Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Birthday??? Present???

Birthday is like just an ordinary day for me since not much people remember it. even if they do remember, it is just wishes from them only. not to say that i want people to give me present, but sometimes i do envy people who receive presents during their birthday, seeing how happy they are. is it there any privillage for girls since like they usually will get lots of presents from their friends? every time when friends' birthday, i will always need to spend some money to share present. however, how come i do not get back what i have spent?

everytime when almost my birthday, parents always just go out to have dinner at some restaurant. they will always ask need to celebrate or not, want present or not (I think so), but i always say no need since my birthday always near Chinese New Year. maybe because all my siblings are boys and also seldom communicate well with them. there will not be any present given out by parents to me and my brothers.

everytime when my friends discuss about birthday and present, i always keep quiet and just listen to them discussing. For example, the girls usually wil get 'gold key' when their 21st birthday from their parents, some sign of adulthood. even some of the boys will receive expensive present from parents. me, on the other hand, always receive shirts from friends and out of the last 5 years, 3 years receive shirts and only receive 3 presents in 5 years time. maybe becayse they will say like if they are sincere, it should be ok already. imagine, every year need to spend about RM100 plus for birthday presents for friends and in return, only receive present which cost like RM50 or less each year.

sometimes really feel jealous when see people celebrate birthday with happy environment. how i wish i could experience it. maybe i should treat my friends for some dinner or lunch during my next 22nd birthday. well, this is still pending and need consideration, but still got less than half a year to go before my birthdays. times really fly.

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