Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I Have Done in December

1 Dec until 12 Dec, Attachment at NWISB
13 Dec until 17 Dec, Go to Hanoi, Vietnam for family vacation
20 Dec and 21 dec, Go to Malacca for holidays with friends
29 Dec, Go for shopping CNY stuffs and Uni stuffs.
31 Dec, Go to Puchong with friends for lunch and dinner as well as night view of KL on hill top.

Besides that, I also manage to finish some of the games, such as Call of Duty 5: War at World, Need For Speed: Undercover, Prince of Persia (2008) and others.

I also manage to watch 2 latest seasons of Survivor, which is Survivor Micronesia and Survivor Gabon. I long time din watch Survivor and it is great to watch the complete season without commercial breaks. haha. if u all know what i mean.

I also complete my attachment report and trying to finish my literature review for my research project.

December was a nice and interesting month for me with vacation with family and holidays with friends and also manage to venture into new territory. hehe.

My class gonna start next week, 12 of Jan. The timetable is very packed as most of the classes are in the afternoon and end at 6pm. I will also have 4 subjects with lab. Imagine the workloads. Haiz. Hopefully I can survive this semester and progress to my 4th year and final year of Bachelor of Pharmacy in UCSI.

Future: To do master or not to do master. thats the question.

New Year Resolution: Work harder than previous year and hopefully can find a partner. haha.


cLaR@ said...

jia you in looking for a partner ahahha!!

vkvun said...

Hahaha. u din help me find one. how can i find 1 so easily wor????

KwOnG FeI said...

aiya clar@ is a girl?
both of u la..

vkvun said...

see the name already know is a girl loh. this KF ah...... me and her ah??? clara, u think got chance or not?? haha

giraffeandbutterflies said...

sounds like a nice holiday u had!!..awesome..haha..dont push the partner part lah..when the time comes u will find her..for now..haf fun dude!!..lotsa fun!!..cheers..

vkvun said...

giraffe, FYI, i think i din enjoy tat much loh. i wish i have more time to enjoy. speaking bout partner, i know about it and i now just wait for my jodoh to come. even so, i wish tat i can get a partner. you know, i not young d. haha.

KwOnG FeI said...

haha old uncle~

cLaR@ said...

haha! omg i just read that comments...

LOLZZ too funny!


giraffeandbutterflies said...

vun!!..time to update weh!!..i have been reading ah fred's blog..but u did not update??!!..