Saturday, August 1, 2009


I wonder how come my post always involve emo... hmmm.... anyway, here goes. maybe i will feel wonder??? I really wonder does it work??

Due to the big incident last month, which is July, I suddenly feel like I have changed 180 degree or more. I dont even know. hmm. why do i say so? well, i dont feel motivated at all, feel sad if being triggered, seldom watch movies and drama and play games and even easily fade up with wat I'm doing.

Ppl says that time will cure everything. I wonder how long will it takes for me to cure from a broken heart. the helpless feeling, the left behind feeling , no companionship as hard to find someone who really understand me.

Hard to find a good listener. even harder for me to share with ppl. Hardest for me to say bout it as it will be triggered one way or another.


PoisonKagero said...

I und what you feel though I don't really post my emo stuff cos my siblings read my blog. I just broke up 1 month ago, and although it's the guy who did wrong. I miss him =(. Still very sad. I feel like I can't share even with my best friends cos they have happy relationships... only when i'm a bit drunk then tell close friend... but not everything...all the hurt in my heart =(

Anyway, take care right. I'm sure one day we will both get better.

cLaR@ said...

wei!! still emo ar?

vkvun said...

last time one. hehe.