Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UCSIUPSS Team Building Camp

From last friday till yesterday, which is Monday, the pharmacy society of UCSI University organised a team building camp to Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco Resort. The total participants are around 50+ and if include the committee, there will be around 70+ people attending this camp. Getting to mix around with the juniors, especially the year 1 and year 2 really makes me feel like I am getting old. Haha. Please bare with me as I have not taken any picture during the camp. Waiting for nice pictures from the committee then I will upload the picture here for everyone to view.
I arrived at UCSI University at about 9am and go for registration.There I met with Ivan and some of the familiar Year 2 Juniors. The camping trip start at the UCSI U lobby with icebreaking. Each of the Year 4 seniors are divided into 8 groups, 1 each. I was being assigned to Group 2, with 2 Yr 2 juniors and 4 Yr 1 juniors. Seem like I'm bullied here as I was being selected to be the group leader. Each of the group are required to come out with a group name and a group chant. SO, my group members decided to name our group as 'Fantastic 7'. WHY? Because there are 7 members in my groups and we feel that we are very fantastic.
After lunch, we depart to Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco Resort at 12.30pm. On arrival, the sky started to rain and we all gather at the office. The juniors on the other hand, all stay at the badminton court which have a big tent for them to take cover. We all have to wait until 3smt before we were allowed to check into our dormitory. When the rain start to get small, we all follow the committe to the so called 'Dewan' to gather and some briefing regarding the camp and activities.
At 4pm, the 1st activity of the camp was flying fox and follow by station game. The flying fox was not as exciting as last time during the NOGAPS while for the station game, it was very tiring as we have to compete with the other team who was also at the same station. A tournement like station game. Dinner was served at 6.30pm. After dinner, treasure hunt was the activity of the night. Again, running was expected. When we wanna get the 8th clue, we found out that the treasure had been found. What a luck. Haha. After treasure hunt, briefing on the second day activities was done at the Dewan before everyone was allow to go back to the dormitory for rest and light off. Since the light off was at 12 pm, me, JY, MF, KZY and few juniors decided to play Big 2 to spend out time.
On the next day, jungle trekking was the 1st activity. 2 hours hiking for going and coming back from the jungle. We did not get the chance to go to the water fall as 35 minutes is needed to reach the waterfall from checkpoint 2. So, due to time constrain and safety reason, we did not continue our journey there. Checkpoint 2 was our final destination before turning around to go back to the camp site. At 11am, Ms Penny visited us to give us an experience sharing of her student and working experience. Various questions were asked. Indeed it was very interesting story for us to listen to. Since the time is still early, Joanne and Rajes were invited by Ms Penny to give their experience sharing of their experience during HKL clerkship. It Seang and Han Boon also visited us. After our lunch, every participant went back to the dormitory for a change of cloth of the next activity in the afternoon, which is abscailing. For the Yr 4 seniors, we all sat at the cafeteria and chit-chat with Ms Penny. She even bought us and the committe ice-cream. Very thanks to her.
During abscailing, it was the first time I do so. Being a first-timer, I do fall a couple of times before I manage to get a 'hang' of it and manage to abscail a 5 metre cliff. What an experience for me besides getting dity. Ms Penny, It Seang and Han Boon left us during our abscailing activity. After abscailing, the next activity was team-building. Indeed, teamwork is necessary for us to complete every task given to us. Since the second night will have camp-fire, each of the team were required to do a 10 minutes performance to entertain everyone. So, right after the team-building activity, me and my team-mate start brain-storming on what to do during the campfire and we all decided to go with sketch or drama. A little practise and some changes, we manage to get the drama a very joyous one.
After dinner, we all start practising again before the real event start. Since there was mark given, we all would try our best to get as much mark as possible. Campfire was a bit boring but we all get a good laugh during the games played the camp fire. One of the games was conveying message from one person to the next person, ensuring the last person in the line get the same message as the first person. In the end, from "I know that you know that I know that you know who was bathing naked in the toilet today" become " I know that you know that I know that you know who was bathing in the toilet today". The 'naked' had been censored out. Haha.
When the camp fire started to get smaller, we all headed back to the Dewan where we all start the performance session. Everyone was laughing non-stop, seeing the funny drama, listening to funny song and fashion show. Very happy moment during the night. After the performance, we all headed back to our dormitory for rest. Since it was the last nite here at the camp, everyone seem tired and sleep quite early. The senior, on the other hand, start to play Big 2 again until 12 something before we all get a shut eye.
On the last day, the only activity was rock climbing. Even though I had done it before during my Genting Trip, I could not get myself very high. Haha. But it was a nice experience indeed. After the rock climbing, the yr 4 senior all when to the Dewan to rest and play Big 2 again while waiting for everyone to come for the prize giving ceremony. Even though my team did not win, I am happy that I am happy that I get to kmow some of the juniors. Haha. Some of the juniors are 1st time joining such camp and I do hope that they do enjoy themselves. For me, since I have joined several camping before, I do not face any difficulty adjusting to the life during camping.
This morning when I wake up, I could feel the pain in my muscle. Well, everyone will sure have muscle pain every camping. I felt no regret in joining this camp as I got to know many people. However, I have a dateline to meet as I need to submit my corrected dissertation on Wednesday or Thursday. Hope I can make it in time and at the same time enjoy my holiday and also my part time job.


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