Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lucky Me

Since April until June, I can say that I have gotten pretty lucky myself, winning some nice prizes and gifts.

1st of all is during PC Fair. Din not expect to get 2 free tickets to watch Video Games Live besides getting the wireless mouse and cooling pad.

Earn myself a way into the Malaysia Book of Records and at the same time, got myself some goodies from Gatsby. Details can visit here.

Next is I was told that I won myself 1 service voucher from Asterspring when I join the tweet competition, organized by powerruum. Late on, I won another voucher but could not use it because I was away at Kuching.

I also received my Snax card from KFC. The new membership programme from KFC, known as Snax. Kinda disappointed with the free gift. Old necklace from X-men 3 merchandise. 

During beginning of May, the landlord and landlady decided to go to China for vacation for 1 month. So, I took the opportunity to use the plasma TV, connected to my laptop, watching video. haha. A nice experience indeed and I learnt how to use the 'extend display' function.

Project Alpha Instant Cash Blogging really make me happy. I got myself 10 out of 21 topics. Not bad. Not to mention, I also win the Project Alpha Daily Contest. Not 1 but 3 out of 50 days. A nice try indeed.

I also won myself a CD by John Mayer: Battle Studies from musicruum.

The most important one is that I have finally received my cheque after 1 year of waiting. My 3rd cheque from Nuffnang. Thanks to everyone out there who visit my blog even though I din not update often. A really big amount indeed for a student like me. Gonna save it for future use.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to Nuffnang for the wonderful event and movie screening, ruumz for the wonderful prizes and most important is my fellow readers who drop by. Thanks again for the support.


jumei. said...

Wow ! You're so lucky ! I'm still far away from my first check :( Boohoo

chenlin said...

quiet an amount thr^^ nice work and congratz ya:)

kenwooi said...

im still waiting for mine! =)

vkvun said...

Big amount because of the project alpha instant cash blogging. A boost. Not to mention attending gastby event. This is my lucky day because manage to won those. Thanks again for everyone support. You can do it one. Just be patient and your effort will pay off one. Good luck and all the best.

ravishingpeacock said...

congrats and keep it up ;)

vkvun said...

Thanks, ravishingpeacock. You too