Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it can make my room refresh, safe and everlasting

Ever wonder how to make your room refresh, safe and everlasting? With Nippon Paint, YES, you can do it.

First of all, to make my room  refresh, it has to be odourless. With Mr Odour~less AirCare, my room will always smell nice, refresh, without the nasty smell that you also get when you have new furniture, like cupboard, bed, carpet and others. Not to mention, with Mr Odour~less AirCare has the ability to resist scrubs and with antibacterial effects too. So, I would not have to worry about infection and fungal growth.

With Spot-less Blobby, I no longer scare about stain on the wall anymore. I can even touch the wall when my hand is dirty, knowing that I can wipe them off the next minute. Really is a convenience. Not to mention, when you have kids around, the drawing on the wall or dirty stain they made on the wall can be easily wipe. So, with Spot-less Blobby, the interior painting will always remain the same until the next paint job. Nice right? 

Nowadays, the weather is always hot all day long. How to keep it cool? Well, with Mr Weatherbond Solareflect Blobby, this can be done. The coating will reflect the heat and reduce the temperature by 5 degree. Talk about cooling. With nice temperature, my afternoon nap will not be disturb by heat and end up with sticky body when I wake up later. All thanks to Mr Weatherbond Solareflect Blobby. Hehe. Besides, with the solareflect, other people will have bit trouble seeing my house clearly due to the glare effect. Hoho. The-Blinding-Effect!

With 2012 closing in, the weather started to turn bad, with rain every evening, haze and strong wind. How on earth am I going to shield my house from the growing forces of mother-nature? With Mr Weatherbond Advance Blobby, I do not have to worry about it anymore. Mr Weatherbond Advance Blobby is said to give 8 years of protection. So, my house will be able to go through the worst distance in 2012 and will last until 2020. At 2020, I will then be able to witness the growth of my country.

With global warming happening round the clock, we need to be eco-friendly. We have heard of eco-friendly home appliance to organic foods, now there is a new friend in the block, which is eco-paint. By using ecofriendly paint, we can help protect our world. Be a part of this global initiative.

Not to mention, Nippon Paint has lots of colours which I can mix and match. Not to mention, with the same colour, there are various shade, from bright red to dark red. This will help make my world more colourful. All thanks to Nippon Paint.

Look at my sad face!!!! The room is messy. It has been a storage room for few years already. I really like Nippon Paint to help me with the room makeover, so that i can have a room that can be called my bedroom.
Here is your chance to have your room to have a total makeover. Just head to http://www.facebook.com/nipponpaintblobbies for details and other contests to join.

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