Friday, December 30, 2011

Last blog post of the year

It has really been a long time since i blogged. Unlike my roommate who blog once a while when got special thing, I kinda lazy to update my blog. Reasons? because sometimes really kinda busy as need to do reports and homework. Not to mention, after daily working, already tired to blog. Also, one main reason is because my keyboard start to spoil d as some of the keys will start working after switching on the computer for some times. Really need to wait till I go back to Kuching to bring over my other keyboard over here to KK.

Anyway, I have been here in KK for 6 weeks d. Already done 1st ward rotation and done 1st OPD rotation. Next station will be at IPP for 2 weeks before going into clinical again. Bad news is that clinical rotation fall on CNY duration but good news is that i will be able to complete my clinical rotation fast, the first to complete it among the batch of PRP entering Queen at the same time.

When I arrived here in mid of Nov, KK is not a new place for me as I know some of the tourist area. Haha. Then now, slowly exploring eatery place coz got 1 friend who always bring us around to eat and play during weekend only if free. If only I have car, I can go where ever I wanted to, explore new place and seeing new thing.

Anyway, my 1 month at clinical has been tough for me because my 1st station already at clinical. usually clinical will not be the 1st station, but rather at the middle or end of the PRP year so that the PRP can be more familiarised with the stuffs in the hospital. So for me, I need to catch up fast loh. Not to mention, always need to OT and go back to hospital during weekend just to complete my logbook. Lucky for me, manage to complete my logbook and hand in my logbook 1 week after finish my rotation. I learned a lot during my 1 month here at clinical, familiarise with some of the counselling techniques and some of my clinical knowledge. All thanks to my preceptor who has been patiently teaching me and din lose his temper when i do not know anything. But I still got more to learn since clinical stuffs are not fixed.

Now, I just finish my 2 weeks OPD (outpatient department) rotation. Learn some new things here, learn which drugs are SRQ (special request item) and normal item. Luckily my time at clinical help me a lot in doing counselling. My experience at OPD really fun. 2 weeks at OPD, previous week got gift exchange for christmas while today, got steamboat party for christmas also. People wise, they are friendly and willing to help you when you do not know how to do it.

I, for one, like it here. I do not experience any culture shock at all. haha. Seem like fit right in here. Just need to familiarize with the way of living here, the slang as well. Overall, I do welcome all of you out there to come work here in Sabah if you have the chance. I myself not sure how long will i be here nor not sure of my future plan. Just walk one step and then look ahead one step (走一步,看一步). I cant really see myself where will i be in the future.

1 more day before the end of 2011. Hope that next year will be a better year for me, in my career, finance, health as well as some luck in relationship. Hehe. My CNY holiday wont be long because I will be at clinical that time and need to do case presentation few days right after the CNY public holiday. Hopefully I will be able to handle the presentation and do my presentation properly and not last minute as compare to last time. Really need to improve myself d. Cant always remain as the same one. Need to improve day by day one. If not, whats the point of living if din learn something new everyday.

Thats all for me here. I know this is a long post without any picture. well, you can always go to my facebook there to see some of the pics that i have posted, provided you are friend with me. hehe. The time now is 10pm and my eyes are getting heavier by the minute. Haiz.

All the best and take care oh.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Working Life

In 1 week time, I going to enter a new phase of life by entering the working life, as a working adult, contributing to the community.

A lot of my friends ask me where am I posted to. Well, the answer is Sabah but I do not know which hospital I being placed at as I will only know when I go report for duty at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

It has been a really long endless holiday, half a year to be exact, from 13rd of May which is the end of my final exam up till 18th Nov where I will report for duty. All thanks to the government speed in processing the document and our posting. The reasons? Freezing period by the JPA as wells as reasons that are hard to explain to us by the department in charged.

Anyway, since it has been a very very long holiday, I wonder how long will it take for me to get into my working mood, shifting my gear to full throttle. Definitely wont be 1 day. I guess maybe few days to weeks. Not to mention, need to adapt to the new environment over at sabah, the culture, the society, the people as well as the food. Hopefully when I receive my monthly salary, I will be able to save some for my future use. 

I will be leaving Kuching on the 17th of Nov and I have yet to pack my stuffs. Not really sure what to bring and how much stuffs to bring. Not to mention, need to meet a few people before leaving Kuching. Sadly, I wont be able to meet few friends of mine who are coming back to Kuching for their term break as well as those who are coming to Kuching for the first time for holiday.

Most of my coursemates have already reported for duty on the 10th of Nov which is the 1st day of the reporting period. All the best to all my coursemates in their new hospital, doing there jobs and adapting to the new environment. I for one, do not know when will I have the chance to see each others again. Not to mention, my batchmates who are already serving the government which I also not sure when will we meet again.

Few more days left in Kuching and I do not know what to do with it. hehe.

