Friday, February 26, 2010

Siaw Ling Birthday at Tbowl Restaurant

Today is Siaw Ling Birthday. How old is she?? well, it is a secret. To those who knows it, then better keep quiet. Haha. Since the girls wanna try the TBowl concept restaurant, so we ended up here for our dinner cum birthday celebration for the birthday girl.

Here is a little bit about the restaurant:

"The T-Bowl (Toilet Bowl) Restaurant was established on 18th of Dec 2008 at 3rd floor of QueensBay Mall. The restaurant was originated by the founder, Samuel while he was sitting on a toilet bowl one day. All of a sudden he has an idea of eating while sitting in the toilet bowl just as in the movie directed by Anthony Wong a few years ago. Furthermore, he would like to open a special concept restaurant in Penang, hence inspired him to fuse this concept into the food and beverage industries. This restaurant has designed based on the bathroom concept; where the toilet bowl used as seat, basin as dining table, mini toilet bowsls as food bowl. Besides that, this restaurant has 3 cute and meaningful main theme characters call the Tbros (Toilet Brothers) such as the toilet bowl, stool and shower. There are varieties of food here range from Japan, Korean, Western, Hong Kong till oriental style."

We decided to order some of the famous meals in the store as we ourselves being a first timer in this restaurant do not know what to order. Here are some pictures of us with our food. Services was ok and there was a leng cai waiter. Haha. 

The cute and special menu.

The dinning area outside of the restaurant

The chairs which used the normal toilet bowl with beautiful seat covers.

Hui Sun's Chicken soup and rice.

Nicole's Pork Rib

Siaw Ling's chicken chop (i think) and grape yogurt. 

My tasty chicken.

The TBowl restaurant in Sungei Wang is divided into 2 places, the inside and outside of the restaurant. If you prefer the open area and quiet place, the outside area will be much better as compare with the inner one as the inner out is more crowded and stuffy. Price consider reasonable. Last but not least, our birthday girl with her birthday cake and our group picture right in front of the restaurant. 

Birthday girl with her birthday cake

The signboard of the restaurant.

Last but not least, happy birthday to Siaw Ling, hoping that all your birthday wishes will come true. Have a nice day. Stay pretty always. Cheers!

The T-bowl restaurant is located the the address below:

QueensBay Mall Address
3F-43/43A/45, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang. Malaysia.

Sungei Wang Plaza Address
3F-No 41 & 42,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Or you can visit their website here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

*Bare with me as this gonna be a long post with words in it*

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. What I had done during Chinese New Year (CNY) 2010???

On 13 of February 2010, I worked in the pharmacy for half day only and then went to a reunion lunch as I were invited by one of my colleague to go to her house and had a reunion lunch with her family. A good experience for me as well as an eye opener on the real harsh life in KL. For dinner, I already tabao McDonalds, Mc Chicken Medium set with Sundae cup. Haha. When i reached home, I decided to watch movie to spend my time left in KL. So, i end up finishing the french fries, sprite and ice cream, leaving the burger for dinner. Start packing after my late dinner. At about 11pm, decided to sleep early coz need to wake up early in the morning to get to the airport. Around 12am, still cant really fall asleep, turn here and there till finally dozed off later coz was tired.

On 14 of Feb 2010, wake up around 3.30am and continue packing my remaining stuffs, morning call Raj to wake him up and fetch me later. and since the time was still early, I decided to bring all my stuffs downstair and turn on the big tv and watch Astro while waiting for Raj to arrive. Haha. Reached Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS) KLIA transit at around 5.20am and there was already ppl waiting there. The counter only open at 5.30am and suddenly ppl start to come as the 1st train to leave BTS was at 5.40am. The KLIA transit was really on time. After change to bus at Salak Tinggi KLIA transit station, reached at LCCT at around 6.20am. Checked in and went to McDonalds for breakfast. They also have double sausage McMuffin with eggs. Bought newspaper to read while waiting for my flight. 

