Wednesday, March 25, 2009


speechless....totally speechless.....

As a saying goes, "It is better to speak less and best to speak kindly".

Thanks to Shuen Nie for the nice and meaningful card on this monday. The phrase is very meaningful.

It is good not to spread rumours and dont say bad things bout people before they hunt u down and hurt u back. dont make a fuss out of everything and u will feel the day is sunny and good.

Speak more of good things and this will enlighthen you day.

All in all, speak only the appropriate things that will not hurt anyone.

(posted on 25 March 2009)


eagle said...

This is true, but somehow sometimes when we listen to juicy gossips, we may tend to carried away. And sometimes even join in to elaborate further unconsciously.

vkvun said...

listen is good, but telling gossip, tat is another thing. for me, i like to listen but telling ppl is not a habit of mine. maybe coz i m the quiet type of seldom say things.