Friday, June 17, 2011


What have I done for the past 1 month after my final exam? Sorry if I did not update my blog often due to my laziness. Haha. Anyway, I will give a brief stories on what I have been doing after my final exam. My final exam finish on the 13th of May.

On the next day, 14th of May, after the last day of final exam, my uni pharmacy association organized a Gala Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony. Gala Night is for farewell for all the final year pharmacy students as well as gathering with all other year pharmacy students whereby everyone dress up nicely and fancily. While for oath taking ceremony, all the pharmacy students are required to take their pharmacist's oath before they enter into the working world, some do it in 1st year while some do it at the 4th year. The event was great, being a participant myself compare with last time whereby I were one of committee for Pharmacy Night. A lot of pictures were taken on that night, and I even took some pictures with some of the pretty girls in pharmacy. Hehe. 

Gala Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony

Me with pretty girls

A summary of the event

Then on next day (15th May), a group of my friends went to A Famosa to overnight. Travel there was ok, having steamboat as dinner, crazy surprise birthday celebration by the pool and crazy ppl at the pool. haha.

On the next day (16th May), after packing, we all drop by at Malacca for a short trip before going back to KL. I even got the chance to try out the famous  crepe cake or layer cake.

On that night itself, I was a bit rushing to watch Pirates of Caribbean 4 at Mid Valley. When I reach MV, it was already 7plus, and decided to go to Kim Gary for dinner while waiting for the movie screening.
The movie screening was in 3D and the security was strict, not allowing anybody to bring any electronic devices into the hall, including handphone. When I was collecting my movie ticket, I was presented with an envelope and the lady was congratulating me for winning the contest. I myself was quite shock to find out that I were among the 5 who won 3 nail polishers from OPI. After receiving the present, I was quite happy myself. However, since I not using them, I gave them to the 2 pretty ladies. Hope they will like them as it was not cheap. RM 59 each.

On 18th of May, it was my time to pack all my stuffs and leave KL. Packing was not easy as need to send all the stuffs back to Kuching. Luckily my luggage was not overweight, if not, I need to pay RM 30 per KG.

On 20th of May, I traveled to Kota Kinabalu for sight seeing. I have uploaded my KK trip pictures at my facebook there. You can go there and take a look. The feeling of waiting for released of exam results really is nervous. Imagine knew that results have already been released on monday afternoon, about 3pm, 1 day earlier. However, only Yr 4 could not check their results as they have not been released. Waiting for the result out really is not easy. Hoping for a pass in all the subjects and being able to graduate after 1 year of extension. As a promise to Dickson and Jee Yang, we go to starbucks for a drink, on my treat and since then, I kinda like their chocolate cream chips. Nice, sweet and chocolatey. hehe.

I will definitely be back again to KK for island hoping and visit other places in KK and who know, I might even dare to climb Mt Kinabalu.

Again, I'm back to Kuching on 24th May until now. Practically doing nothing at home, watching movie, drama, anime and play game. Waiting for the convo invitation letter was tiring as well, but that has been done few days ago. Now waiting to go back to KL on 27th of June for convo which falls on 2nd of July. Another tiring day and lots of photo shooting. Hope that my 2 weeks trip to KL will be a fruitful one.

Since I have completed my studies, now I'm waiting for offer letter my SPA and also posting letter my KKM. Hopefully I will get Kuching for my posting. Sabah is nice also since can travel here and there, just like Mr Wong. Haha. Not to mention, I also will able to earn extra more. Hope for the best in it. Posted back to Kuching also nice. However, being a pharmacist is not easy since it will be very busy, especially the 1st yr of being a PRP.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it can make my room refresh, safe and everlasting

Ever wonder how to make your room refresh, safe and everlasting? With Nippon Paint, YES, you can do it.

First of all, to make my room  refresh, it has to be odourless. With Mr Odour~less AirCare, my room will always smell nice, refresh, without the nasty smell that you also get when you have new furniture, like cupboard, bed, carpet and others. Not to mention, with Mr Odour~less AirCare has the ability to resist scrubs and with antibacterial effects too. So, I would not have to worry about infection and fungal growth.

With Spot-less Blobby, I no longer scare about stain on the wall anymore. I can even touch the wall when my hand is dirty, knowing that I can wipe them off the next minute. Really is a convenience. Not to mention, when you have kids around, the drawing on the wall or dirty stain they made on the wall can be easily wipe. So, with Spot-less Blobby, the interior painting will always remain the same until the next paint job. Nice right? 

Nowadays, the weather is always hot all day long. How to keep it cool? Well, with Mr Weatherbond Solareflect Blobby, this can be done. The coating will reflect the heat and reduce the temperature by 5 degree. Talk about cooling. With nice temperature, my afternoon nap will not be disturb by heat and end up with sticky body when I wake up later. All thanks to Mr Weatherbond Solareflect Blobby. Hehe. Besides, with the solareflect, other people will have bit trouble seeing my house clearly due to the glare effect. Hoho. The-Blinding-Effect!

