Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Bye Kch

Going to leave kuching in few days time. Times really flies when at kch although everyday stay at home watch tv n drama n movies. already in kch for 3 weeks already and going to kl for some more free times. 1 month plus b4 school reopen as the class start on 2nd week of july. imagine wat i can do there. M i going to be bored there? i wonder.

since this 3 weeks in kch, i already go renew my passport, go watch Spiderman 3, buy another 1GB RAM for my laptop and bring my laptop to NEC CARE for some 'care'. hehe. din go out much because no car to use loh in the day times. wat a luck. i also eaten some of the food tat i miss n keep thinking of when i was in kl. another thing tat i havent do is going to meet CY and u know wat, i going to meet her tomolo night. guess i dont noe wat else to write.

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