Saturday, October 18, 2008

A night outing

It has been a long time since having a night outing with friends, going to cyber to play LAN game and then mamak for a while before heading home.

Well, we all play 'Call of Duty 4'. A bit addicted to that game already. nice game play and nice graphic. Now i trying to find any download link or source or not. or maybe just buy from pasar malam. However, i scare that i need to delete some of my games just to install COD 4. Imagine how much space it need. From the preview, it say need bout 8GB for installation file. but some ppl say need 10GB and not worth it to install that game and play it in laptop.

Imagine this, after playing the game, then can be skillful in using all those weapon when going for multiplayer.haha. but this all depends on the price of the game in pasar malam or i can just get it from my fren's bro's fren.haha

Nice experience tonight and having a great fun after sometimes of stress and happening during this sem.

MOnday will be my last 2 hours session in uni before i really start study break. Well, hopefully i can really study during the study break so that i can do well during the final exam.

10 of Nov will be the 1st paper of my exam and will last for 3 weeks, then will have 2 weeks of industry attachment, then will have family vacation. Then during the holiday from 27 of Nov until 11 of Jan, i need to prepare literature review for my research project as well as preparing the report for the industry attachment. wat a busy schedule ahead of me. and hopefully i can really utilize my time properly.

Anyway, all the best to my frens out there and enjoy few days of free periods before geared up for the final exam. Bye and take care. Work hard and study smart.



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