Friday, December 30, 2011

Last blog post of the year

It has really been a long time since i blogged. Unlike my roommate who blog once a while when got special thing, I kinda lazy to update my blog. Reasons? because sometimes really kinda busy as need to do reports and homework. Not to mention, after daily working, already tired to blog. Also, one main reason is because my keyboard start to spoil d as some of the keys will start working after switching on the computer for some times. Really need to wait till I go back to Kuching to bring over my other keyboard over here to KK.

Anyway, I have been here in KK for 6 weeks d. Already done 1st ward rotation and done 1st OPD rotation. Next station will be at IPP for 2 weeks before going into clinical again. Bad news is that clinical rotation fall on CNY duration but good news is that i will be able to complete my clinical rotation fast, the first to complete it among the batch of PRP entering Queen at the same time.

When I arrived here in mid of Nov, KK is not a new place for me as I know some of the tourist area. Haha. Then now, slowly exploring eatery place coz got 1 friend who always bring us around to eat and play during weekend only if free. If only I have car, I can go where ever I wanted to, explore new place and seeing new thing.

Anyway, my 1 month at clinical has been tough for me because my 1st station already at clinical. usually clinical will not be the 1st station, but rather at the middle or end of the PRP year so that the PRP can be more familiarised with the stuffs in the hospital. So for me, I need to catch up fast loh. Not to mention, always need to OT and go back to hospital during weekend just to complete my logbook. Lucky for me, manage to complete my logbook and hand in my logbook 1 week after finish my rotation. I learned a lot during my 1 month here at clinical, familiarise with some of the counselling techniques and some of my clinical knowledge. All thanks to my preceptor who has been patiently teaching me and din lose his temper when i do not know anything. But I still got more to learn since clinical stuffs are not fixed.

Now, I just finish my 2 weeks OPD (outpatient department) rotation. Learn some new things here, learn which drugs are SRQ (special request item) and normal item. Luckily my time at clinical help me a lot in doing counselling. My experience at OPD really fun. 2 weeks at OPD, previous week got gift exchange for christmas while today, got steamboat party for christmas also. People wise, they are friendly and willing to help you when you do not know how to do it.

I, for one, like it here. I do not experience any culture shock at all. haha. Seem like fit right in here. Just need to familiarize with the way of living here, the slang as well. Overall, I do welcome all of you out there to come work here in Sabah if you have the chance. I myself not sure how long will i be here nor not sure of my future plan. Just walk one step and then look ahead one step (走一步,看一步). I cant really see myself where will i be in the future.

1 more day before the end of 2011. Hope that next year will be a better year for me, in my career, finance, health as well as some luck in relationship. Hehe. My CNY holiday wont be long because I will be at clinical that time and need to do case presentation few days right after the CNY public holiday. Hopefully I will be able to handle the presentation and do my presentation properly and not last minute as compare to last time. Really need to improve myself d. Cant always remain as the same one. Need to improve day by day one. If not, whats the point of living if din learn something new everyday.

Thats all for me here. I know this is a long post without any picture. well, you can always go to my facebook there to see some of the pics that i have posted, provided you are friend with me. hehe. The time now is 10pm and my eyes are getting heavier by the minute. Haiz.

All the best and take care oh.

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