Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another late update

very sorry to my dear friends for not updating my blog for a long time. As the semester start in July, I m busy with the lab reports, practicals and quizzes all the time. Besides that, I also seldom keep in touch with all my friends around Malaysia and also out of Malaysia.

Times really flies. Now is already October and I left 1 week plus before study break start for 2 weeks, then final exam period in November for 3 weeks. Performance for this semester for the quizzes, can consider ok loh, but overall, I m happy with my results. Some are unexpected while some are lucky to get the result and some are sad. The sad one coz I din prepare well and I accept tat. So, I have to work hard for the part that I din do well and work harder to get a better mark.

After the final exam, some people will sure think that I will go back to Kch, but unfortunately, I have industry attachment tat I have to attend. This attachment is for 2 weeks, starting 1st of dec until 12 of dec. after the attachment period, the exam result will be released, tentetatively on 15 of dec. and I will go back either on 16 or 17 dec. how long I will be in Kch, I myself could not confirm as there are some variables, such as retaking the exam, or doing the literature review.

As I have told u ppl in my last post, I have been selected as 1 of the candidates for doing the research project. As a student in this, each student has already choose their topic. So, each of us have to do presentation after Chinese New Year about our topic. But before that, need to summit the literature review to my supervisor for checking and comment. As need to do the literature review, maybe will come back to KL earlier as I can focus and spend time in KL, as compare with when I m in Kch.

From July until now, a lot ups and downs have happen and even there is 1 particular situation that still haunt me till now. I still cant let go of it after some time. What situation, I cant mention here, coz it is very sensitive. If u wanna know, can ask me, but not necessary I will tell. But if u do ask, I feel grateful that u got read my blog and concern bout it.

2 more quizzes to go, one on Monday, another one on Wednesday. Hope can do well in them.

And for u you guys out there who are curious bout me, especially Miss C, I m also grateful that u are there when I need u, sometimes.hehe. and also, I m still single FYI.

Anyway, all the best for all my friends in Malaysia and also out of Malaysia. good luck and take care of yourselves. Have a nice day.

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