Monday, April 18, 2011

Exam coming soon

Here is an quick update. Class have ended since last friday and today is the first day of 1 week study breaks.

 Group pic with 1 of clerkship preceptor

Already done my SPA interview at SPA office, Putrajaya. 1st person to be interview on day 1 by 1 interviewer. What a day.

Group photo of 1st group of ppl being interviewed.

This is the start of study break, which means i only have 6 more days before my 1st paper on monday which is clinical clerkship, follow by pharmacotherapy 2 on the next paper on thursday.

First day of study week, i spent about 9 hours in the library. what a day. really tiring indeed.

All the best to all my fellow friends who are having exam now and coming soon. Good luck.


cLaR@ said...

study hard!

vkvun said...

sure. have to, no matter wat. i'm not a -..-

haha. unlike someone i know.