With 2012 closing in, the weather started to turn bad, with rain every evening, haze and strong wind. How on earth am I going to shield my house from the growing forces of mother-nature? With Mr Weatherbond Advance Blobby, I do not have to worry about it anymore. Mr Weatherbond Advance Blobby is said to give 8 years of protection. So, my house will be able to go through the worst distance in 2012 and will last until 2020. At 2020, I will then be able to witness the growth of my country.

With global warming happening round the clock, we need to be eco-friendly. We have heard of eco-friendly home appliance to organic foods, now there is a new friend in the block, which is eco-paint. By using ecofriendly paint, we can help protect our world. Be a part of this global initiative.

Not to mention, Nippon Paint has lots of colours which I can mix and match. Not to mention, with the same colour, there are various shade, from bright red to dark red. This will help make my world more colourful. All thanks to Nippon Paint.

Look at my sad face!!!! The room is messy. It has been a storage room for few years already. I really like Nippon Paint to help me with the room makeover, so that i can have a room that can be called my bedroom.
Here is your chance to have your room to have a total makeover. Just head to for details and other contests to join.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our World, Their War

 "Which side do you choose? Autobots? Decepticons?"

As the day come to an end, the Decepticons come closer to earth, trying to overtake the earth at all cost. I, as the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, together with my fellow comrades, will protect the human and earth at all cost.

  Me, Optimus Prime, leader of Autobots

 My fellow comrades

First of all, I will set up my base at a secret location. It will not be called as a secret hideout if it is easily spotted or found by the Decepticons. Together with my fellow comrades, our base/secret hideout is fitted with state of the art computer, not known by the human race, with high tech defences.

 My secret hideout/base which look like a normal moutain

High tech computer with total surveillance of the activities on and outside of earth

The Decepticons will always come from the outer space as their base is located on the moon. 

Not to mention, the Decepticons have the ability to fly. Due to this, my HQ should be equipped with a high power radar, being able to detect the Decepticons even before they enter into the earth atmosphere. When their present is detected, I will activate the electromagnetic force field which surrounds every major city on earth, giving us an edge in protecting the earth.

 Electromagnetic force field which surround the city

That is all about defense. How about offense?

Since there are only limited number of Autobots on planet earth, I would like to transport more Autobots from my home planet, Cybertron.


However, Cybertron is a distance planet many many light years away from earth. Due to this, a mean of transporting my fellow comrades from Cybertron to planet earth is a need. So, constructing a space bridge at a fast pace is needed without the knowledge of the Decepticons.

Via the space bridge, i will be able to call out for more helps from Cybertron.

When the Decepticons attack Earth previously, they already knew how to combine themselves into something strong, such as the construction bots.

While me on the other hand, with the some help, manage to combine with Jetfire, I manage to become stronger and manage to defeat the previous wave of Decepticons attack.

With the help of All Spark, I will help my fellow comrades in obtaining this power, the power of combining 2 Autobots into 1 stronger one. The Decepticons are always way bigger than Autobots and through this way, this will balance out the battle field.

"All Spark"

After we manage to fence off the fierce attack of Decepticons on earth, together with my comrades, we will striker the Decepticons headquarter. As the name suggest, we, as Autobots, mostly are in vehicle form. Due to this, I will need a spaceship to attack the Decepticons base on the moon.

By striking the final target on the moon, I will then be able to completely protect planet earth from Decepticons. Thus, I will win the war against Decepticons. The battles with Decepticons really will drain lots of my energy and times. Thus, I need to focus all my energy into this final battle to protect planet earth.

Last but not least, with the victory against Decepticons, our battles will be made into epic movies by GSC movies.

Autobots, roll out!!!

This blog post is created to join a contest by Nuffnang.

P/S: Pictures are taken from Googles and The Ultimate Movie Card Facebook Fanpage.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

Pirate is a notorious people, specialized in robbing other ships, exploring uncharted water as well as non-stop adventures.

For me, the main reason being a pirate is being able to explore uncharted water. As I'm going to graduate soon, I will take the opportunity of being free of any burden and become a pirate and earn my fortune while sailing. Being a pirate, together with a whole bunch of shipmates, I will be able to go to anywhere on earth, exploring places not on the map, seeing unimaginable places, beautiful places, places with lots of wonder and who knows, I might stumble upon things that are out of this world.

Enjoying such a beautiful scenery when sailing the 7 seas

 Being able to see discover such a beautiful waterfall on islands

 Discovering a totally new race at isolated island/location, which is out of the ordinary.

Being able to swim with dolphin in the crystal clear ocean.

