Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hospital Kuala Penyu

Here is an overview of my hospital, Hospital Kuala Penyu. All the pictures are taken from the hospital's website which is located at HERE.

Entrance to the Hospital

Main lobby
 Main lobby-side view

Quarters of staffs and nurses

The road towards the exit (Quarters on the right and hospital on the left)


Basketball court


Agro Bank
(It is the only bank in Kuala Penyu)

To get to Kuala Penyu from KK, first drive to Papar, then to Bongawan, then to Membakut and finally u are here.

Alternative way is drive towards Beaufort and before reaching Beaufort, U will see a signboard and u need to turn right at the junction.

Map of Hospital Kuala Penyu

Mailing address
Hospital Kuala Penyu W.D.T No 35
89740 Kuala Penyu

Phone number, fax and email
Tel: 087-853100 | Fax: 087-884212 | Email:

P/s: There are only 2 ATM in Kuala Penyu and it is located at the main lobby of the hospital


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Yaloh. To tell ppl how is kuala penyu mah. Haha