Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lonely life

cant imagine a day without internet and laptop. wat can i do without them.haiz. really boring loh if no internet. not having to online for almost 48 hours really make times hard to pass. now i laptop already at hospital d and hopefully can take it back as soon as possible loh. now using my mom laptop to online loh. hehe. wat to do, tv also got nothing much to see loh, somemore got satelite. haiz, really not much thing to watch eh. somemore no car to use make me more boring loh. well, tomolo going to watch movie,hehe, at least wont feel so bored at home.

glad to hear tat clara already finish her exam, means most of my friends already finish their exam d, but still have a few have few more papers to go b4 holidays. i wish them luck and all the best.

Just now i go check my account, already reach 200+ loh. hehe. wat a wait, waiting for bout 1 month for it. ppl who are interested bout wat i m talking can find me and ask me bout the kang tau tat i meantion. no harm in listening as can gossip as well ah.

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