Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Research Project

The whole June holiday I was in the lab doing my project with 1 week of break due to SUPP exam. Haiz. Holiday is coming to an end very soon and I still have not even take a glimpse of how beauty is the holiday. 6th of July will be the beginning of new semester and I myself not sure whether I will be able to proceed to the 4th year as the SUPP exam result have not been released.

Back to the topic, my title of research project is Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Selected Botanicals. The title seem very bombastic but yet simple. But here is the twist, it involve a lot of pipetting and analysis and long waiting time for extraction and concentration. I still remember when I 1st started the lab work, I was completely blur as I do not know what I'm suppose to do. After a long tedious day, when I sit in front of the laptop, i suddenly felt the pain at my back.Wah, I have low back pain. Haha. very tiring.

My 1st week of lab is filled with extraction, while 2nd week i did extraction as well as concentration. 3rd week and 4th week is an off week coz I needed a break to study for SUPP. Now is the 5th and last week of my holiday and I can see some bright light ahead of me. I need one more day to complete my analysis and then will be followed by writting the report. Time is running short for me as i need to do presentation of my result on the 3rd week of semester.

As new semester gonna start, the 2nd year junior which going to be 3rd year soon, will now at a fork road as they need to decide whether to take the research project or not. This time, they offering 7 topics if not mistaken with addition of Dr Loga, Mr Fatokun and Mr Lee, a new PA lecturer while mr Lokesh not offering any topic. I heard from Kevin that there will be 2 new lecturers in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, one is Mr Lee who is going to teach Pharmaceutical Analysis while another one is Mr Ganesh(not sure) who is going to teach Dispensing and Compounding.

Some of the juniors approached me and ask me questions regarding the research projects. The pros and cons of taking it as well. My piece of advice is, take it if you are really interested in and also if wanna further your studies in the future. Or like me who are not sure of what I'm going to do after I graduated. Haha. the cons is that you need to sacrifice your time for it. Really as a lot of time is needed for it.

I hope that tomolo will be the last day for my lab work in doing analysis of my extraction while thursday will be a cleaning day. I do hope that my results are good enough in the sense that they are good.hehe. Yesterday and today have been analyse 180 test tubes each day. Wah, imagine that. Maybe I shud take some picture tomorrow.haha.

Speak Up Malaysia

Picture say louder than words and it does for this case. I really hope that there will be no more price increase in the future as this will be a burden for every consumer out there.

Since today is tuesday, I happily walk into KFC outlet with this card:

and i ordered snack plate which last time cost RM 5.95 with tax. Now, i have to pay RM 6.25 with tax. Although a 30 cent increase is not much, I is still a burden. Imagine going to KFC for 10 times, u have to pay extra RM 3. RM 3 can buy a bowl of kolo mee in Kuching. haha.

Since the price of petrol gone up last time, the price of the food increases as well. However, when the petrol price went down, does the price of the food goes down as well?? The answer is NO NO Nnnnoooooooooo!!!!! WHY??? because they can earn more. Look at the big supermarket or hypermarket such as Giant and Tesco, they are having price cut to lessen the burden of the consumers.

I think everyone feel the same thing. Nobody like it if there are price increment. I do hope that the price of the food will go down as well as all other stuffs as well.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I finish my final exam on the 21st of May 2009. This means that I have finish my 3rd year 2nd semester already and I do hope that I can advance to the 4th year and finally graduate.

After the exam, my schedule are packed from that day onwards until end of June. WHY?? Well, on the 22nd of May, I had my A level gathering with Han Wee, Yew Soon @ Moses and Vincent as well as celebrating his belated birthday. Too bad no picture is taken. However, it has been a long time since we meet up and gather.

Then on 23rd of May, I had my rehearsal for the Pharmacy Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony (Update when got pics) which going to fall on the next monday. Time is short yet more need to be done and accomplish.

Next on 25th of May mark a memorable day for me, which is the Pharmacy Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony. Being committee means need to be there super early to set up the place and hope that everything goes smoothly. On the night itself, being in-charged of the PA system, there is not much time for me to interact with my fellow friends and thus, not much pictures are taken with me inside.

