. then 2nd week will be a hectic week since it consist of 3 papers in 1 week.

Currently I have 2 weeks of study break and today already is the 2nd day. Time really fly and time really wait for now wait. Need to work hard and cannot always play already. Lucky to find a good study place in library. Really quiet and the temperature not tat really cold even sit under the air cond. Hehe. My dear pharmers, you can join me if wan to but dont distract me.

All the best to everyone who are currently in their final exam mode or going to be in final exam mode soon. Gambateh