Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picture of the day 2

Saw this car this evening. I wonder how patriotic I am. Hmmmm


Lip said...

ermn... i wondering as well... too bad.. vios trd is not made in malaysia.. hahaha.. tat guy should drive perodua or proton instead of toyota.. kakaka..

vkvun said...

Haha, Lip. In Kch, i think last time i saw 1 kancil do like tat

落魄書生 said...

buying foreign cars will create jobs for the car sellers and AP holders (though holding AP shouldn't be considered as a job but ppl get same or probably more income from it without working, therefore considered as a zero-input-high-output job, very suitable for certain ppl). the car sellers and AP holders got income, then can pay tax to the government (of course not including corrupted money). so the government still earn money from us and put into certain ppl's pocket even though we buy foreign cars. juz that buying fake-local-actually-japanese cars will improve income of that same certain ppl again. so they ask u to buy FLAJ cars to show patriotism juz wanna earn more money from u. no matter what choice u choose, they still earn. they earn money, u're patriotic enough. if u buy FLAJ cars, u give them more money, then u're more patriotic. as a conclusion, buying foreign cars is not wrong and shouldn't be tagged as not patriotic. buying FLAJ cars for the sake of patriotism is an old-fashioned slogan (since more than 20 years ago, u think old or not?). ur level of patriotism is directly proportionate to the money u give to this certain ppl. the end!