Unexpected thing happen. Around 8, the ground staff announced that my flight will be delayed and expected to depart on 9.20am, which is an hour late. Well, 1 hour was ok for me. At around 9.30am, we all queue up to enter the plane. At the same time, the next flight bound to Kuching also depart at the same time. Unfortunately for us, our plane was parked right way back at the terminal, at F104 if not mistaken, really at the far end, carrying 5 kg luggage on each side of my shoulder. After boarding, the staffs even checked our boarding pass 1 by 1 to see if there is any mixed up. During the whole process, i try to get a shut eye. So, the plane was at the proper runway and was ready to take off. The roaring of the engine could be heard clearly and off we go. Suddenly, the plane start to to be jerky while trying to gain momentum to lift off. Due to the unexpected incident, the captain decided to go back to the terminal to do a simple troubleshooting to check whether the plane is fit to fly or not. During the whole incident, everyone was very upset, some angry, some scolding here and there, some switching on their phone and called back their hometown to send the bad news to their respective family. 

After arriving at the terminal, the captain started the engine and the roaring sound really as it the plane was getting ready to take off, with the break on. After that, the captain announce that due to the technical problem facing earlier and also the engine problem, the captain say tat the plane is currently unfit to fly and need to do some check up. So everyone unboarded the plane and again, carried our heavy luggage and walk for a about 5 mins to reach the terminal building. Since they announced that the expected boarding time will be 11.30 am, so i decided to munch some bread as will arrive late in Kch. The boarding process was slow as usual as thorough check was done to unsure the proper guest board the correct plane. CNY mood was affected as could not reach Kch at 10.05am as planned. In the end, I finally arrived in Kch at about 1.45pm. What an experience for us. The good thing is that the captain was very responsible and follow the proper protocol by heading back to the terminal again and changing plane. If not, who know what will happen in mid air. The bad thing is that the plane is delayed for 3 to 4 hours plus before we really take off and reach Kch. And there went my 1st morning of CNY. Afternoon and night was normal for me, nothing much happen. Waiting for relatives and friends to arrive.

On 15 of Feb 2010, din go out for visiting as father was working and my elder brother has not return from SG. So, in the afternoon, i visited some of my friends before having dinner with family. Consider a proper reunion dinner for 5 of us. Visited some relatives during night time.

On 16 of Feb 2010, out visiting with kuching high friends, visiting each other, friends and also teacher. On 17 of Feb 2010, out visiting again with Kuching High St John friends, visiting each other. When night falls, 'open table' session for a few of us. Lucky night for me. Haha. On 18 of Feb 2010, went visiting with Sedaya A lvl friends, went up till Bau and visit Ms Voon and her family. Haha. On that night, yumcha session and gossiping session with Ms C. Nice night indeed. Long time really din relax and can open up to anyone. On 19 of Feb 2010, went out visiting again to visit friends.Dinner at Top Spot with family and follow by yumcha and gossiping session at The Junk. Since already met with Ms C a day b4, basically what the girls discuss were about the same. Haha. The drink not really nice. Should have ordered vanilla blended instead of the fruit blended. 

20 Feb 2010 mark the last day of my stay in Kch for the CNY session. Met with Wei Sheng at the airport and also on the same flight. Not to mention, I also met with Ah Lian which also on the same flight to KL. Again, the flight was delayed for about 15 mins.

Overall, my cny celebration in Kch consider not bad, just tat went out too much already and din really spend time with family.

P/s: This year ang pau not really alot but basically every year was almost the same amount. Haha.

P/s/s: Got an extra ang pau from AirAsia for 'On Time Guarentee' policy and gave me an evoucher for the flight delayed on 14 of Feb. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Update

Here is an update from me.

I have moved to a new room since 31st of January 2010 due to the fact that the current owner wanna take back the house and use it for his own family. The last date for us to move is by March. But how come end of January move out when the dateline is by March?? Well, If I move by end of February, it will be very rush for me since I just got back from Kuching for Chinese New Year Holiday. So, I decided to move out as soon as possible and settle down. After settle down, I no need to bother bout finding a new place to move or new room or move to where. The rental of my current room is same with my old one, just that it is much bigger in the sense of this one is wider while my older one is longer and it does not come with an air cond. Not to mention, when I see outside, there is a lot of greenery. However, when the sun is up, it is too bright for me and I close the curtain instead. Haha.

Look at how full the Myvi is. Hehe

Thanks to Dickson and Cindy for helping me moving room.

