Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

Nuffnang is organising a party with Tiger Beer which require everyone of us to be a standout in life. Even a normal person can be a standout among the others with just a special skill. Speaking of Tiger Beer, the new design on the bottles are very nice and interesting. It would be nice if I can have them just for collection instead of drinking them. Hehe. Here is the picture of the bottle.

So here goes regarding on why i think of myself as a standout in life and hope that i do win the prize as I have not even won any prize from Nuffnang or even attending any of the event organise by them throughout my life in Nuffnang.hehe

Being in secondary school, i obtained various achievement which till know i think it is worth-while as time is needed from them. 1st of all, to be selected as the class rep during Form 1 from 55 people which mean I do standout among my fellow friend and here is a proof of that.

In Form 2, I was the prefect or pengawas for the school. You need to have a good reputation to be selected as a prefect and also you need to be good and responsible. Standout among the rest do give me the chance to uphold this responsibility. In Form 3, my result do standout among my fellow friends. Although it was just the 6th place, it still does standout

During the end for Form 4, I and one of my fren which is non my godsister, were selected to participate in a Health Camp. The Health Camp was interschool Health Camp and each school throughout Kuching area send 2 representatives which mean that I do standout and got selected by the teacher-in-charge. Here is the proof of it

In Form 4 and Form 5, I hold various important position in school society and club. Being able to handle those among of responsibilities and manage my time properly do give me an upper hand. And it is not that easy to handle those responsibilities at the same time.

Furthermore, 4 of my friends and me were selected for Interschool Malay Literature Competition for Kuching area only. By winning this competition, we represent our school as well as Sarawak in competing in national level in KL. This was my 1st time giving such an honour to do represent the state in competing in national level even though we lost. To be selected as school representative, your result have to be standout among the rest and by being selected by the school for this competition, this show that I do standout among the rest.

During my A level in Sedaya Kuching, I was selected as the Director of Sports and Recreation and Club Registration by the President of Student Council at that time.

This post is not to brag about my achievement but to show that i do standout among my fellow friends. By having all those achievements, I also get the chance of knowing a lot friends and expending my circle of friends.

Another thing that i think is a standout in my life is my computer knowledge. In Form 3, I work as part-time in a computer shop and this made me who I am now. From this experience, I got to know on how to assemble a CPU and installing a proper Operation System as well as installing various software. Troubleshooting is not one of my job scope and I only learn in during my part-time job in another company after my A level. This time, no only does I was expose to computer troubleshooting, I also manage to learn about networking and even help out a little in the State election for Batu Lintang Area as my company at that time is renting out computer for the person in charge to help the voters to check the voting station. This was an eye opener for me.

Speaking of computer knowledge, I did attend a free computer lesson which is my prize for one of the competition that i participated during Form 4 if not mistaken. Upon attending the lecture for 5 to 10 minutes, I can say that i already graduated as those that are being taught by the lecturer I had already learn and mastered when I was doing my part time in Form 3. Being such, I even help the person besides me. Haha. The certificate is just to proof that I do know about computer as a system support technologist.

Till now, my friends do ask me on computer troubleshooting as well as advise regarding which computer to buy. Sometimes I do help my friends in reformating their computer. Recently, I even clean/service my laptop as it was too hot and unbearable. A normal person will not dare to open up their laptop. Being a standout in life, I take the risk and open up my laptop and do the cleaning myself.

Based on all those achievement and reasons on why I say myself as a standout in life, I do hope that I'm selected for this event.


落魄書生 said...

Well.. I never really had stood out in my life. But there was once I really stood out. In Form 4, I transferred to another school because I couldn't get into a better class. A message from a mad student: I don't fxxking care how famous or good this school is. My friends and I deserve to be in the best class. If I could not make it, I'd die for it this time. So, I left. It changed my life forever.

vkvun said...

Nice seeing you here. hehe. Definition of Standout in Life depends on different people one mah. Like u, for us, u already standout as we always go to ur house for CNY loh. Haha. And also dont think about the past. Shud think more of the future. Sure there is something that u think is standout/outstanding among ur friends or family.hehe. All the best and cheers

iriene said...

U really hv all the certs...very good! My time, only have 1 testimonial stated all the activities or 'jawatan'. Hope u get the invite.. do drop by at my blog for some laughter! I had just clicked an ads (Taylor's University) on ur blog!

Jemsen said...

Wow, u hv KFC ads on ur blog. That's cool, mine - no KFC ads at all :(
So I clicked the ads for u lor... Wow, u r very active in school leh "very standout"...