Friday, June 17, 2011


What have I done for the past 1 month after my final exam? Sorry if I did not update my blog often due to my laziness. Haha. Anyway, I will give a brief stories on what I have been doing after my final exam. My final exam finish on the 13th of May.

On the next day, 14th of May, after the last day of final exam, my uni pharmacy association organized a Gala Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony. Gala Night is for farewell for all the final year pharmacy students as well as gathering with all other year pharmacy students whereby everyone dress up nicely and fancily. While for oath taking ceremony, all the pharmacy students are required to take their pharmacist's oath before they enter into the working world, some do it in 1st year while some do it at the 4th year. The event was great, being a participant myself compare with last time whereby I were one of committee for Pharmacy Night. A lot of pictures were taken on that night, and I even took some pictures with some of the pretty girls in pharmacy. Hehe. 

Gala Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony

Me with pretty girls

A summary of the event

Then on next day (15th May), a group of my friends went to A Famosa to overnight. Travel there was ok, having steamboat as dinner, crazy surprise birthday celebration by the pool and crazy ppl at the pool. haha.

On the next day (16th May), after packing, we all drop by at Malacca for a short trip before going back to KL. I even got the chance to try out the famous  crepe cake or layer cake.

On that night itself, I was a bit rushing to watch Pirates of Caribbean 4 at Mid Valley. When I reach MV, it was already 7plus, and decided to go to Kim Gary for dinner while waiting for the movie screening.
The movie screening was in 3D and the security was strict, not allowing anybody to bring any electronic devices into the hall, including handphone. When I was collecting my movie ticket, I was presented with an envelope and the lady was congratulating me for winning the contest. I myself was quite shock to find out that I were among the 5 who won 3 nail polishers from OPI. After receiving the present, I was quite happy myself. However, since I not using them, I gave them to the 2 pretty ladies. Hope they will like them as it was not cheap. RM 59 each.

On 18th of May, it was my time to pack all my stuffs and leave KL. Packing was not easy as need to send all the stuffs back to Kuching. Luckily my luggage was not overweight, if not, I need to pay RM 30 per KG.

On 20th of May, I traveled to Kota Kinabalu for sight seeing. I have uploaded my KK trip pictures at my facebook there. You can go there and take a look. The feeling of waiting for released of exam results really is nervous. Imagine knew that results have already been released on monday afternoon, about 3pm, 1 day earlier. However, only Yr 4 could not check their results as they have not been released. Waiting for the result out really is not easy. Hoping for a pass in all the subjects and being able to graduate after 1 year of extension. As a promise to Dickson and Jee Yang, we go to starbucks for a drink, on my treat and since then, I kinda like their chocolate cream chips. Nice, sweet and chocolatey. hehe.

I will definitely be back again to KK for island hoping and visit other places in KK and who know, I might even dare to climb Mt Kinabalu.

Again, I'm back to Kuching on 24th May until now. Practically doing nothing at home, watching movie, drama, anime and play game. Waiting for the convo invitation letter was tiring as well, but that has been done few days ago. Now waiting to go back to KL on 27th of June for convo which falls on 2nd of July. Another tiring day and lots of photo shooting. Hope that my 2 weeks trip to KL will be a fruitful one.

Since I have completed my studies, now I'm waiting for offer letter my SPA and also posting letter my KKM. Hopefully I will get Kuching for my posting. Sabah is nice also since can travel here and there, just like Mr Wong. Haha. Not to mention, I also will able to earn extra more. Hope for the best in it. Posted back to Kuching also nice. However, being a pharmacist is not easy since it will be very busy, especially the 1st yr of being a PRP.

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