Sunday, December 7, 2008

Web Browser

There are a lot web browser out there available for us to download, which include Internet Explorer by Microsoft, Safari by Apple, Firefox by Firefox (I think), Google Chrome by Google, Flock by Firefox and others like Opera. Each of them have their own pros and cons. For me, I'm currently using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Flock.

Internet Explorer


I guess everyone of us will know what is Internet Explorer (IE) and sure have used before if they are using pc with Windows as their operating system. In other words, we are forced to use IE if we do not install other web browser. Most of us who use IE will not really like it as it is troublesome as sometimes it will cause error and loading time is slow. Although the new tab feature is very attractive but i seldom use it. I only use IE to download stuffs as the website that i visiting are mostly from china and i using webthunder to download. webthunder only support IE only the source also only support IE. even if i use other web browser to surf the pages, it will be troublesome to copy the link and paste in webthunder. So, i only use IE when needed.

Google Chrome


For Google Chrome (GC), what i like about it is that is is simple and loading time is fast. It also offer the tab feature, which is same with IE. if compare GC and IE, GC loading time is much faster. Besides that, when we open new tab, we could see the 9 most frequent website that we visited. So, with just a click, we can go to the desired webpage. Besides that, for the address place, it already insert the function of a search engine, Google search engine no doubt. So it is very convenient. As for IE, need can either go to the search engine page or install the search engine toolbar for us to search for something. FOr GC, the address bar also incorporate history function. when we key in 1 alphabet, it will search for the pages that we have visited and showed to us.


GC is the default web browser for me and i like using it compare with the rest.



Flock is a social based web browser. In other words, it incorporate the pages that usually need to interact with peoples from all over the worlds. Being able to save our login and password, it can help us a lot. For example, on the left hand side of the pic, it can show us who has updated their status for facebook without even open the page of facebook. besides that, i also can search for my fren by keying their name in the bottom of the column and with just a click, i can straight away go to his or her facebook page. It is very convenient if you are a frequent facebook user. Besides that, is also have a media bar for pics and video as well as blog editor.


With the media bar, I can just click right on the pic and copy the HTML code provided or even go to the page where the pic is located. For the blog editor, i can update my blog without even login to the blogger page. Resizing the pictures also can be done here. More features of flock, i have yet to find out as i only use these fews for my daily needs.

These 3 are the web browser that I am currently using and I find it quite useful. So it is nice also if anyone of you could try it out, especially GC and flock. These are my opinions only.


Yi Ling said...

firefox is by mozilla. no meh. since it's called mozilla firefox. LOL. i'm using 5 web browsers; IE, FF, GC, Saafari, Opera. yupps.

oh, and GC is by google. not goggle -.-

vkvun said...

thanks for the comment. is spelling error for the google. thx for remaining me. i use FF, safari and opera before. for FF, coz need to download plugin, so i dont like.

jasonmighty said...

I think FF is still one of the best.

Well, plugin is the reason why everyone is loving it (besides being more safe than IE) ... LOL

With FF plugin, I can blok unnecessary ads (adblok plus), block unnecessary javascript (noscript), speedup loading page (tweak network) and so many more. Basically, everything is fast and safe with FF now.

IE is the worst browser i ever used before. Safari, Opera and GC is quite good.

KwOnG FeI said...

i use FF to open ur blog..
i can see all the pics and no error in loading..
wa..really dat fast ar.,.
then i might consider chnage IE lor

vkvun said...

i use IE to download and edit my blog only.haha. which browser to use is up to u.

wong said...

Right... But IE for me is too easy to be attacked, so I seldom use IE, some more, China always comes out with first virus :P Beware... GC is it :)

Horizon said...

The best among those browsers are Chrome and Firefox! Chrome FTW!