Friday, April 27, 2007

2nd day in kch

hmm, back to kch already 1 day liaw, yet whole day at home din go anywhere, wat to say,no car to use. all the cars being used by my parents and brothers. so just have to sit at home doing nothing. just now finish watching 'Just My Luck', quite nice although not so new d, meaningful as well.kinda feel i dont have much luck lately. haiz.

To be or not to be? Tats the question. to be quiet or not to be quiet. keep thinking bout this loh. someone ask me to be more social last few days. well, to be honest, sometims i do speek,when i got things to say,but most of the times keep quiet and listen to ppl talk, find it quite interesting to listen ppl talk and wat they talk bout. sometimes i find it difficult to talk and chat loh. then ho, sometimes speak,the pronouciation not acurate and i scare tat u ppl will laugh at me loh, so because of tat, can say tat long time din really talk loh. even if talk, i also dont talk much. wat to say bout craps somemore, cant find topic to talk loh. one of my friend told me tat to talk craps, wat also can talk loh, still learning though, but learning to sociallise is an obstacle for me somemore i m shy, like communication say, personal barrier-high level of shyness. really wonder when can overcome this loh. hopefully. and hopefully after i overcome this, can find a gf or find more friends or can make somemore close friends. hehe. well, sometimes feel hard for me to overcome this loh, shyness and talk

i like spending times with friends, yam cha, talk and gossip or even go to have fun, eventhough u ppl out there keep on seeing me always online. from playing games to online, i still prefer spending my times with my friends, listen to them speaking, like the fun interaction. this sem break i too early come back to kch liaw, too early book ticket. next time i wont tat early book ticket laiw, wait till the timetable is out then i go book, then i can spends time with my frens. hehe. well, hopefully next sem breaks can go somewhere to play with them loh.

now most of my friends are having final and next week is their final weeks d liaw and most of them start to coming back on the following week, so when they come back, hopefully can go out with them and gossip with them if i have car to use. if not have to trouble u guys out there to fetch me.hehe, u ppl dont mind rite?

well, my blog kinda messy since i dont noe how to organize them, hopefully u ppl dont mind bout it oh. wishing u ppl out there good luck and all the best for the finals and happy holidays.see u ppl soon

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