Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sorry guys and girls for not updating my blog.

My final exam start on 26th of April 2010 and finish on 26 of April 2010. Why only 1 day? Well for some of you that already known it or have not know it, I'm retaking only 1 subject last semester and 26 of April 2010 is the 1st day of exam for pharmacy students in UCSI university. So, basically I have 2 months plus of holiday, practically doing not much thing. A busy holiday indeed. A very happening 2 months for me as well.

1st week of holiday, I din do much at all, stay at home, play games, watch movies.

2nd week of holiday or 1st week of May, help out in the pharmacy and went to the lab to continue my research. Do the tiring job once again, extracting, preparing the samples, pipetting and taking the UV, with the help of Dr Gabriel on the last day of experiment. Very tiring indeed.

3rd week of holiday, went to MV for my free facial treatment. The competition is by Powerruumz, under Ruumz. The service voucher is worth RM 128. However, the lowest price for a basic treatment is RM 168. Since I never do any facial before and giving such a chance to do facial in one of the famous place in KL, I just give it a shot, with topping up of RM 40. Kinda worth it and once in a lifetime experience. My first time. Not to mention, they using Dermalogica product. 

I even attended the Oath Taking Ceremony for my fellow friends.

The following week, me and my friends went to Taman Negara located in the state of Pahang. A 3 days 2 nights trip. Consider a tiring trip because I already had muscle pain on the 2nd day. After Taman Negara Trip, went to Penang for 4 days 3 nights, visiting various places there, trying out some of the famous food.

Pretty butterfly (Shoot in Taman Negara)

Nice sea side scenery. Taken in Penang

After Penang trip, we fly straight to Kuching and spent 5 days 4 nights before heading out to Sibu. That is how i spent the 4th week of May.
Visited Jong Crocodile Farm

Spotted orangutan in Semongok Wildlife Centre

After Sibu, we went up the state, to Bintulu, visited Taman Tumbina where we found some money on the ground. Unfortunately, the trip to Bintulu and Sibu were not that lucky since could not get the chance to try out their famous Kampua.

Sunset. (Taken at waterfront in Bintulu)

After Bintulu, come back to Kuching and the 1st week of June is almost gone.

2nd week of June, the most important one is on Monday, 7th of June, whereby the university decided to released our results in the morning, about 10am and I passed my exam. Finally able to step into my final year of pharmacy course. Besides that, went for badminton and Dota session as well, with some yumcha sessions with old classmates.

3rd week of June, another batch of friends from West Malaysia decided to come to Kuching. Guide them around, following them and become a assistant guide. haha.

4th week of June, another batch of friends from West Malaysia will come to visit Kuching. As a friend and classmate, will become co-guide again, bringing them around Kuching, tiring myself out. haha.

Now already left 2 weeks before I depart to KL since the new semester will start in 5th of July. Not much time left as I feel that I din not relax much, rest much. I think thats all from me. Good luck to my fellow friends who are going to take SUPP next week. I believe that you can do it. All the best.

p/s: My next post will be full with "Wah! So Lucky one!"


kenwooi said...

i like the sunset picture! =)

vkvun said...

Thanks. Would be even prettier if I have a digital camera. Trying the hp setting but the sunset was fast. Haha