Saturday, March 7, 2009


It has been long time since i update my blog. very sorry for my friends out there. Since long time din update, so i decided to change the layout of my blog together with a new post. hehe. Anyway, for weeks to come, i will be busy as now is already middle of the semester and quizzes start to come 1 by 1 non-stop.

In January is the best time every as it is Chinese New Year. When out visiting, meet up with old friends and talk a lot. Bad thing bout it is it rains everyday from the day i reach Kuching up till i leave Kuching. Besides that, in January, i also need to complete my literature review for my research project as well as prepare my presentation. my lecture commence on the 6th of January 2009 and since then, one word describes it all. 'Busy'

In February, a happy month as well as i celebrated 3 people birthday, which are my belated birthday, Lim Yin's 2x birthday as well as Poh Chin's 2x birthday. Age of a girl should remains a secret and thus, i wont reveal them.haha. Pictures can be seen in my facebook as i dont know which pictures to put. During Feb itself, i need to prepare myself for the research presentation. During the presentation, everything goes smoothly, up till the question and answer. What a disaster during the session. Bombarded with all sort of questions. And from wat i heard, it seem like some sort of argument happen between me and 1 of the examiner. i cant believe it. haha. imagine me arguing with ppl, in public, in front of lecturers. that is a first time for me. I also visited the pusat serenti which is the only voluntary rehabilitation centre in Malaysia.

March marks the beginning of quizzes and exam. Just did my herbs identification test few days ago and i was beaten by ginger. haha. Agree with suk yen that i will go to pulau perhentian but yet to be confirm as i still need to seek approval from my supervisor for my research project. And i also got myself a brand new pendrive which is the Kingston DataTraveler Year of the OX Limited Edition coz i cant find my pendrive. I like my new pendrive very much as i m born in the year of Ox according to Lunar calender.

Before i end this post, i wish all my friends out there all the best in everything and good luck. Be happy always and dont give up.

Here are some pictures of the birthday celebration as well as my new pendrive.

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