Saturday, July 31, 2010

Food that I miss

Suddenly thought of food that I miss back in Kuching. To be honest, I do not miss Sarawak Kolo Mee because i can eat it here in KL, somemore nearby my house. Just 5 minutes walk only. Haha. The taste is there, just the noodle is different. Well, what to you expect more. Seem like I have eating this stall punya noodle for almost 1 year already. A loyal fan indeed. Haha. Too bad I din manage to take any picture. Will remember to take picture when I have the chance next time.

Kolo Mee with red

For food that I miss, tat will be Sarawak Laksa. When I was young, I do not like to eat laksa because it is spicy. After I grown up and left hometown, I started to like Sarawak Laksa. Haha. Everytime my friends studying outside of Kuching will say they miss this food, tat food, like kolo mee, sarawak laksa, kueh chap and etc. I only miss Sarawak Laksa as well as ABC which stand for Air Batu Campur. The taste is different from KL and the price also different. Kuching one sweeter than the rest. Haha. I have tried Sibu and Bintulu one and yet I still like Kuching among all. Melaka famous for its Durian cendol which i also like, a cendol filled with durian. Downside of it is it uses gula melaka which I dont really like the taste.

Sarawak Laksa

Here is a video telling about some of the famous food found in Kuching.

Regarding the location of place where I always visit to get my sarawak kolo mee, well, it is located in Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant name is Coffee & Tea. You will not miss it since it has a big signboard at the front there. Besides there also have a poster saying Sarawak Kolo Mee. So you wont miss it. If you do miss it, go look for Hong Leong bank in Taman Connaught and the kopitiam is just nearby it.  Wont hard to find one since the kopitiam is also a corner shop.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Time of Essence

Time, for me is very important since I'm very particular about time one. For others, some might think that time could be bend as ones like it. 

How to see if a person is very time concern? 
  • Punctuality 
  • Wear watch to check the time from time to time
  • Usually will arrive earlier than the time fixed even though need to wait for about 5 to 20 min
These are just some basic things you can look at to check you yourself or your friends if he/she is/are time concern. For me, I really have these kind of syndromes. No kidding. If I say to my friend that I will pick him/her up at 8.30 pm, I usually will arrive earlier one. Thats is me. 

Being a time concern people, I have the habit of doing things last minute, study last minute. haha. Weird. Thats is humanity. No one is perfect. Sometimes you also need to accept the fact that some people do like to reach at location on time or bit late since he/she will think that the other person will be slightly late a bit. Tolerance is the key of success.

Times really do fly. With a blink of an eye, an accident occur or you could be safe from serious injuries because you are slower. I have already been here in KL for four years. Times really flies. Not to mention, time wait for no one. Without you doing anything, time will continue move on without waiting for you. There is no pause in the system, no waiting or stopping. 

I could not really remember what had been during primary school, not to mention secondary school. I could only remember some bits of them, some happy, some sad, some memorable. Without knowing it, I almost reach 25 years old in another half more year. Time really flies. 

As a conclusion, time really is important in our life. There is no extra time for special people. All having the same 24-hrs per day. Remember to use your time properly and not waste them. Greed you day with smiles and you will feel happier by the end of the day, knowing that you have used your time properly and efficiently.

p/s: All pictures taken from google image.

World Cup 2010

Finally, World Cup 2010 has come to an end and won by Spain. The title of world best to be held at Spain for 4 years before the next World Cup is organized. Congrats to Spain. Overall, I could say that the match was really rough since more than 10 yellow cards have been given to both teams. This showed that today match was rough indeed. In another point of view, both teams are desperate to score a goal as well as prevent the opposing team in scoring their first goal. A total 95 mins of official game play before continue into extended time. At first, I thought it will end up as penalty kick, but a goal was scored at few minutes before the end of game. The one and only goal in the match. The Golden Ball.

During the match, many yellow cards were shown towards the players, some includes dangerous move, fly kicking the opposing team, arguing with the referee as well as taking off the football jersey. Not to mention, 1 red card was shown and Netherlands was forced to play with 10 persons. 

This is the man who scored the only goal during the match, Iniesta.

If there were more goals during the match, I wont feel that sleepy. In other words, both teams have good defense. There were many close call when both teams nearly manage to score a goal but in vain. There where some offside that were not caught by the lines man. Too bad about it since we, as viewer could not do anything about it except accept it as it is. Congrats again to Spain for winning the 2010 World Cup.

Paul the octopus managed to predict the outcome of this match. The prediction is correct. Here is the video of the prediction done by Paul. Really unbelievable that most of his prediction come trues.

From my point of view, the prediction always gone to the right-hand side of the food tank. Most probably it is hungry and will definitely go for the nearest food source it could find. Or could it be that Paul is always at the right hand side of the aquarium before the food tanks are lowered into it? Just some questions for thought. The probability of getting it correct is 50%. What will happen to the octopus when the prediction is wrong? Will it be truth that Paul will be on the chopping board? Only chef will know. Haha.

Congrats again to Spain for winning the World Cup 2010.