Since beginning of January, I resumed my work as assistant pharmacist at Bettercare Pharmacy. The position is glamour but basically I do mostly everything in the store, or in another word, cheap labour. Haha. However, the salary consider high among the paid for part-timer. Besides, starting January, I also started to attend classes since the new semester has commenced. I have class on Tuesday (11-12.30pm), Wednesday (9.30-11am) and Thursday (8-9.30am). Haha. I only got classes on 3 days and each day only 1.30 hour. Luckily I no need to walk uphill anymore and my current room is consider strategic. Just need to walk for bout 10 minutes already reached uni while walk less than 10 minutes already reach Bettercare.

This year is a good year as Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day, the 14th of February. Chinese New Year is an important festival as can celebrate with family and relatives as well as to get together with many friends that seldom contact. How about V day?? Well, V day is from western country and brought into here. So, V day is not really important for me since I’m still single. Haha. This time, I am going back to Kuching on the 14th of February, Chu 1. WHY?? Well, at 1st I thought that the flight is cheaper compare with Friday or Saturday. Then since my flight is the earliest and I reach Kuching at 10am, consider not tat late. The flight ticked I booked in June last year. However, after sometimes, I kinda miss home already after my last trip back to Kuching in December and also kinda regretted to go back to Kuching so late plus will miss the reunion dinner even though we only have the reunion dinner among my family members. Hopefully the Year of Tiger will be a good and happening year for me and give me many luck.

Lets wait for the arrival of the Year of Tiger in a few more days time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Today is the second day of February and i know its kinda late for me to state my dream for this year. However, thanks to Nuffnang and Tiger Beer in organising the Tiger Run, I have the opportunity to share my dreams with my dear reader.

First of all, I would wish that I will excel in my studies and survive another 1 and a half year as that is the time for me to complete my studies in UCSI and become a degree holder in pharmacy. However, this could just be a dream as effort and sacrifice are needed to accomplish this dream.

Secondly, I would like to have a nice DSLR camera like most of the bloggers and my friends. I think I would like to have the Canon EOS 500D Kit I. Not having a good camera by my side whenever I attend any event or outing really is troublesome. Relying on my Nokia N73 for taking pictures really crack up my nerves as it really takes time to take the picture, not to say lousy night mode picture. Haha. Besides, I also will not have the wait painfully to get the pictures taken by my friends. But WHY Canon EOS 500D?? Well, it is because Canon camera is user-friendly and I try using a Canon DSLR to take pictures. It really easy to use and navigate compare with the other brands. With astounding 15.1 mega-pixel and full HD function, my pictures and video will be super clear and pretty. Well, by having a camera by my side, I also can improve my photography skill and learn to capture the pretty scenes.

Thirdly, I did mention that I really wish to have a new phone as my current N73 has served me for 3 years already. You can read about it at my previous post. When I first knew about Nokia N900, I was stuck with it for quite sometimes already. How come dont wan Sony Errisons phone or Samsung phone? Well, I kinda used with a nokia phone, not to mention a smartphone with touch screen capability. I bet I can easily get the hang of it and easily navigate my ways around the phone. Having a GPS really is a day saver. I will not easily get lost around the city and can be the map for my friends. With Wifi ready, I also can surt the net on the go. It really is like having a mini computer on my palm. But a phone is like mini computer?? To be considered as a computer, it has to have a processor and its operating system. For you information, Nokia N900 is equipped with 600 MHz processor and having Maemo 5 as its operating system. It really is like having a mini computer on your palm. Even the netbook could not put inside your pocket. Haha.

Fourthly, I would like to have a nice vacation to Singapore. My last trip to Singapore was a nice one. What's more now that the Resort World Sentosa has opened, it will be definitely crowded with 'people mountain people sea'. Haha. Besides, having to visit the Singapore Zoo as well as Bird Park. Not to forget, I also hope that I can visit some one the nice places in Singapore and try their nice and tasty food. Yum Yum. When I'm at Singapore, I do hope that I can meet someone there who I dearly miss, din see each other for almost 4 years already. Really miss you, Ms C.

Last but not least, I do hope that the year 2010 will be a fine and health year, a very happening year for me. Lets fill this world with many many loves since Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Have a nice day everyone.