Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July, a new beginning

It's been ages since i last blog, 7 months plus to be exact. What a pity that i just leave this blog unattended, did not do any update at all. I just simply visit it everyday just for to the sack of whether there is any update at my fren's blog. haha. What a shame.

Anyway, I have been working for 7 months plus already. Time really flies. Get to know some nice eatery in KK, some which i wont never ever visit again, some nice places with great deal and so on.

All thanks to groupon, I manage to feast some of the nice restaurant/cafe which i will not think twice of entering them due to the high price item or unknown to us.

Well, since the start of PRP (provisionally registered pharmacist), I have finish already my Clinical, IPP, TPN, Store and halfway thru TDM. I really learn a great deal of stuffs when I was in this hospital (Hospital Queen Elizabeth a.k.a. HQE). Am really grateful that I manage to get a spot in HQE. It's not easy being able to enter the reference hospital in sabah, which somemore located at KK.

There are always ups and downs in our daily life, either during work or after work. Life wont be as interesting as it is without the friends around me now. Stress is unavoidable. Joy and laughter come by here and then.

Here is a story. It sounded like this. "One of the cream in hospital is out of stock due to unavailability of the plastic container. Most of the patients that i met who were prescribed with this cream gladly accept the 'Nil-in-stock' reason. Some are unhappy or disappointed with it. One or two say will get it outside since very easy to get. There is one particular patient who come to the OPD, give to the Rx to me and I kindly told this person that this cream is out of stock d. He answered back loudly 'Saya datang dari jauh tengok doktor. Tunggu beberapa jam baru boleh dapat jumpa doktor. Sekarang kamu beritahu saya ubat ini tak ada stok. Saya ini sangat marah oh. Saya tak kisah. Saya mesti dapatkan ubat it' Because of this, my face turn dark d and go up to the satelite pharmacy and get one container for him. I end up just sitting behind the dispensing counter and did not dispense the medicine to the patient. Just imagine this lah. The patient do have the right to be angry. But did they scold the doctor when they waiting for a few hours just to see them? The answer is No. When the patients wait for 30 mins while waiting for the medicine, they already start to talk loudly, scold here and there.This is the reality. Doctors are always the best in their mind while pharmacists and nurses are just second class. When the specialist decided to discharged a patient in the morning, the houseman can take a very long time to just complete the paperwork. Some even waiting till late evening just for the discharged letter. While for pharmacist, we do discharge couselling, supplying meds to the patient.

Here is another story. Some of the patients will be grateful to us, the pharmacist cause being able to help them, some even shake my hand. When I was taking a patient medication history, it took me nearly about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. Just because of the patient like to tell story, bout how he/she was a hospital staffs and knew all bout the medication, how the specialist told her to took hypertension meds during normal day and during hemodialysis day. It's quite interesting to listen story from all walk of life. There is also another patient that was admitted to the ward, who work as a government servant, attended the big rally in KL for 2 times d. He/she also said that she manage to took video of the happening during this yr but did not manage to uploaded due to falling ill when come back to sabah. 

It's true that some patients do not feel at ease when talk to the doctor, so they end up talking to the other patients or to the pharmacist who are taking medication history or doing counselling.

There are 5 more stations for me to complete in another 4 months plus, which are TDM, DIC, CDR, OPD and manufacturing. If everything goes smoothly, I will finish everything by the 1st week of Nov. Not to mention, I also passed my Forensic Exam which i sat in March earlier this year.

On the other note, I have joined Nuffnang for quite some times d. Gained lots of benefits and gifts from it, being able to participate in various events, visiting various clubs and locations where those events took place, being able to join competitions and won myself some prices, as well as being able to join in the movie premier. That was the life I had when I was in KL last few years ago. Now, while working, I still do able to enjoy movies, but not able to join many events and movie screening which took part in KL practically every time. I really do hope that Nuffnang will be able to organise some events in various part of Malaysia. Earning wise, it is very little if compare to what I m earning now. Haha. But the happy thing is that, I still get an average of about 20 visitors per day when i do not update my blog. Haha.

Besides that, I also shifted to a new place here in KK, which is more serene and peaceful, not as hot as the previous one. Facility wise, the current place is the best so far. The down part is that it does not have any internet connection, yet. Going to apply for it soon.

Last but not least, I'm still single and available. Haha. Got any one to intro to me? Haha

Take care and have a nice day.


Phangkee said...

Ah Kiat,
Experience is the best teacher. I am very confident that you can do everything well. Keep it up. Love and regards from Daddy and Mom.

落魄書生 said...

did you realise that this is the first n last essay that u wrote in 2012? :/

Vui Kiat Vun said...

so? haha. who cares. this is be being lazy. haha