Who will win the next World Cup at 2014?? See you all at Brazil and who will win it? Will Spain be able to win it again? Will Brazil come back strong and become one of the contender? Stay tunes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup Street Party

Yes, you heard it right. World cup final is just around the corner, just a few more days to go. Who will be the next world cup 2010 winner? Spain? Germany? Nertherlands? What do you plan to do? What at home alone? With friends? Go somewhere crowded to watch? Why not go to this world cup street party where you can enjoy musics and some entertainments before watching the world cup final live. Sound interesting? Look no further as I will give you the details.

Venue: Bangsar, Telawi 3.
Date: 11 July 2010
Time: Doors open at 8pm onward.
Admission: No admission fee.
Age limit: 18 and above with IC verification at registration point.
Main organizer: Out of This World
Main partner: Lotus
Co-sponsors: Twisties, Microsoft, P1 WiMAX, Unilever and Mountain Fresh

During this event, there will be 1000 prizes up for grabs, such as Ipod Touch, Digital Cameras, PSP, Mobile phones, Soccer jerseys, MP3 Players, WiMAX-Inside 4G laptops and many others. The grand prize is a Lotus Elise. How cool it is to win it. Hehe. You could be the lucky winner.

During this event, there will be a massive giant screen to watch World Cups Finals LIVE. This world cup street party is a carnival like street party with Deejays, Singers, Dancers, Hip Hop Performances, Drum Troops and many more. Do expect to see beautiful people during the event itself. Do remember to check out P1 W1Max's booth during the event for exciting games and freebies to be given away.

Hurry up and make yourselves available during this particular date and time. Last but not least, remember to print out the flyer below to redeem a FREE drink voucher at P1 WiMAX booth. While stock last.

What If I’m a Russian Spy

Spy, just like James Bond working for the United Kingdom. This round, I will be the Russian Spy, working for Russia.

What will be the mission entrusted to me? Since this mission is highly classified, I do hope that YOU do not blow away my cover.

Locaton: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 7 of July 2010, Wednesday
Time: 12.00pm
Objective: Observe the surrounding

My mission is simple, come to a country call Malaysia.

Observe the surrounding, study the people, learn how their mind tick and report to Russia. I need to do all these without being found by the authority of Malaysia. My task is simple since I can easily can assess into Malaysia through the proper route due to 'Visit Malaysia' programme.

I will pretend myself as a tourist from Russia, visiting Malaysia. A weapon always equipped by the tourist is a camera. By using the camera, I can snap all sort of pictures around me without being suspected. Because I'm a tourist and I can do what ever I wanted to do, as long as I do not alert the authority.

Malaysia is known as a country of smile. All the people in Malaysia will greed you with smile and they are friendly. Not to mention, there are many races and religions in Malaysia. But how do they all come together as one community. And thus, this is where I come in. I need to learn from them how do they mix around perfectly without any slight misunderstanding or argument. 

My secondary objective will be visited the proud landmark of Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Tower.

Not to mention, observe and learn from the people of Malaysia how they build such a magnificent building and still standing proudly.

My next task is to learn some of Malaysia cuisine and infused them into Russian culinary.

My tasks will not be easy as they are tedious. Look simple but time consuming. Really takes time to mingle around with the citizen of Malaysia. Occasionally, I will report back to my superior about my finding, just like a progress report. By doing so, the superior will know where am I and will come and rescue me if anything bad happen to me. 

After I completed my mission, I will go back to Russia and share my knowledge and finding to my superior and thus making Russia an even stronger country.

P/s: This post is done for entering a contest in Nuffnang. All these are fiction and not real life experience.

I wanna be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Most of the people in this world wanted to have some magical power, and by doing so, he or she will be more superior than other people, including me. Hehe. 

Why I wanna become the sorcerer's apprentice? Well, being a sorcerer's apprentice is the chance of a life time and this chance is hard to drop by. If I'm giving the chance to become the next sorcerer's apprentice, I will accept it immediately even thought need to leave my comfort zone to a new environment. Being a sorcerer's apprentice will give me the opportunity to learn many many magical spells unknown to the normal human being. Manipulation of the natural elements, shooting fireball from the bare hand, levitation, not to mention fly, and many others. 

Besides learning these magical spells, my master will even share with me the hidden secret of the world. Without the secret, there will be no magic. Some of the hidden secrets are hidden from the human civilisation and only the sorcerers have access to them. Some of the hidden secrets are even bigger than you could ever imagine, such as the evolution of human being. Having a slight insight of such a magnificent magical power and secret throughly will make me the strong sorcerer in this world. However, becoming a sorcerer's apprentice is the first step in realising my dream. So, once I become the sorcerer's apprentice, I will devote all my time in learning and practising the magical spells and get to know my master better.

With the new powers that I have obtained through apprenticing with a sorcerer, I will be able to fight the evil forces that are lurking in every corner of the streets, wanting to gain the magical power from the sorcerer. Besides that, being able to control the elements of the nature, some of the huge disasters can be prevented, such as earth quake, tsunami, flood and many more. A elemental could even summon a fire dragon at will. How cool is that.

The most important thing is to protect the innocent from danger and only use my magical power during emergency only and not for showing off.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Day New Semester New Year

Monday, 5th of July 2010 marks the beginning of a whole new year for me. It is because today is the 1st day of lecture which is also my final year of pharmacy degree life. Hopefully I will be able to survive this predicament. Hehe