Friday, December 26, 2008

A Trip to Malacca

On 20 Dec 2008 and 21 Dec 2008, I went to Malacca with a few people to enjoy the food and sight seeing. Imagine coming back from Hanoi on 17 Dec and go out again on 20 Dec, really is a busy holiday which is enjoying.

When we reach Malacca, we went to eat Hainan chicken rice with rice ball. The food consider normal only and lucky we went there slightly earlier as when we sit down for about 5 mins, crowds started to come into the place.

After the brunch, we walk around Jonker street and we reach the Guan Yin(观音) Temple where we pray to Guan Yin and Confucius (孔夫子).

After praying, we went to order the pineapple cookies and went to eat cendol before heading to Stadhuys which is just opposite the cendol stall.

Next, we visit the fort on the top and bottom of the hills. the view on the top of the hill is very great with nice breeze.

We even have chance to take pictures with stranger. After this, we went to Menara Taming Sari, a revolving tower which can see the entire Malacca, i think. The ticket is only RM 10 per person with shown MyKad. The view was also very spectacular. The down-side of this is that we need to wait under the hot blazing sun with no wind.

After the ride, we had out lunch at a food court and then headed to Mahkota Parade which is just besides the food court before walking back to the guest house to check in. We even bought 4D on the way to the food court and also when we were at Jonker Street.

After checking in, we rest in the room for a few hours before going to Jonker's Street again for light dinner. We also walk around this area and took our cookies from the bakery.

After this, we went to eat satay celup for another light dinner before heading off to Kampung Portugis for supper. During supper, everyone was tired.

After supper, we went back to the guest house and took our nice bath before playings some cards and then go to sleep.

On the following day, we went to Jonker's Street again for our heavy brunch before heading to Ayer Keroh. On arrival to Ayer Keroh, the first destination is the Bee Museum which provide free testing of different honey. Besides the bee museum is Taman Mini Malaysia. We din go inside as nothing attract us and we only took our pictures at the entrance only.

So, our next destination is Zoo Melaka which is very big. Many pictures were taken here. A lot nice n pretty animals can be seen here. We even got a chance to catch the animal show on that day.

After finish visiting Zoo Melaka, we then went to Malacca International Trade Centre for an science exhibition on alien. The ticket is onlt RM4 for college/university with valid student id. but when i see the ticket, is the children ticket. A very interesting exhibition. Whether you believe what you are going to see are alien or not is depends on you.

After finish visiting the exhibition, we went to have our late lunch at Mc Donalds before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. When we were about to leave, rain started to pour down, as if the sky is sad that we were leaving Malacca. The trip back to KL took a long time as there were a lot cars on the road and jam plus heavy rain.

Food eaten on first days were a lot and here goes:
Day time: Hainan chicken rice, normal cendol, lobak rice
Dinner: Baba laksa, durian nyonya cendol, durian ice kacang, satay celup, otak-otak, ikan bakar and 龟苓膏@'gui lin gao'.
*p/s: big eater like me and Kwong Fei still have some room left while the rest were very full
Breakfast: Nasi nyonya, sea coconut ice kacang, fried toufu and fried meat ball
Late lunch: Regular spicy chicken mcdeluxe with twister fries

Comment on the food: Overall, I think the food above average as some foods are nice and some are not. For the not nice one, maybe I'm from Sarawak, thats why my taste different from Semenanjung people.

Place that we missed: the malacca river cruise as there were a lot people and many others attractive places in Ayer Keroh.

For the tourist, we have me myself, Kwong Fei, Suk Yen and Wan Nah while for the tour guide, we have Charlene for 1 day only. Thanks to her for bringing and showing us around Malacca for nice foods and places.

Total money spent: less than RM150. Very worth it.
I end this post with a nice picture. Haha. Super strong Vkvun. Yeah.