Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Police Car

Although the news bit old, but when i saw the TV just now, i cant believe my eye. Malaysia police actually are using mitsubishi evo lancer  as their new police car for high-speed pursuit. Super car for Malaysia. Compare with Waja or Saga or even Wira.haha. some even use Kancil or Kelisa.

Here is the news if u wanna read more.

Hope the crime rate will decline and more crime cases can be solved.

Here are some pics of the new police car that i get from the internet.

(created on 25 March 2009)


ariff said...

vroom vroom !!
hahaa.. not bad la.
but i'd salute more if they use bmw m3 or something like that.

vkvun said...

lamborgini or ferrari lagi syok. image how much our government spent to purchase these supercar and somemore send ppl for training just to handle the car.

KwOnG FeI said...

and this is how the government loss its revenue by purchasing such cars..the question is how frequent of cases that involve criminals driving with high speed? up to 10 per year?
we are not in United States in which the criminals are of high class, they drove high speed cars. In malaysia, most of them drive stolen wira, waja or best still perdana but rare.
btw, helang lebuhraya polis is a funny name..

Anonymous said...

LoL~ nice car~ lets DUEL with the mat rempit yea! ahah...

vkvun said...

hope to see them in action

落魄書生 said...

Don't over-react. It's not as expensive as u tot. If the car is tax-free, it is not expensive after all. No point the government charge high taxes for the cars they wanna use for police. It's like paying the money from left hand to right and put it back to pocket again. At least we know the government is spending on something we can see. Not like the stadium in UK. Oh yea. Btw, if you really wanna get worried something about this, you shall concern about whether the police car will get stolen or not. It's evo! Thieves may not risk their lives for a kancil police car but can't tell for an evo. =)