Who knows, I might be able to find proof of aliens while sailing with pirates.

All these can only be seen and experienced personally if I were a pirate, sailing the great sea and exploring the uncharted water.

Next, being a pirate, I will be able to obtain great amount of fortune unimaginable.
 Pirates always have treasure maps that will lead that to the hidden treasure, treasures that are in abundance and great fortune.

Treasures are not only found on land, but also underwater too. Scavenging from the shipwrecks, some hidden treasure and priceless antiques could be found and sold to the highest bidder.

Who knows, I might even find golds in the treasure chest. Nowadays, price of gold are high. Price of gold will never go down. In an abundance of gold coin at my disposal, I do not worry anymore and lead a luxuries life, with fame and fortune.

The ultimate treasure that all the pirates are looking for, including me, is the Fountain of Youth. A myth among the pirates and sea dwellers. If I were able to found it along my journey, I will keep it a secret and visit this place once a while to get young again. By being young all the time, I will be able to enjoy the great and exciting life.

Last but not least, by being a pirate, I will be able to experience of a real-life pirate, being able to walk with the real pirate, instead of make belief and imagining thing. It will be once in a life time opportunity and I will be trained in many many ways. By being a pirate, one's courage will be trained. Bravery will be certain to be come by its own. Pirates are wicked and by being a pirate myself, I need to outwit the others and survived. Strength will come too as pirates work hard to man the ship, clean and fix the ship. All these will out of reach if I stay in my current situation, just study and do nothing. Yes, my thinking will increase, but what about my physical strength? So, the answer to this is by being a pirate. Pirates are agile in nature and can be acquired with daily training.

Sword fighting is essential for all pirates. Being a pirate myself, I will be master of the sword, slicing everyone who is in my path of victory.

 Besides that, I will also be able to learn how to use a gun. Pirates are outlaw, they tends to break most of the law written in the world, except for the pirate world. Being said so, owning and using a gun is cool in a way and self defense. Who knows, I might used my shooting skill to kill the enemies and save the day.

As a pirate, I will also be able to experience the hardship and kinship with my fellow shipmates. Trust and cooperation is within our soul.

As a conclusion, although pirates are not consider a legit occupation with our life at stake, the fun, joy and excitement will not be experience in any other jobs in this world. Not to mention, being to see everything and feel everything with my own, I will have a great deal of stories to share with my friends back at hometown.

Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be in the cinema soon.
Pirates of the Caribbean 4 

*This blog entry is for the purpose of participating a contest organized by Nuffnang for the movie screening of Pirate of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. For more info, click here

*All pictures are taken from google.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Exam coming soon

Here is an quick update. Class have ended since last friday and today is the first day of 1 week study breaks.

 Group pic with 1 of clerkship preceptor

Already done my SPA interview at SPA office, Putrajaya. 1st person to be interview on day 1 by 1 interviewer. What a day.

Group photo of 1st group of ppl being interviewed.

This is the start of study break, which means i only have 6 more days before my 1st paper on monday which is clinical clerkship, follow by pharmacotherapy 2 on the next paper on thursday.

First day of study week, i spent about 9 hours in the library. what a day. really tiring indeed.

All the best to all my fellow friends who are having exam now and coming soon. Good luck.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CNY 2011

I know that this is kinda an outdated post since CNY has past for almost 1 month d. How time flies. Time really wait for no one. hehe.

Anyway, CNY for this yr is kinda short compare with last yr and do not really have much CNY mood. Most probably because almost everyone start work and start class on 7th of Feb (Chu 5). hehe. I din play some mahjong with the same ppl every year, din gamble, din drink. haha.

Ang pao wise, bout the same every year. hehe

Our group picture at the KBS house. haha

When I'm back to KL, i followed my friends to Tian Hou Gong.

I even go to ask for a 签, pray to 月老and 财神. The 签 is quite ok, just need to work hard in order to get wat i want. hehe.

Last weekend (26 and 27 Feb), i went up to Genting and overnight there alone. Haha.

What an experience and I din not meet with any friendly ghost. Really got nothing much to do there if no go to theme park or casino. I was practically tired because of lots of walking to explore the place, less time to enjoy the cool breeze there. I also manage to try the durian cendol and it was a disappointment. sad.

Yesterday, 1st of March, me and my friends go to Jogoya for our buffet lunch. Very full. but food is just so so loh. nothing special also. hehe

After the buffet, i dropped by at Fahrenheit KL for the book fair and bought myself this.

Practically, it took me bout less than 1 hour to finish it. haha. It is just a small and compact book.

I have done so much in 1 month time and another 1 month plus and i will sit for my final exam d and I have not really study much up till now. Need to really work hard already. This yr convocation is set on 2nd and 3rd of July. Means i got only 1 chance only if wanna attend this yr convo. All the best to me and my coursemates.