Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

Mister Potato is organizing a competition at and open for Malaysian only. Registration is as easy as ABC. After registration, you just need to follow the step-by-step instructions and complete all the 7 stages before reaching the final stage.

At 1st stage, you are required to differentiate between the good potato and bad potato while at stage 2, answer a simple question regarding the flavour that the blogger like best.

At 3rd stage, you have to slice the potato accurately at the guided line. Obtained a pack of Mister Potato or simply 'tembak' the answer in stage 4 before successfully advance to the next stage.

At stage 5, you have to test your listening skill/vision to determine the crunchiness of the potato chip. Stage 6 required you to go on a tour on the whole process of manufacturing of the potato chips, from picking till delivery. Again, you can do as you are told or simply 'tembak' like before to proceed. Haha.

At stage 7, you need to type the exact letter as being shown. This will test your memorizing skill and ignore the weird laugh. Haha. Some will pass all the stages in 1 go while some will be stucked at some point of the stages. However, few trials and errors will definitely pass all the stages.

At stage 8, you are required to dress yourself up like the Mister Potato character and get the most votes to win. You may upload if you feel like joining. You can either play dress-up or do photoshop instead. Get the most votes and u might stand a chance to win RM 3,000. Details of the competition can go to Nuffnang website. 50 invitation will be given out to participate in the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 at Mist Club, Bangsar next month.

But how come the blog title does not match the content? Well, second part of my blog will be how particulate I'm regarding the potato chips. Why No Compromise???

1: No Compromise in Quality. The ingredients have to be of good quality without any bacteria/germs in them. High standard of Quality Control ensure good quality in the product as well. That is why I prefer Mister Potato than others.

2: No Compromise in Taste. As Mister Potato has six different and unique taste, each of them have to be easily identify once enter the mouth. Some of the taste is not enough while some are over-powered while for Mister Potato, the taste is just nice.

3: No Compromise in Health. Since no animal fats and hydrogenated oils are being used during cooking, the outcome will be a healthy food. Plus Mister Potato adheres to 'no trans-fat' policy, we should believe that no cancer will be brought about.

4: No Compromise in Shape. From what we all saw from TV or any advertisements, the shape of the potato chips are usually round or slight oval in shape. When opening the packet, I will always be happy to see so many big size potato chips all in perfect shape, without any cracks or split into many pieces or in small size potato chips. Potato chips from Mister Potato meets my expectation and not the rest.

5: No Compromise in Price. Nobody, including me, will not compromise to an expensive potato chip. How would ever want to pay for an over-priced potato chip when ones can get it at a lower price. The price of Mister Potato is very reasonable.

Last but not least, I conclude my post with a series of pictures which entitled 'I can't compromise a day without Mister Potato'

"Watching Night at the Museum 2 really makeS my mouth 'itchy'." I thought.

With just an arm spam away, I quickly grab a packet of
Mister Potato hoping not to miss any part.

My eyes are focusing on the interesting movie while
my hand automatically tear open the packet.

Watching the movie while munching on the
crispy and crunchy potato chip. "Yummy!!"

Irresistible till the very last bit.

See how happily I'm with my 'PRECIOUS'.

The End

P/s: Thanks to Kwong Fei for the photo taking.


KwOnG FeI said...

something interesting.. and something different from ur usual post..
good writing!

vkvun said...

Thanks, KF. Haha. Urs one not bad too

kenwooi said...

cool =)

vkvun said...

thx for dropping by, kenwooi.

cLaR@ said...


eh bro, u betul betul pergi buy the few packets of chips?

vkvun said...

yalah, sis. have to try out new things mah. haha. u know 2012 is just around the corner only. haha

cLaR@ said...

come come..but if 2012 really are to come, please come asap cuz i really have to die during 2012, i dont wanna study for my final exam heehehhe