Saturday, November 1, 2008

Game review

Hi friends,

I have completed Call of Duty 4 as well as Crysis. haha. Both require 6 GB of space for download, then need to unzip to become ISO file,then install again. Quite a number of steps before can install.

Call of Duty 4: Moderm Warfare

Require 6.52 GB of disc space.

Playing time for single player is less than 1 day. If multiplayer, maybe need months to complete all those challenges and level up.

Comment: To me, nice graphic, nice game play, not bad. story a bit short. graphic demand not so high.

Bot:for COD 4, bot is known as Mod and i have downloaded PezBot 7 for multiplayer. after 2 rounds of playing, the bots will not load and have to close the whole game and load again. However, if consider of playing 30 mins of team deathmatch, then it will be fun.

Cheat? for COD4, i never try the cheat as i manage to finish in less than 1 day and not so hard if play the easy one.hehe.

Overall, i will give 4 out of 5 coz story short.

Besides that, i also saw from website that COD5 is coming out soon as they are finding ppl as tester.


Require 6.04 GB of disc space

Playing time is about 2 days with cheat, WITH CHEAT. if without cheat, maybe bout 1 week or more with continuous playing. if tat do happen, how am i going to study.hehe. Havent try the multiplayer mode as the loading is slow.

Graphic wise is good, not bad.That is the good side. For the down side, with ATI X1600, 1.66 Ghz core 2 dual, 1.5 GB ram and running either 800X600 or 1078X800 resolution, is still lag even with all the graphic setting set to the minimum. So, the game requires a good graphic card and RAM. No wonder this game is for Vista.

The story is about an alien ship fall on an island in North Korea and a team of research team when missing for 1 week. So, a special team went to search and rescue the researcher, while killing soldiers and alien when come to the end. the suit is very interesting as can switch between armor mode, speed more or strength mode. But the weapons are limited as all get from the enemies. 

Besides that, imagine running around the whole big island, with the help of driving car or running at high speed(cheat). if without cheap, running at high speed is possible, but for limited period. So, with cheat, i will be in God mode, unlimited armor.hehe. So, weapon of choice is rocket launcher as friendly fire is not allow. This is because to kill the enemies, need a lot of hits on them as they have their own protective suit, unless with a headshot.

Overall, i give 3.5 out of 5 coz hard to kill the enemies and run around a big map like a mad man.haha.

So, this game is not recommended with a low ed PC and people who are not patient.

End of my 2 game reviews that i have played during my 1st week of study break.hehe.I very lazy and naughty and playful hor???


I still have 1 more week of study break before start of final exam. Will work hard and study hard for it. Here, I wish all my friends good luck in the final exam and all the best. Have a nice day to everyone.


KwOnG FeI said...

well, i will see it again after final..
all game related attractions .. i will deal after finals..

vkvun said...

All game related.tell u d mah. and both is shooting game. if wanna play, can get from me and need a good computer, as in with a good graphic card and good RAM as well as enough disc space.hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i think it is very unfair to give Crysis a 3.5/5.0 score, judging by the quality of that game. To give it a low score because your gaming rig is not good enough for it or your skill is not competent for the gameplay is downright outrageous. And by the way, Crysis for Vista is due to the ability of Vista to churn out DirectX 10.0 graphics, but it is good enough on XP as well.

vkvun said...

well, tat is my comment and my opinion. Different ppl have different view on games. For me, my rig already 2 years old and i dont expect much from it. However, i also hope tat i can play those high ed game with smooth gameplay. Giving a 3.5/5 score for Crysis as i not really like the game style, tats all. Graphic is nice, no doubt bout it. Anyway, thx for your valuable comment and visit.

Deli said...

it would be better to include some printcreen of the game

vkvun said...

thx for your comment, deli. putting of print screen is a process that i still need to learn. next time will have more pics. but now as i m having my final exam, so kinda busy.hehe.