The following day, having to sleep only 2 hours, i need to get ready to go to LCCT for my flight to Kota Bharu as me and my classmates are going to Pulau Perhentian for 3 days 2 night. Again, going to update it when I have sufficient pictures and if I am free. After the holiday, I become darker and tired.

Today, 1st of June, is Gawai for the Iban in Sarawak, which is also a public holiday in Sarawak. Since I'm in KL, no holiday for me and this is the 1st day of me starting my research project. All I can say is "What a total mess!!" Very tiring. When reach home and sit on the bed, suddenly I feel back pain when wanna get up. Imagine need to endure it for 2 weeks. Today is the 1st day and should be the most relax one but end up using most of my energy when walking back home. Hope for a better tomorrow then.

There is rumour that the final exam result might release end of this week or next week if the staffs in the Record Office are hardworking. Good luck and all the best.


This morning in the lab, my friend ask me 1 simple question, "Alone at home not sien ah?"

My answer is "No ah, can watch movie, drama or game."

Actually, alone at home really sien one. Super boring. Everyday watch drama or movie also will feel sien one. But if go out, go where wor?? and if go out, need to spend money wor... Outside so hot and bright wor....Those are just some excuses.

The fact is, go out really nice one if with those that are nice and friendly frens. Just like the gathering on 22th of May with my fellow A level classmate. It has been sometimes since we meet up. The purpose of this gathering is to gather and meet up and celebrate Vincent belated birthday. The whole day was enjoying and full with laughter. It has been a while since I have that feeling already. Meet at Midvalley and go our separate way at nearby Petaling Street.

Back to the topic, alone at home really boring and sien one. Got no one to interact with. Even with MSN, I cant see the face expression as I really like to see those smilling and happy face. Yet, I everyday stay at home, giving a down face, keep on moody. Haiz.

I have few simple questions to ask my friends, "Is the world fair and square to everyone of us?" "When will I have a girlfriend?" "When will I not feel lonely?"

It seem like not really for me as I sometimes cant see the 'Treat people good and receive a good deed'. Maybe times will tell this. Girlfriend which I always looking forward to having one but seem quite hard now. Maybe its not my time yet but I really do wish to know when will be my time. Can anyone of you tell me? I also would like to know if there are any admirer out there. If yes, do tell me as I might consider. Haha.

Am I always serious? Hmmm... I do try to relax and not be serious but somehow I really cannot do it. Maybe is my mindset. Happy always?? Maybe coz a lot of sad and sour things that I experienced recently which I still could not forget. I wonder when will sweet experience will come???

My 1st Cheque

Finally, after long await, I finally got my 1st cheque from Nuffnang.

At 1st I was quite suspicious of this thing one as there is no such thing as easy money one. However, as time goes by, the amount start to increase slowly. When the amount hit RM 50.00, I was very happy and delighten as I have finally reached my target. Here is the picture of my cheque

Ignoring the weird symbols besides my name, the money really credited into my bank account after a few days and it do prove that we as a blogger really can earn money one by joining Nuffnang and place advertisement in our blog.

I have joined Nuffnang since October last year and manage to get my 1st cheque after 5 months. A long and tiring months. It does amaze me with how much one can do with small number of frequent visitor and I really thanks to those that do support and visit my blog frequently. Furthermore, I seldom update my blog one as some of you might have known but I try to update if I have the inspiration and desire to do so. So, my friends, please forgive me if I did not update my blog often. However, you still can find me through MSN.

My friend, who has a larger number of visitor than me, has already earn his 2nd cheque while I only earn my 1st cheque. However, this does not stop me or discourage me from quiting as days by days, the amount of money and visitors keep increasing. From April until today, I already reach 40+ and it is half of the time. Not bad for a beginner like me.

To be honest, I last time got told my friends that I will remove the Nuffnang as my priority in blogging is just to update myself to my friends around the world and not focusing in earning money. However, after seeing the success of Nuffnang, there is no harm in earning a side income although it is a small one. Just take it as a small token of appreciation of me updating myself to my friends.