Monday, December 13, 2010

December 2010 update

It has been quite some times since I update my blog. Main reason, final exam just finish about 1 month ago. For tat 1 months plus of preparing final exam and also siting the final exam, i barely have time to update this blog, or rather lazy. Haha. If back-dated more, I was busy with my clerkship, going to Hospital KL and it was really tiring after reach home. Not to mention, miss out a lot of Nuffnang activities and events. Really miss those day. Plus without transportation, really is troublesome to get back from a distance location, inaccessible by public transport. Even there is public transport, when the activities finish, it usually finish about 11 pm. haha

So now, here I'm, sitting at my home in Kuching, practically doing nothing. With 3 weeks of holidays already pass and another 3 weeks to go, not much have I achieved besides online, watch drama, movie, gaming and eat. Haha. Not to mention, hitting mosquito, with average of 5 per days. haha.

Another half a year and i will be graduating my Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours. Not an easy course programme and really is a time consuming one as well. Need to sacrifice a lot of time and energy in attending the classes, labs, practicals, attachment and clerkship, as well as preparing for exams. Not to mention, knowing lots of people also. Hopefully will be able to graduate and work in a good hospital. 

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